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Chapter 1027: 1027

Chapter 1027 A Plot Twist 3
yes, that was right… those words seemed to wake the crowd from their reverie .

and it only hit them after grand secretary fang left with the boy…

mu yaoyao had been expelled .

but they heard the last thing grand secretary fang said before he left .

“not a word to anyone else . ”

that was to say, grand secretary fang didn’t want anyone else to know what mu yaoyao had done .

after elder xuanyuan and priest wu left, yu yue scanned the crowd with her eyes . “you heard him . not a word leaves this room . ”

yu yue paid special attention to feng wu .

after mu yaoyao’s defeat, it was only natural that her friends would want to cover it up . feng wu, on the other hand, had turned things around at the last minute to achieve a great victory . yu yue worried that feng wu would want to spread the news .

fearing that feng wu might be upset, yu yue held feng wu’s hands and enjoined her in a low voice, “little feng wu, grand secretary fang is looking out for you because of your brother; that favor won’t last forever . you have to keep a low profile . ”

yu yue was really worried about feng wu .

because feng wu had been really aggressive toward mu yaoyao in front of grand secretary fang . not only did feng wu force mu yaoyao to reveal what she really was like, feng wu had also been relentless, and had driven mu yaoyao into a hopeless situation .

feng wu could see that yu yue only said it out of kindness, so she found it impolite to retort to her . she nodded with a smile . “yes, of course . ”

afterward, feng wu and duan chaoge held hands and went to blue cloud court .

the chief’s office made sure that not a single word left the room . those outside only knew that some people entered the office, but had no idea what happened after that .

“our martial arts department’s mr . xuanyuan just entered the office!”

“oh god! grand secretary fang’s here, too!”

“this is big!”

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“what’s going to happen to feng wu?”

“expelled, at the very least . ”

“as for duan chaoge, she’s so dead…”

just as everyone was making ominous predictions about feng wu and chaoge, the two of them walked out of the chief’s office hand in hand; they were even chatting cheerfully . clearly, they were in a good mood .

they walked into blue cloud court —

and everyone was shocked to see them!


“feng wu is back!”

“so is duan chaoge! alive!”

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many students froze in their seats and stared at feng wu in disbelief, as if they had been struck by lightning!

they couldn’t believe it…

shouldn’t feng wu and duan chaoge be locked up? they should at least be expelled! however, they didn’t look like they would be kicked out any time soon .

just then, there were footsteps outside .

the crowd turned around to see qiao yi, the teacher responsible for their class .

qiao yi met feng wu’s eyes and became noticeably uneasy .

feng wu didn’t look affected . she kept her composure, glanced at qiao yi, then led chaoge into the classroom .

mu yaoyao and yao hao had the best seats in the classroom .

in the end, feng wu took mu yaoyao’s seat .

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duan chaoge took yao hao’s, which made her feng wu’s deskmate .

“hey —”

a cold voice ran out a few steps away . “hey, you’re in miss mu’s seat . ”

it was one of the female students . she hadn’t stood out during the exam, but had fawned on mu yaoyao the first chance she got, and had quickly become one of mu yaoyao’s minions .

naturally, she stepped out when feng wu took mu yaoyao’s seat .

however, feng wu —

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