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Chapter 103: Hurry and Let Me Enter the Pill Refinery!

Feng Yi Ran supported his forehead. "……"

Normally, he felt that Young Prince Feng was aloof and arrogant. But seeing him now, how come he's so much like a little kid who's complaining to an adult, because he lost a fight? Wasn't this just too childish?

However, Jun Lin Yuan and Xuan Yi didn't feel that this was anything strange and seemed like they're already used to it.

Feng Yi Ran also had nothing to say, it's just that, as he stared at Feng Wu's back, his eyes were somewhat hidden in depth.

She was already a cripple, yet she still dared to put on airs. Fortunately, the young prince's temper was good. If it was Crown Prince Jun who she'd offended……thinking of this, Feng Yi Ran felt that he must use his identity as the eldest brother to find Feng Wu and properly have a conversation with her.

Feng Wu pulled her mother and younger brother and left the courtyard.

Beautiful Mother's heart was very magnanimous. She pushed away Feng Wu's hand and immediately returned to her room to take a nap, naive and idealistic, aloof from worldly affairs.

But little Seventh Feng pulled Feng Wu continually. "Elder Sister——"

"Hm?" Feng Wu's eyebrows jumped.

"Elder Sister, you're really cool just now!" Little Seventh Feng gave her a thumbs up. "Hey, but that was the young prince. You went so far as to scold him, he was green in the face."

Feng Wu sighed a long sigh. "It's best if that could make him leave out of anger."

Little Seventh Feng pouted his little mouth. "Exactly. Why did they have to stay at our house? In the future, when Elder Sister personally enters the kitchen again, they won't be here still, right?"

Little Seventh Feng was a child who was very protective of food. As soon as he thought about how he would have to fight for food everyday in the future, his face swelled into a stuffed steamed bun and was very worried.

Feng Wu wasn't in a good mood as she poked the side of his head. "Idiot."

Feng Wu understood very well that right now, her most, most, most, most important matter was precisely to refine the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill and cultivate again.

If her body was still crippled, then she would forever have no authority to speak.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu studied the sky. It's afternoon now, the sunshine's just right.

Feng Wu whispered into little Seventh Feng's ear and delegated some things to him, after which, she then patted little Seventh Feng's shoulder. "If they asked, you've already remembered everything?"

"Mn!" Little Seventh Feng's steamed stuffed bun face earnestly nodded!

After she'd finished delegating, Feng Wu then escaped with assistive force. She used her right hand to push herself off the side of the wall and flipped her body over the top of the high wall. In the next second, that graceful figure then disappeared under little Seventh Feng's gaze.

Little Seventh Feng made a fist. Elder Sister said she would only be gone for an afternoon in order to find a way to cultivate again……therefore, no matter what, he's going to help cover for her during this afternoon!

Having leapt over the wall, Feng Wu's figure gracefully fell to the ground as she stretched her ear to listen attentively. After she didn't hear any other signs of movement, the corners of her mouth curved into a faint arc.

Jun Lin Yuan's group of people wanted to stay at the Feng residence? Sure, no problem. She'll just leave instead. It's not as if only the Feng residence possessed a pill furnace. The pill refining room belonging to the pill refining master at Old Man Ba's place was many times better than hers.

Old Man Ba was Northern Territory City's most awesome pill master, so much so that he was outstandingly famous throughout Martial Lord Empire.

The reason why Feng Wu was so confident about her own pill refining ability was because……her pill refining techniques were even more impressive than the reputable and illustrious Old Man Ba's.

It's reasonable to say that these kinds of eccentric pill refining masters normally all shunned the world. However, Old Man Ba was different. The place where he lived was Northern Territories City's most lively area——

Right next door to Spring Fragrance House.

Everytime Feng Wu came here, she'd pinch her nose because of the heavy smell of cosmetics. "Oh my, young girl, you've arrived just at the right time! Hurry and follow me into the pill refining room!" Feng Wu had barely arrived when Old Man Ba, dressed in crude fabrics from head to toe, charged out and grabbed Feng Wu's hand.

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