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Chapter 1060: 1060
Chapter 1060 Secret of Fallen Star Yard The other members of Fallen Star Yard were beyond joyful . Chaoge looked past Feng Wu and saw Chang San behind her . She flared up right away and glared at him . “How dare you show up here?! You kidnapped a civilian, do you realize that? Even if you work for His Royal Highness, you can’t —”

Fearing that Chaoge might say something worse, Feng Wu stopped her . “He doesn’t work for Jun Linyuan anymore . ”

“Huh?” Chaoge looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment .

Feng Wu nodded earnestly . “He’s the captain of the guard of Fallen Star Yard now, not Jun Linyuan’s General Chang . ”


Those words shocked everyone in Fallen Star Yard .

Granny Zhao took Feng Wu’s hand . “Miss, you can’t make up a thing like that . ”

When General Chang came here before, it was clear to them that even Feng Yanfeng fawned on him, but now, according to Feng Wu…

Instead of answering their questions, Feng Wu turned to Chang San with a stern look on her face . “Chang San, from now on, you’re in charge of the security of Fallen Star Yard . Problem?”

Chang San stared at Feng Wu with a conflicted look in his eyes . If he had a choice, he would say no, but he recalled what Feng had said before he left .

“Working for Miss Feng Wu will be a great opportunity for you . Just go . ”

A great opportunity? Looking around the narrow courtyard, Chang San couldn’t tell where that great opportunity was, but —

But because of the blood oath he took, Chang San had no choice but to nod . “Yes . ”

Everyone stared at Chang San in disbelief…

They then turned to stare at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu gave them a slight nod . “Chang San will be living here in Fallen Star Yard from now on . Granny Zhao, clean out an empty room for him . ”

Granny Zhao said, “Yes, Miss . ”

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“Uncle Qiu, tell him about the dos and don’ts of Fallen Star Yard . ” Feng Wu gave the instruction .

Uncle Qiu was speechless .

Uncle Qiu had only just made it to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage, but General Chang… his spiritual essence was as profound as the vast, bottomless ocean…

Uncle Qiu smiled wryly . “…Yes . ”

Feng Wu treated Chang San the same way she treated the other members of Fallen Star Yard, but the others didn’t dare treat Chang San as casually .

After all, Chang San was a frighteningly capable man, both in status and ability .

Seeing this, Feng Wu could only shake her head with a wry smile and hope that the others would get used to it soon .

That night —

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The members of Fallen Star Yard were busy cultivating .

Feng Wu was in her room, trying to make a breakthrough to Level 7 of the Spiritual Grandmaster stage .

Feng Xiaoqi, Qiuling, and Uncle Qiu all sat in their respective rooms, absorbing the essence of moonlight and refining the spiritual essence which their bodies required .

They had been making quick progress since receiving manuals from Feng Wu . With the help of the Taiyi Formation, their cultivation had become more efficient .

This was especially the case for Qiuling . Her capability had increased significantly after Feng Wu changed her physical endowment .

Chang San scanned Fallen Star Yard with his spiritual essence .

All of a sudden, he felt a sting on his forehead and he cried out inwardly at the pain!


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His spiritual essence didn’t work? He only saw a sea of blackness when he scanned Fallen Star Yard!

That shouldn’t be the case!

Chang San extended his spiritual essence outside Fallen Star Yard toward the rest of the Feng manor . It even reached as far as the courtyard of Feng Yanfeng’s family .

With his spiritual essence, he could see Feng Yanfeng and Lady Wang having a quarrel . Lady Wang even ended up being slapped by Feng Yanfeng .

So… Chang San knew that there was nothing wrong with his spiritual essence .

But… why couldn’t he see anything in Fallen Star Yard?

There was something strange about Fallen Star Yard .

It hadn’t crossed Chang San’s mind earlier, but now that he had the time, he began to notice things .

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