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Chapter 644: 644
The door to the inn was pushed open, and snow drifted into the lounge with the entrance of four people . Leng Liuying’s cheerful voice resounded in the room, immediately earning a response from the busy waiter .

“Welcome, honored guests! Please take a seat, your Snow Milk Wine will be there shortly!”

Not long after Bai Xiaofei’s group sat at their table, the waiter came carrying four bowls of steaming milky-white wine .

“Here’s your Snow Milk Wine . Do you need anything else?” the waiter who was dressed in animal skin clothes asked with a respectful bow .

“Ask her, don’t mind me . ” Bai Xiaofei pointed to Leng Liuying, who looked very eager .

After a month of tough roads, they had finally arrived in the Kingdom of Snow . Ever since they had stepped into its territory, Leng Liuying finally revealed her true nature . She, who was normally already active, became super enthusiastic about everything .

“One of every signature dish of your inn . Don’t use low-quality food to fool us, I’m an expert!” Leng Liuying generously waved her hand .

“Very good! Don’t worry, Master . While our shop looks small, we never meddle with low-quality stuff!” assured the waiter before retreating .

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei frowned slightly . “Why did he call you Master? Does everyone in the Snow Kingdom know you guys?”

At his question, the triplets smiled as if he had asked something foolish…

Indeed, it was idiotic to ask such questions in the Kingdom of Snow as it was just common sense .

“If he knew us, it wouldn’t be ‘Master,’ but ‘Your Highness . ’” Leng Liuying proudly raised her chin . Since returning to her ‘turf,’ teaching Bai Xiaofei had been one of her daily pleasures .

“Don’t laugh, it’s his first time after all . ” Even the gentle Leng Liushuang had also become a lot more cheerful after arriving . The most evident proof was that she talked a lot more .

“The Snow Kingdom is the country with the most cases of multiple births in the whole continent . Legend has it that our ancestor adored multiple births so much that he prayed to Heaven for it, and the next year after that, the queen gave birth to a pair of twins . In order to show his gratitude, he promulgated a law that families who birth twins would be directly promoted to nobles and those who birth triplets, directly to viscounts and they would get to enjoy benefits of that status . ”

“This verbal law has been passed down until now and no emperor ever dares to amend it . Therefore, the Snow Kingdom has become the most populated country in the north region . ”

Bai Xiaofei was enlightened by Leng Liushuang’s explanation . So, the bartender had taken the Leng triplets for daughters of a viscount .

There was definitely something amiss when she was this active to promote something, but Bai Xiaofei couldn’t figure out what exactly it was . When he dubiously raised the steaming wine bowl to his nose and smelled it, his face abruptly changed .

This smell…

How to describe it? It was similar to fermented goat’s milk . With the smell drilling into his nostrils, Bai Xiaofei almost lost his composure . But the triplets were staring at him, so he bit the bullet and drank it .

After the wine entered his mouth though, the embarrassment on Bai Xiaofei’s face instantly turned into delight . Its taste was simply entirely unexpected!

A mellow milky fragrance mixed with the strong taste of alcohol shot straight to the top of his head . As the wine flowed down into his stomach, warmth flooded into every bit of his body . Fine sweat seeped out from his forehead as just one mouthful chased all the cold out . Even after a long time, the aroma still lingered in his mouth…

Putting down the wine bowl, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help a long groan . No other wine he had tasted before had given him this refreshing sensation .

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“Well, it didn’t let you down, did it?” Leng Liuying laughed with pleasure at his reaction . Her cheery expression put Bai Xiaofei into a trance .

Wine in hand and beauty in front . There was nothing more satisfying in this world than this .

“Awesome, formidable!” Bai Xiaofei kept clicking his tongue as he didn’t know what else to say to praise the wine .

“Your food, Masters!” At that moment, the waiter returned, carrying a tray full of dishes that Bai Xiaofei had never seen before .

This time, Leng Liuying had no plans to wait for Bai Xiaofei . She picked up her chopsticks and got started right away .

Looking at her sister wolfing down the food, Leng Liuli couldn’t help a big smile . Bai Xiaofei joined the table sweeping with Leng Liushuang’s introduction to each dish…

Just like that, their group became a sight to behold for the rest of the inn . Although all of the other guests ate their food in an unrestrained manner, they had to admit that they could never be that ravenous . Some even stopped whatever they were doing and just watched them emptying one tray after another…

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When Bai Xiaofei’s group finally stopped, the four people, plus one cat and one dog, collapsed on their chairs . This was definitely the most satisfying meal in the last one month for Bai Xiaofei, and for the triplets, it was the best one in several years . ‘Hometown’ was always a special place for everyone .

At the end of the meal, what impressed Bai Xiaofei most was the dessert ‘fruit,’ as he didn’t know whether this thing could be called a fruit .

Ice Pears, when served, were a few small fish swimming in warm water . After giving them two cuts and taking them out, they would rapidly expand into fist-sized balls due to the low temperature as a way to protect themselves . However, because of the previous cuts, this self-protection turned into suicide . Finally, their meat became the ‘fruit flesh’ and the bones became ‘seeds . ’

What Bai Xiaofei could not forget was the unique taste!

Sour, extremely sour, but not the kind like from vinegar . It was like that of lemon that made the limbs numb and made one go through an out-of-body experience . Right after the sour taste, there would be a thick sweetness that filled the mouth . Although Bai Xiaofei had just eaten it, his saliva uncontrollably flowed when he recalled that taste .

In Leng Liushuang’s words, Ice Pears were the Crystal’s Longings of civilians . Its status in the Kingdom of Snow wasn’t at all inferior .

Half-lying in his chair, Bai Xiaofei suddenly giggled . His gaze wandered around as the wind blew the snow outside into his ears .

Kingdom of Snow, exotic land of the far north, here I come!

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