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Chapter 1068: 1068
Chapter 1068 The Dark World Clearly, Feng Wu’s threat worked, and the shorty had no choice but to tell her how to find his organization . “Go to the grocery store at the end of the third alley on East Avenue and ask for Guan Seven . He’ll show you in, but you have to be there before dawn . ”

Feng Wu looked up at the sky and saw that it happened to be the right time . She nodded a little, then went back to her room .

“What about these two?” Chang San’s voice came from behind her .

Feng Wu smirked . “They tried to kill me; killing them would be too good for them . Just leave them in the Taiyi Formation . They’ll become human fertilizer . ”

Human fertilizer?

Both the assassins who were still alive stared at Feng Wu in disbelief .

What did she mean by “human fertilizer”?

Feng Wu smiled . Exactly what it sounded like .

The Taiyi Formation consumed a lot of spiritual essence . Although she could get it from all those top-grade spiritual stones underground, the spiritual essence which these two had would work as well .

Feng Wu put on her disguise, and soon, she was unrecognizable .

Chang San stared at her in astonishment, unable to recognize this ordinary, sallow teenage girl who looked no different from the rest of the crowd .

Feng Wu waved at Chang San . “You don’t need to come with me . I’ll be exposed if you show up . ”

Although the news hadn’t gotten around yet, once everyone learned that Chang San was the captain of her guard, they would easily make the connection .

Chang San asked, “Are you sure?”

Feng Wu waved him off . “It’s fine . Stay here . No one will recognize me when I look like this . ”

Convinced, Chang San nodded .

In the dark, Feng Wu moved as nimbly as a cat and soon disappeared into the night .

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At the end of the third alley on East Avenue, there was a small orange lamp .

Feng Wu didn’t know that assassins could run their business in an actual store, let alone on East Avenue, the busiest street . That was interesting .

Feng Wu was intrigued by the mysterious boss of the Flying Guillotine .

Following the shorty’s instructions, Feng Wu knocked on the door .

Three long knocks and two short ones, repeated three times .

After the knocking, a quiet voice asked on the other side of the door, “It’s the middle of the night . Who is it?”

It sounded like a standard question, but it contained some secret information .

Answer incorrectly and one would only be welcomed by an ordinary shop assistant .

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The correct answer, on the other hand, would lead you to an assassin organization .

Feng Wu used a husky voice . “I’ve come from afar and I ask for a bowl of water . ”

It had to be those exact words in that exact order .

As expected —

The door opened with a creak after those words .

Feng Wu didn’t look around after she walked in, but only glanced at both sides out of the corners of her eyes .

The layout looked like a grocery store . The shelves were lined with daily supplies and looked perfectly normal .

But then, a young assistant went up to Feng Wu . “Miss, what are you looking for?”

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That was the second code .

Luckily, Chang San had interrogated those two assassins separately . After questioning them repeatedly, he only gave the information to Feng Wu after making sure that they gave the same answer .

“Do you have Lotus Silk of Ice Silkworms?” Feng Wu asked with an indifferent look on her face .

The young man remained passive as he said to Feng Wu, “We don’t display such precious goods on the shelves here . Please come with me . ”

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up . She was getting somewhere .

Following the young man, Feng Wu saw him raise a curtain at an opening, so she followed him in .

One moment, they were in a grocery store that smelled like daily life . The next second —

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