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Chapter 1004: 1004
Chapter 1004 I Don“t Want to Hear That Name Ever Again!

The mention of Feng Wu’s name was like a spell, and the carefree atmosphere in the classroom vanished . Everyone was excited!

All the students in this classroom were new students this year, and there should be a hundred of them in total . But right now, there were only over ninety people here .

That was because Feng Wu and Chaoge weren’t here, and neither were Yu Mingye or Mu Yaoyao .

Yu Mingye had his own errands to run, whereas Mu Yaoyao… She didn’t dare show up, for she had lost the bet, and was afraid that Feng Wu would ask for her head .

But there were enough people here to fill the room .

Yao Hao, Mu Yaoyao’s minion, was the first to cry out .

Yao Ying didn’t get in, but Yao Hao had gotten just enough marks to be admitted .

“What? Feng Wu’s here?”

“How dare she?!”

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“Isn’t she ashamed?”

“She’s unbelievable!”

Furious and jealous voices resonated in the classroom .

Of course, Feng Wu had her supporters, too .

Such as Gongsun Qing and Shi Xuan .

Before, in Proud Snowfield, Gongsun Qing had thought that she was going to die, but Feng Wu saved her life . As a result, Gongsun Qing now had complicated feelings toward Feng Wu .

Shi Xuan, on the other end, had turned 180 degrees in her opinion, and was vexed when she heard these people slandering Feng Wu . These jealous women!

They were saying all these things because they had seen Feng Wu kiss His Royal Highness . How pathetic!

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However, she was one of the few who could think clearly, and the majority of the students still held grudges against Feng Wu .

Therefore, Feng Wu entered the classroom to find everyone staring at her in jealousy and rage .

Feng Wu was at a loss .

Sensing the antagonism in the air, Hang Yang was elated . “Right, there you are . My mission is accomplished, and I’ll leave you here . ”

He promptly left after that .

He had to get back to the seniors’ quarter and spread the news .

The newbies’ quarter was a semi-enclosed area with a nice name: Blue Cloud Court .

It was derived from a line in a poem: “Fly over the blue clouds to gather the sun and the moon and pour out the East Sea to wash the universe clean . ” Hence, the newbies’ quarter was called Blue Cloud Court and the seniors’ Universe Court .

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Hang Yang shouted at the top of his lungs as soon as he set foot in Universe Court, “Feng Wu is here in Blue Cloud Court! Let’s go, people!”

Fame was a two-edged sword . Although Feng Wu hadn’t made it into Universe Court yet, everyone had heard about what she did, especially to His Royal Highness… A lot of girls had been cursing her under their breaths .

Therefore, the seniors in Universe Court stirred when they heard that Feng Wu had arrived at Blue Cloud Court .

“Feng Sang, Feng Sang, isn’t that Feng Wu from your clan?”

Feng Sang, the third daughter of the Feng clan, was one of the seniors . Right now, she was doing her best to pretend that she was immersed in her reading, but people just wouldn’t stop reminding her .

Feng Sang’s face darkened .

Guan Jing and Tao Yue were Feng Sang’s best friends, and they sat down on either side of her, bombarding her with questions .

Guan Jing said, “Sangsang, Feng Wu is here . Has she really gotten her ability back?”

Feng Sang didn’t like that question at all!

Tao Yue asked, “Sangsang, is Feng Wu going to be alright? Isn’t His Royal Highness going to punish her for what she did?”

Feng Wu! Feng Wu! Everyone just wouldn’t shut up about that name! It was so annoying!

Recalling how miserable Feng Wu had made her own family, especially her father, who had been beaten up by Feng Wu’s mother… Feng Sang’s face turned green!

“Don’t ask me!” Feng Sang said with a livid face . “I don’t want to hear that name ever again!”

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