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Chapter 1026
Chapter 1026 A Plot Twist 2

At that thought, everyone looked at Feng Wu sympathetically .

Although everyone had seen Mu Yaoyao’s reaction and realized the damage that she had done, there was nothing they could do . With Mu Yaoyao’s influential grandfather and connections, Feng Wu didn’t stand a chance .

Sigh, poor girl…

Mu Yaoyao, on the other hand, was thrilled .

She knew it . Her grandfather would still save her face in front of other people .

However, before Mu Yaoyao got overly excited, Grand Secretary Fang sighed above her head .

His voice was as soft as a feather and full of emotion . “Mu Yaoyao, how many times have I told you? But you keep forgetting . ”

Wait? What was going on?

They had thought that Mu Yaoyao was sure to win this, but judging by Grand Secretary Fang’s tone, that wasn’t the case .

Everyone pricked up their ears and listened .

Looking up, Mu Yaoyao pleaded with her eyes . Her hands trembled .

No, not here, not now… If her grandfather revealed the truth, her future in Imperial College would be ruined .

At that thought, Mu Yaoyao held Grand Secretary Fang’s thigh even tighter!

However, Grand Secretary Fang only looked at her and sighed . “I’ve told you already . It’s ‘granduncle . ’ Why won’t you listen?”


Her granduncle?!

Everyone stared at Mu Yaoyao in disbelief!

Hadn’t she been going on and on about Grand Secretary Fang being her grandfather? Her own grandfather! Nearly everyone at school wanted to fawn on Mu Yaoyao because of that . They would follow her around in flocks!

However —

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She wasn’t Grand Secretary Fang’s granddaughter?

Even Priest Wu was surprised .

“Old Fang, she’s not your granddaughter?”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . “I adopted my brother’s daughter . ”

That explained it…

Mu Yaoyao shook from head to toe…

However, Grand Secretary Fang wasn’t going to stop there . “You tried to frame Feng Wu . Yes or no?”

Grand Secretary Fang stared at Mu Yaoyao, and his cold gaze gave him a majestic look .

Even Elder Xuanyuan was intimidated by that look, not to mention someone as young as Mu Yaoyao .

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Mu Yaoyao felt a numbing sensation on her scalp, and she thought she was going to explode .

She could only grit her teeth and say, “Yes…”

Grand Secretary Fang said, “You poisoned Yao Hao with Secret Crow Bone Blood . Yes or no?”

Mu Yaoyao said, “Yes…”

Grand Secretary Fang closed his eyes and took a deep breath . When he opened his eyes, he looked calm again .

“You used to be such a lovely girl when you were little . Look what you’ve turned into . ” Grand Secretary Fang sighed with emotion . He then gave the verdict . “From now on, you’re no longer a student of Imperial College . Questions?”


There were surprised exclamations from the crowd .

Grand Secretary Fang was going to kick Mu Yaoyao out of the school!

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Imperial College was more than a place to study and cultivate . It was a symbol of one’s social status . Expelling Mu Yaoyao from Imperial College was as good as banishing her from the noble circle .

It would have an unimaginable impact on Mu Yaoyao’s life!

“No…” Yu Yue cried out .

Grand Secretary Fang glanced at her . “What does the school rule say, if it were another student who did this?”

Yu Yue said, “They would be expelled…”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . “You know what to do . ”

He turned to leave after that .

After taking a few steps, the old man saw that the others were still standing around, dazed, and he glared at them . “Shouldn’t you be in your classes now?!”

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