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Published at 30th of July 2020 04:45:22 AM
Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Feng Wu Is Here!

Hang Yang found their ignorance unbelievable . “You know Imperial College takes in exactly 100 new students every year, right?”

Feng Wu and Chaoge nodded in unison .

Hang Yang couldn’t stop boasting about his knowledge in front of the two newbies . “However, there’s so much to learn, and it’s virtually impossible to master everything in one year . Normally, it takes at least ten years for a student to complete all the courses . As a result, student numbers keep increasing in Year 1, and there are at least thousands of students in each year . ”

Hang Yang went on . “Therefore, the newly admitted students are known as ‘newbies’ and the ones from previous years are ‘seniors . ’”

He said arrogantly, “You newbies have only just gotten in; how capable can you be? There are a thousand names on this tablet, and most of you people are in the last one hundred . ”

Feng Wu looked at the end of the list and saw that most of the new students were indeed there .

But not Xuanyuan Yi and Gongsun Qing .

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Hang Yang glanced at them . “There are a few good ones among the newbies this year . Yu Mingye, needless to say, is one of them, but he didn’t show up for the entrance test . If he did, he would have made it to the top . There’s no doubt about that . ”

Hang Yang sounded confused when he said, “I’ve been wondering, though; Yu Mingye is way overqualified for the entrance test . Hell, he’s capable enough to be a graduate from the college already . Why did he have to get in as a newbie? I don’t understand it . ”

Feng Wu rubbed her nose and kept silent .

Hang Yang snorted when he didn’t receive a reply from Feng Wu . “There are other good ones among the newbies . Look, Gongsun Qing is the 500th and Xuanyuan Yi is even more impressive . He’s the 300th!”

Hang Yang glanced at Feng Wu . “Whereas you, you didn’t show up for the test . Afraid, are we?”

Chaoge flared up right away . “Hey! Watch your mouth! Don’t make me punch you in the face!”

Chaoge looked so fierce that Hang Yang didn’t dare mess with her . He rubbed his nose . “That didn’t come from me . All the other students are talking about it . No one’s convinced by your exam results . ”

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Chaoge smirked . “Xiao Wu is the best!”

No newbie could do what Xiao Wu had done! They could never have built a Taiyi formation capable of withstanding the nine cycles of the lightning tribulation!

Not to mention that it was a lightning tribulation meant for some great master like Grand Secretary Fang! It was such a big deal!

But now, people were laughing at Feng Wu . Chaoge couldn’t stand it .

Chaoge wanted to beat Hang Yang up, but Feng Wu stopped her with a wry smile . “Don’t bother arguing with him . It’s not worth it . ”

“These people know nothing!” Chaoge stomped her foot in frustration .

“Yes, yes . They know nothing . But we do . So, don’t be mad . ” Feng Wu patted Chaoge on the shoulder to calm her down .

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Hang Yang glanced at Feng Wu . He was convinced that her magnanimity was rooted in her guilty conscience . Otherwise, why didn’t she show up three days ago for the test?

Feng Wu turned to Hang Yang . “Let’s go . Show us to the registration office . ”

Feng Wu and Chaoge were here to register, for that was the first thing to do after getting into Imperial College .

And that suited Hang Yang’s plan . He was looking forward to Feng Wu’s reaction to all the whispers and prattle .

The Year 1 quarter .

“Breaking news! Breaking news —”

A new student rushed into the area in great excitement . “Feng Wu’s here! I saw her checking the billboard just then and she didn’t look happy! She’s coming this way!”

Feng Wu?!

That was a name full of controversy and mystery!

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