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Chapter 1015: 1015
Chapter 1015 Ups And Downs 1

Mu Yaoyao arrived with Ye Yafei, followed by another person . It was Yao Ying, whom Feng Wu had beaten up before!

And she was Yao Hao’s own sister!

In a moment like this, Yao Hao’s family member came in handy for Mu Yaoyao!

Mu Yaoyao rushed toward Yao Hao with an astonished look on her face .

“Yao Hao! Yao Hao! Are you alright? Wake up!” Mu Yaoyao cried out, knelt down, and called at the top of her lungs .

Yao Ying looked devastated .

“Brother! Brother! Talk to me! Wake up! Please wake up!” Yao Ying was trembling from head to toe and her face was streaked with tears . She looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown .

However, no matter how loudly she called, Yao Hao remained motionless, his face as bloodless as a dead person’s .

Mu Yaoyao bolted upright and looked indignantly at Qiao Yi . “Miss Qiao Yi, what happened?! Everything was fine this morning! Why is Yao Hao like this?!”

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Eyes wide open, Mu Yaoyao grabbed Qiao Yi by her shoulders and shook the latter violently .

Qiao Yi almost lost her balance, but she only turned to stare at Feng Wu, and pointed her finger at the latter . “It was Feng Wu and Duan Chaoge . They did this to Yao Hao . ”

And that was what Mu Yaoyao had been waiting for .

She glared at Feng Wu with her chest stuck out and her tone oh so righteous!

That was right . She had planned everything .

Since the bet with Feng Wu would have gotten Mu Yaoyao killed, Mu Yaoyao had set Feng Wu up to kill Yao Hao . That way, Feng Wu would have to pay with her life, and Mu Yaoyao would remain safe .

That was Mu Yaoyao’s plan, but she still managed to look devastated .

“Feng Wu! How could you do this?! You killed Yao Hao!” Mu Yaoyao bellowed .

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Yao Ying had almost passed out . “Brother, Brother…”

She rushed over to Yu Yue and wrapped her arms around the teacher’s leg . “Ms Yu, say something! You can’t let the murderers go free —”

Yu Yue felt she was getting a headache .

After finally silencing that Qiao Yi, now this?!

Then there was Mu Yaoyao…

Yu Yue found Mu Yaoyao even more troublesome, for she was the granddaughter of Mr Fang, the acting principal .

Before, Yu Yue could still side with Feng Wu, but now that the principal’s granddaughter was here, Yu Yue didn’t think that the old man would favor Feng Wu over his granddaughter .

Just then, footsteps came from outside again . They turned around to find an old man with his young, pretty assistant .

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“Master Duanmu!”

Everyone cried out in surprise . Yu Yue was delighted!

“Master Duanmu, thank god! Please have a look at Yao Hao!”

Master Duanmu looked around the room and exchanged quick looks with Mu Yaoyao . It happened so briefly that most people didn’t notice it .

However, Feng Wu did, for she had her eyes fixed on Mu Yaoyao the entire time .


As expected, Master Duanmu shook his head after examining Yao Hao only briefly . He had a pitiful look on his face .

“Master Duanmu!” Yao Ying stared at the doctor .

And she wasn’t the only one . Almost everyone was staring at Master Duanmu .

His verdict could determine the fate of several people .

“His internal organs have been shattered, his heart has stopped, and he’s barely breathing… It’s too late,” said Master Duanmu in a deeply grieved tone . After giving his conclusion, he shook his head, rose to his feet, and was prepared to leave .

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