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Chapter 1056: 1056
Chapter 1056 Jun Linyuan the Fox That was unexpected . Their crown prince seemed to be able to think straight again now that little Feng Wu was around . Making Chang San little Feng Wu’s official guard was the same as announcing the special relationship between Feng Wu and the crown prince .

By using Chang San, Feng Wu would be subtly taking advantage of Jun Linyuan’s reputation . However, that was a favor that would need to be paid back .

Feng stroked his beard . This was fun .

Meanwhile, in that closed-off area, Feng Wu was looking expectantly at Jun Linyuan with bright eyes . “Say yes, please? Pleeeease~”

She involuntarily raised her tone toward the end, and Jun Linyuan felt as if a feather was brushing against his heart and tickling him .

Jun Linyuan raised his chin proudly . “Give him to you? Well, that’s doable . What are you going to trade him for?”

Feng Wu asked, “Well… what do you what?”

Jun Linyuan looked as proud as ever . “I can get whatever I want myself . ”

Feng Wu rubbed her chin . “How about, say, I owe you one? Sounds good? I can make very quick progress, and a favor from me will be worth a lot one day . ”

Jun Linyuan only smiled without saying a word .

Feng Wu tugged at his sleeve . “You’re going to kill Chang San anyway; how much more do you want from a man doomed to die? Jun Linyuan, just say yes, please . Pretty please . ”

Feng Wu had no idea how attractive she looked to the crown prince when she tugged at his sleeve and pleaded .

“Fine . ” Jun Linyuan waved her off . “Take him . Although, he’ll have nothing to do with this residence from now on!”

“Of course . I wouldn’t want it any other way . ” Feng Wu smiled in satisfaction .

She hadn’t expected to be able to recruit such impressive help when she woke up that morning . Feng Wu was thrilled .

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Meanwhile, Chang San had crawled to Feng’s feet and was pleading with the latter to save him .

Feng shook his head . “You can get away with offending other people, but death is what you get for offending Miss Feng Wu . ”

Only then did Chang San realize how important Miss Feng Wu was to His Royal Highness .

The closed-off area opened up, and Feng Wu came out, looking satisfied . She smiled at Chang San .

Chang San had heard the entire conversation inside .

Right now, his choice was to die if he didn’t go with Feng Wu, or go with Feng Wu and live .

“Are you coming with me or not?” Narrowing her eyes, Feng Wu stared at Chang San with eyes as sharp as a blade .

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Chang San looked up at Jun Linyuan, who looked as domineering as ever .

Kneeling down in front of Feng Wu, Chang San stuck a hand into his own chest .

Blood splashed everywhere .

Feng Wu’s pupils contracted .

Jun Linyuan said indifferently, “That’s a blood oath . He has pledged his loyalty to you, and will be struck by lightning if he defies you . ”

Feng Wu didn’t know that one could do that, but she felt much more reassured this way .

Activating her green light, she cured Chang San’s wound in five minutes .

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After everything was sorted out, Feng Wu proposed to take Chang San back .

Jun Linyuan didn’t stop her this time, and let her leave .

Watching Feng Wu leave, the crown prince had a gleam in his eyes .

Feng and Granny Gong exchanged looks…

It was starting . God knew what the crown prince had read during the three days he shut himself inside, or what he had come up with…

He now really looked like a hunter .

Looking at Feng Wu from behind, Feng rubbed his chin and shook his head with a wry smile . It seemed that Miss Feng Wu had walked into the trap .

Feng Wu knew that bringing Chang San back home would create unnecessary trouble, but she also knew that Chang San’s presence would eliminate a lot of trouble for her as well .

Such as trouble from the Feng clan .

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