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Chapter 1049: 1049
Chapter 1049 Where“s Feng Wu? “It’s better than nothing,” Feng Wu said with a brooding look in her eyes . As long as she had something to work with, she would find those broken star pieces, no matter what it took!

Back at the Feng manor .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Someone banged on the gate of the Feng manor .

Ever since Feng Wu’s beautiful mother beat the crap out of Feng Yanfeng the other day, the guy had been too humiliated to leave the house . He had stayed at home, claiming to be sick .

The day he finally summoned up the courage to go out, the elderly steward came in .

He said, “Master, we have trouble!”

Feng Yanfeng frowned . “Why are you panicking?”

The old steward’s forehead was covered with sweat . “There are people banging on our door…”

Banging on their door? Feng Yanfeng was furious . Who did these people think the Feng clan was?

Feng Yanfeng rose to his feet . “Who the hell are these people?!”

The old steward said, “It’s General Chang, as in General Chang who works for His Royal Highness . He’s kicking the door down!”

His Royal Highness’s General Chang?!

Next to Feng Yanfeng, Feng Liu and Feng Sang were thrilled to hear the news .

So, His Royal Highness was really going to teach Feng Wu a lesson this time!

“Come, let’s have a look!”

With Feng Liu and Feng Sang running at the front, Feng Yanfeng followed them out with conflicted feelings .

No one would dare to ignore those who worked for His Royal Highness .

And the Feng manor’s doors weren’t going to stop someone like General Chang .

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By the time Feng Yanfeng and the others rushed out, General Chang was already in the main hall .

Feng Yanfeng went up to him in a hurry . “General Chang…”

Feng Yanfeng was a high-ranking official, but he still didn’t dare offend General Chang .

With a stern look on his face, Chang San turned his sharp gaze on Feng Yanfeng .

He waved at Feng Yanfeng . “Chief Feng, let’s cut to the chase . I’m not here for you . Show me to Miss Feng Wu, please!”

So, they really were here for Feng Wu…

Judging by his attitude, Feng Yanfeng didn’t think General Chang would be too polite to Feng Wu .

Before Feng Yanfeng could say anything, Feng Liu stepped out . “I know where Feng Wu lives . I’ll show you the way . ”

Chang San turned his sharp gaze on Feng Liu .

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Soon, they arrived at Fallen Star Yard .

Feng Wu was at Grand Secretary Fang’s place at the moment . Since Grand Secretary Fang was able to extend his spiritual essence quite some distance now, he naturally detected Chang San and his men .

“You have visitors in Fallen Star Yard . I think you should go back now,” Grand Secretary Fang reminded Feng Wu .

Grand Secretary Fang had been telling Feng Wu Elder Xuanyuan’s life story, for the better she knew her enemy, the higher her chances of victory . Since Feng Wu wanted to get some leads from Elder Xuanyuan, she needed to learn more about him first .

But she was interrupted halfway, which meant that she wasn’t in a good mood at all .

After bidding Grand Secretary Fang farewell, Feng Wu jumped over the wall back into her Fallen Star Yard .

By then, everyone in the yard who had been cultivating was roused .

Chaoge, Qiuling, Uncle Qiu… Everyone was frowning and looked displeased .

Of course they were unhappy . How else should they react when they were interrupted in the middle of their cultivation?

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Chaoge glared at Feng Liu .

Feng Liu smirked . “Duan Chaoge, you’re not a member of the Feng clan . You have no right to speak!”

Chaoge smirked back . “I’m not a Feng clansman, but I’m a member of Fallen Star Yard, which you’re not! You’re the one who should shut up!”

Seeing the displeased look on General Chang’s face, Feng Yanfeng snapped, “Shut up, everyone!”

Instantly, everyone quieted down .

General Chang walked in and scanned the yard with a frown . “Where’s Miss Wu?”

Feng Yanfeng glared at Duan Chaoge . “Where’s Feng Wu?”

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