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Chapter 1008
1008 Feng Wu the Murderer 3 “Xuanyuan Yi!”

“It’s Xuanyuan Yi! He’s one of the top 500 Year 1 students!”

The crowd stirred in excitement .

“Brother —” Lei Kai clutched his stomach and struggled to his feet . He then wiped blood off his mouth .

Xuanyuan Yi looked from Lei Kai to Chaoge, and his eyes flickered .

Kneel and beg for mercy?

Feng Wu narrowed his eyes . The guy had some balls .

Chaoge stared at Xuanyuan Yi, then smirked . “On my knees? You wish!”

“Then go to hell!” Xuanyuan Yi raised his right fist . Golden light flashed and his fist glowed!


He then charged at Duan Chaoge with his fist out at full speed .

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Chaoge frowned a little . She wouldn’t have been able to dodge the attack a few days ago, but she had learned a great deal from “Homage to Phoenix”; now, she was able to evade the strike with a quick shift in position .

Xuanyuan Yi’s face darkened .

That was supposed to be a killing move, but it didn’t have any effect .

Xuanyuan Yi had been confident that Duan Chaoge wasn’t his match, and he thought that one strike would be enough to take her out .

To his surprise, Duan Chaoge evaded his attack!

“Interesting . ” Xuanyuan Yi smirked .

He had never been disrespected like this before!

“Bone-Melting Strike!”

Xuanyuan Yi went rampant!

That was Xuanyuan Yi’s ultimate killing move and his final card . He had never expected to use it on Duan Chaoge one day!

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He had to admit that Duan Chaoge was really something!

By then, not only the newbies, but seniors from Universe Court had also gathered round .

And the looks on their faces had changed when they saw Xuanyuan Yi’s earlier move .

“That was awesome!”

“Did you see that strike? He must have already reached perfection as a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster!”

“If you ask me, he’s a Level 5 already!”

“Does this mean that he’s good enough to be ranked in the top 300?”

“Xuanyuan Yi is so awesome! I bet he can make it into the top 200!”

“Duan Chaoge is so dead —”

In fact, Chaoge had a bad feeling as well . The attack was so frightening and gave her the impression of a tidal wave . The earth was shaking, and so was her soul .

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She wasn’t his match!

Knowing that Feng Wu was much more capable than she was, Chaoge ran toward the latter involuntarily .

The moment before the fist struck down —

Feng Wu gave Chaoge a tug .


And Chaoge was able to evade the fist just in time! Feng Wu had pulled her out of the way!

As a result, the fist landed on the wall behind them .


Cracks spread out on the wall like a spider web, but the wall repaired itself almost immediately as everyone watched . It was intact again in a split second .

Still shaken by the narrow escape, Chaoge held Feng Wu’s hand and gasped . She would have been killed if it wasn’t for Feng Wu .

Xuanyuan Yi, on the other hand, opened his eyes wide in disbelief!

That was impossible!

Bone-Melting Strike was his ultimate move, and someone like Chaoge should never have been able to dodge!

He was sure that he had locked onto his target!

What was so special about that girl?

Even someone so capable hadn’t noticed that Chaoge had only been able to evade his attack because Feng Wu had dragged her out of the way .

Because no one was paying attention to Feng Wu as all eyes were on Chaoge .

That girl was amazing…

That was what everyone was thinking about Chaoge now .

Xuanyuan Yi wouldn’t let it drop . He smirked and was about to attack again, but —


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