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Chapter 1069: 1069
Chapter 1069 The Girl From Frozen Forest 1 Feng Wu felt an eerie, chilly air surround her!On the other side of the curtain was a world of light with rich colors, while on this side lay a cold, dark world .

The moment Feng Wu stepped into this dark world, for some unknown reason, she was secretly excited .

Guided by the young man, Feng Wu arrived at a small dark hut .

It was narrow and unlit except for a single dim lamp on the bar counter in front of her .

The bar counter was quite high and almost reached Feng Wu’s chest . It looked a lot like a pawn shop .

Behind the counter sat a person, whose face was hidden in the dark . Feng Wu couldn’t see it clearly, but she could tell that the person was elderly .

“Young lady, please fill in this form . ”

Feng Wu took the form and read it .

She was supposed to fill in things like the person she wanted to kill, their capability, background, and so on and so forth .

Who should she kill, then?

In fact, Feng Wu had been thinking about that question on her way here . If it were up to her, she would have Zuo Ming killed .

With their clan head gone, the Zuo family would be much less of a problem .

Therefore, Feng Wu filled in the form with Zuo Ming’s information .

Once the form was filled, Feng Wu put the pen back on the pen rack . She then blew the ink dry and handed the form back .

Zuo Ming’s name was big and clear .

The old man in the dark took the form with scrawny fingers, and soon, there were some clacking sounds .

Resting her hands on the counter, Feng Wu stood on tiptoe and looked into the shadows .

That was strange .

There was a light, so no matter how dark the shadows were, she should be able to see his features a little .

But this man didn’t seem to have any facial features at all .

The eerie, grim, and dark atmosphere and cold wind gave one the creeps .

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But Feng Wu was a bold girl . Instead of being scared, she secretly reveled in it .

Before long, the sound of the clacking abacus stopped .

Soon, the filled form was handed back to Feng Wu .

At the bottom of the page was the price of this contract .

Seeing the number…

Feng Wu’s pupils contracted and she felt like crying out!

That was so expensive!

The Flying Guillotine was as efficient as they were said to be . That was quick!

Feng Wu stared at the mysterious man inside in astonishment . “That’s a lot of money!”

Feng Wu had thought the 100,000 top-grade spiritual stones on her was already a high enough price, but the price on Zuo Ming was…

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“You still have two more chances . ”

The old man spoke in a cold voice .

Feng Wu’s expression clearly said that she couldn’t afford it .

Feng Wu scratched her head . Well… she wouldn’t be able to pay for it even if she dug up all the spiritual stones under Grand Secretary Fang’s house .

So, Zuo Ming could wait . She would do it herself some day .

Since she had two more chances…

An idea struck Feng Wu . How about Zuo Qingluan?

Feng Wu wrote quickly .

Before long, she filled in Zuo Qingluan’s information and handed the form in .

The mysterious man glanced at the form and started calculating on the abacus again .

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The clacking sound got louder .

It seemed to go on forever .

Feng Wu was a little more hopeful, thinking that since Zuo Qingluan was still a Spiritual Grandmaster, she wouldn’t be too expensive to kill .

The man spent a little less time with this form . About five minutes later, the piece of paper was handed back .

Feng Wu felt like crying out when she saw the number this time .

“That’s so expensive!”

But why?

Feng Wu couldn’t accept it .

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