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Chapter 101: Merely, I Wonder

Feng Wu turned to look at Feng Xun in a very difficult to describe manner. "……"

City Lord Bi took the portrait. After looking at it several times, he turned things around in his mind a few times before speaking. "This girl……is actually not that good looking."

Feng Xun laughed coldly. "Not only does she look ugly, her heart's even more repulsive! Wait until I capture her, I'll no doubt dismember her body into ten thousand pieces!"

Feng Xun grabbed a random landscaping stone and squeezed it soon after, the stone was crushed into powder.

Feng Wu watched Feng Xun's fingers casually rolling around the powdered stone while the pit of her stomach twitched violently.

City Lord Bi took the picture and meticulously and carefully rolled it up before placing it inside the sleeve of his garment. He then cupped his fist towards Feng Xun respectfully. "Young Prince, please rest assured, this humble official will surely find the person in this portrait with all speed, arresting her and bringing her to justice."

Feng Xun. "Mn!"

"Merely, I wonder……" City Lord Bi hesitated for a bit, but still inquired. "Merely, I wonder what this lady's name is and what crime she's committed? If I knew some details, I believe it would also be much easier to find her."

Feng Xun gnawed at his teeth. "What is this loathsome girl's name? Hehe!"

Feng Wu's heart jumped 'bathump'!

Not good!

At the time, when she first met Feng Xun, she was too careless, and didn't think about things too much. She casually chose the 'Little Fifth'.

Little Fifth, Little Wu……the two names sounded so much alike, if Feng Xun turned them in his mind for a bit, he might really be able to connect the matter to her……

(TN: Actually, although the two names have different definitions, they are pronounced exactly the same way. In Chinese, 'five' is pronounced 'wu' as well.)

Oh no, oh no, oh no……she's truly done for this time.

If Feng Xun knew that the ugly girl who snatched the Immortal Spirit Fruit from their hands and even pulled the wool over their eyes was her……Feng Wu simply couldn't imagine how Feng Xun would explode from anger.

Feng Wu was screaming nervously inside.

However, Feng Xun just laughed coldly. "You don't need to ask about her name! No matter how I think about it, that name just doesn't seem like a real name, Indeed, she didn't plan on using her real name from the start! Not only that——"

Feng Xun continued to laugh coldly again and again. "That girl stole a very important thing we were carrying. She's indeed a vile little thief! Bear this in mind, you need to capture this little thief alive. When the time comes, I simply must peel her skin and pull out her tendons, torturing her within an inch of her life, or else!"

Feng Wu watched that serious and earnest expression on Feng Xun's face while she silently retreated a step back……

City Lord Bi couldn't help but take another glance at Jun Lin Yuan, then forced a laugh. "This matter, I'm afraid it's going to be difficult. Young Prince, someone who could steal something on your bodies, especially under the circumstances where Crown Prince Jun was even present……what kind of strength ought this little thief have? How powerful must she be? Based on our Northern Territories' armaments and troops, I'm afraid we'd be helpless……"

After hearing the City Lord's speech, Feng Xun's thoughts were……very complicated.

How should he tell the other that the little thief who stole the Immortal Spirit Fruit……she's just a cripple! A cripple without any spirit force? How could he say this out loud? !

But City Lord Bi didn't know this. He's even asking persistently. "That little thief……what kind of strength does she have when it's all said and done, I hope that Young Prince can inform me to some degree."

Feng Xun's complexion alternated between green and white.

Everyone was looking at Feng Xun. They were very curious, what kind of supernatural being was it, that's capable of even stealing their treasure under Jun Lin Yuan's watch? How powerful must she be?

"Her strength certainly isn't merely that of a spirit master, right? So should it be a spirit ancestor? She can't be a spirit emperor, no? !" City Lord Bi was shocked.

Feng Wu was as stealthy as a weasel as she extended her head to take a look at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun. "……"

He took a deep breath, then took another deep breath……

The skin on his cheeks twitched and twitched……

How's he going to tell City Lord Bi that the little thief was a cripple who basically didn't even possess the strength of a level one spirit master!

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