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Published at 31st of August 2020 03:35:12 AM
Chapter 1067
Chapter 1067 This Terrifying Teenage Girl! She noticed that General Chang had lost his patience already, and he looked like he couldn’t wait to make his move . As soon as Feng Wu rose to her feet, General Chang went over to the assassin .

The general was as capable as befitting someone whom Jun Linyuan had taught himself . In less than five minutes, the torture made the shorty wish he was dead .

He gave Feng Wu everything she wanted to know .

“Someone found the Flying Guillotine and put a price on your head . The reward is as much as 100,000 top-grade spiritual stones!”

100,000? Top-grade spiritual stones?

Feng Wu rubbed his chin . “I didn’t know I’m that expensive . ”

General Chang glanced at Feng Wu . “The Flying Guillotine always charges a lot . 100,000 is just slightly higher than the standard price . ”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

“These three are Spiritual Elders, and are Levels 7, 8, and 9 respectively .

“This is the second attack . I won’t be surprised if there’s a third wave . You better be prepared . ”

Feng Wu asked, “There’s more?!”

General Chang nodded . “The mission is to kill you, but it’s failed . With these three dead, the Flying Guillotine will reevaluate you .

“They’ll reassess your threat level and value, so as to raise the price and give the job to Spiritual Lords, who charge more . ”

“How many spiritual stones does a Spiritual Lord normally charge for a job?” Feng Wu frowned a little .

She was used to plotting against people all the time, not the other way round .

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“You’re not important enough for a Spiritual Lord yet . They won’t take just any job, given how high their asking price is – it won’t just be double the amount . ”

Feng Wu was relieved . “But a bunch of Spiritual Elders will be a lot to handle, too . ”

Feng Wu secretly rejoiced, feeling lucky that she had snapped up General Chang . Otherwise, she didn’t know what could have happened tonight .

She could ask for Grand Secretary Fang’s help, but she couldn’t go to him all the time .

All of a sudden, Feng Wu’s eyes flickered .

“Did the Zuo family send them?” asked Feng Wu .

General Chang shook his head . “They’ll never reveal information on their clients, or no one will hire them again . ”

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Feng Wu smiled . Although she had no evidence, not everyone had 100,000 spare spiritual stones lying around .

Only someone who hated her to the core would be willing to pay such a huge amount .

The Zuo family was her instinctive guess . It had to be them and no one else .

Feng Wu smiled . “They can’t reveal their clients, but —”

She grinned at the shorty . “If other people can put a price on me, can I do it to them?”

General Chang glanced at Feng Wu, amazed by her quick reaction .

The short assassin smirked . “Once you’re on the list, you can’t turn it around, or it’ll disrupt order in the assassination circle . ”

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That made sense .

If one side put a price on their rival, and the other side did the same, there would be a price war, and things would get messy . The organization would gain profits in the short term, but its long term development would be hampered .

“Alright —” Feng Wu was able to pick up the implication immediately . “I can’t put a price on them, but someone else can, right?”

The shorty nodded, and couldn’t help but pity the people who had hired him .

This terrifying teenage girl wasn’t as harmless and weak as assessed by his organization .

Feng Wu didn’t know what Chang San did, but the tough assassin had just become very obedient .

Their organization was a very secretive one, and people couldn’t just walk into their stronghold . They would need directions .

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