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Published at 16th of August 2020 03:40:06 PM
Chapter 1039: 1039
Chapter 1039 Arrogant Deskmate 2

the hundreds of students all stared at feng wu in disbelief .

how could feng wu yell at feng xun like that? he was young lord feng and the crown prince’s buddy!

instantly, everyone quieted down and began to exchange looks of bewilderment .

feng wu glared at feng xun . “i never knew this side of you, feng xun . you can’t bully the weak just because you have powerful backing . i’m so disappointed!”

the others were so sure that young lord feng would hit her back, for that was what feng xun would typically do .

however —

to everyone’s surprise, feng xun only lowered his head and looked too intimidated to speak his mind . he gave feng wu an aggrieved look .

why did he look like an abandoned wife? how could that be? that didn’t seem right at all!

throwing a dirty look at feng xun, feng wu left her seat to help that boy to his feet .

feng xun couldn’t let her touch the boy’s hands . if he let that happen, he was sure that boss jun would kill him later .

“leave it to me . let me —” feng xun rushed over and helped the guy to his feet . he was very rough with his actions, which almost made the student vomit blood .

feng wu frowned and checked the boy’s pulse .

feng xun wanted to stop her, but feng wu cast a stern look at him . “do you want to check his pulse, then?”

feng xun backed away in embarrassment . he didn’t know how to do that .

feng wu could feel an intense gaze on her back, which seemed to set her on fire . however, she refrained from looking back, and acted as if no one was there .

after checking his pulse, feng wu heaved a sigh of relief . “your internal organs are unharmed; it’s only some surface bleeding . a blood-clotting pill will heal you in no time . ”

supported by young lord feng, the teenager was already very anxious . when he looked up and saw the murderous look in the crown prince’s eyes, he almost burst into tears…

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“i’m fine . i’m really fine…” instinct told him that feng wu was the reason that he had gotten himself thrown out . both feng xun and his royal highness were warning him with their eyes that feng wu was strictly off limits…

that was why the teenager snatched the pill feng wu gave him, stuffed it into his mouth, then turned to run away .

feng wu frowned . “but your chest needs to be massaged to activate blood circulation…”

but the teenager was long gone . he had run out of sight .

the crown prince was giving off a terrifying and suffocating energy .

the air seemed to freeze, and the cold made everyone’s teeth chatter .

they were too scared to speak a word .

“what was his name?” feng wu frowned . “tell him to come to me later . he’ll need another blood-clotting pill to make a quick recovery . ”

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feng wu didn’t know if she was mistaken, but when she asked for the person’s name, the biting cold in the classroom seemed to ease a little .

she went back to her seat after that .

all she wanted was to get through this class safely; she wondered if her luck would hold out .

mr hu could barely remember what he had taught today . realizing that it would still be a long while before the class ended, he felt like crying with frustration . he could only go back to his lecture .

jun linyuan glanced casually at feng wu, only to realize that the girl had been reading her book this whole time without looking at him .

moreover, she hadn’t looked at him since the beginning of the class .

did he annoy her that much?

he poked feng wu’s arm with his pen .

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feng wu moved her arm away and went on ignoring him .

he poked her arm again .

feng wu moved her arm off the desk altogether .

jun linyuan bit his lower lip, displeased .

a man in love was as good as an idiot . although the crown prince hadn’t realized how possessive he had become toward feng wu, he was in fact already under her spell .

so, she had decided to ignore him, had she?


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