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Chapter 102: She Scolded Me!

In that way, Feng Wu peeked unfeelingly at Feng Xun. As a matter of fact, she wanted to see how Feng Xun was going to overcome his shame and tell the truth.

Feng Xun impatiently glared at City Lord Bi. "How can you be so long-winded! I've asked you to go and you're still not leaving right away? !"

City Lord Bi took a look at Jun Lin Yuan, and noticed that Jun Lin Yuan didn't have anything else to say. He could only helplessly sigh a long sigh before departing silently……

Feng Xun turned his head around and shot a glance at Feng Wu. "We're all staying here for the next few days. You're happy now, right?"

Feng Wu. "……who's happy? !"

Feng Xun. "Saying one thing while feeling something else."

Feng Wu. "……"

The one who's truly happy was Feng Liu as she bashfully fiddled with her hair. From time to time, she looked up to steal a glance at Jun Lin Yuan.

Crown Prince Jun gave up staying at Lingering Garden and was staying at the old and worn out Feng residence instead……should be because of her, right?

Therefore, Crown Prince Jun really regarded her as……oh my gosh, she really felt so embarrassed~

Thinking of this point, Feng Liu's face blushed as she shyly looked down.

Feng Xun watched Feng Liu in confusion……what was this girl doing? One moment her face was red, in another moment, she bashfully looked at their Boss Jun? It's truly quite horrifying to watch……

Feng Xun couldn't be bothered with Feng Liu anymore. He just glared at Feng Wu and urged her. "Why don't you hurry up."

"What?" Feng Wu was puzzled.

Knowing that they wanted to stay here, Feng Wu's heart was already collapsing, what else could she think about?

"Go help us prepare the rooms, change the sheets, fold the blankets, and so on. Still not going?" Feng Xun wasn't in a good mood at all and almost rolled his eyes.

Feng Yi Ran quickly said. "Please be at ease, Young Prince, although the Feng residence appears somewhat old from the outside, the interior furnishings are still quite acceptable. As far as changing the sheets and folding blankets, naturally, there are senior maids to manage them."

The colors of spring (love) filled Feng Liu's eyes while her face overflowed with bashfulness. She was just about to open her mouth to say that she'd go prepare a room for Crown Prince Jun when——

Feng Xun actually sneered. "I insist on having my little kitchen maid prepare the rooms. Don't any of you guys move. Feng Wu, still not hurrying up? !"

Feng Wu placed her hands on her hips as she glared at Feng Xun. "Are you ordering me around?"

"What if I am? You're precisely my little kitchen lady. Don't tell me that I'm wrong?" Being glared at by Feng Wu, Feng Xun's loftiness suddenly reduced by half as he stammeringly said. "Go to work, what're you doing?"

"Little kitchen lady?" Feng Wu laughed coldly, then pressed a step forward.

With each step forward by Feng Wu, Feng Xun involuntarily retreated a step. He glared at Feng Wu. "You, you, don't come over here——"

Feng Wu sneered. "Do you truly take me for a diseased cat that's easy to bully? Feng Xun, if you want to stay here, go stay here yourself! If you want the rooms tidied, go tidy them up! Don't give me this nonsense!"

Finished speaking, Feng Wu's left hand led her beauty of a mother while her right hand led her seventh brother, directly leaving while frowning with displeasure.

Feng Xun was in shock as he stared at Feng Wu's departing back, suddenly dumbstruck. "……She, she, she, is she scolding me? ! She's just leaving while frowning with displeasure like that? But she's my little kitchen lady, hey!"

Xuan Yi shot a glance at Feng Xun. "She's Feng Wu alright."

"So what if she's Feng Wu? She went as far as to dump my face!" Feng Xun acted as if he'd been wounded.

Xuan Yi watched Feng Wu's receding back as admiration appeared in his eyes. "This version of Feng Wu should be the real Feng Wu."

"Look at how fierce she was!" Feng Xun was brooding inside as he pointed to Feng Wu's back and complained to everybody. "She scolded me!"

(From the Author: Returned from Japan~~Starting the word count again~~)

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