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Huskie who hadn't turned back walked slowly towards Mo Ka and the others, and his ferocious appearance instantly terrified them to the point of falling down onto the ground.

"Big big big…. Big Brother Fei, it it it it…." Mo Ka was already shaking like an automatic sieve from being stared at by Huskie while their faces were almost rubbing together.

"Huskie, that's enough. You'll have to carry him back if you continue frightening him." Bai Xiaofei's voice resounded out, and then the 'Thunder Devouring Tiger' started to shrink slowly under the incredulous gazes of Mo Ka and the others before transforming into Huskie's appearance in the end.

Only after Huskie licked his face a few times did Mo Ka's consciousness return once more into his body.

"I… was dreaming?" Mo Ka rubbed his eyes and still felt slight disbelief, and it wasn't only him, Shi Kui and Wu Chi behind him weren't any better.

"Let's go, are all of you waiting for the Wind Wolves to return and eat us!?" Being rebuffed by Hu Xian'er earlier had caused Bai Xiaofei to have a bellyful of rage yet nowhere to vent it.

On the way back towards the academy, Mo Ka and the others turned on their curious child mode, but the questions this time revolved around Huskies instead.

Even though Bai Xiaofei was extremely annoyed but answering was his only choice. Otherwise, it was extremely likely that Huskie would be captured by these three fellows to be dissected and studied….

When Bai Xiaofei spoke the word 'Mimicry', all three of them were obviously shocked.

The Illusion Stream had never been looked favorably upon yet this part about being never looked favorably upon didn't include the Mimicry branch, and it was even to the extent that some people had once suggested that the Mimicry branch be attributed to a stream outside the Illusion Stream, but it was rejected in the end.

All in all, the 'Bug' of the Mimicry branch's ability was sufficient to allow Bai Xiaofei to be greatly valued in any organization!

"Do all of you think those fellows would have cleaned our room?" After they approached the dormitories, Bai Xiaofei suddenly stopped and asked the three of them while carrying a light smile that held a trace of ill intent.

Mo Ka and the others were stunned, and they fell into deep contemplation.

"They might not clean up, but they'll definitely surround us." Mo Ka was the first to give an answer, whereas, Shi Kui and WU Chi nodded to display their agreement. But, in next to no time, Shi Kui started shaking his head instead.

"If they surround us, then wouldn't they be afraid that we'll repeat what happened earlier?" Mo Ka was instantly speechless as soon as Shi Kui finished asking this. Indeed, even he was unable to think of a method to deal with Bai Xiaofei's stinkweed bombs.

"Why don't we make a bet? I bet that not only will they clean up for us, all four us will even be able to sleep peacefully tonight. Two Starnet Stones, how about it?" Bai Xiaofei rubbed his hands together as he finally revealed his fangs.

The nearby Huskie exerted every effort to shake his head to Mo Ka and the others, but unfortunately, the three of them didn't notice him.

Moreover, Mo Ka and the others took it seriously, and they looked at each other for some time before starting to ponder the feasibility of this bet.

The first half was basically without problem because if nothing unexpected happened and so long as Zhang Qingshan and the others didn't want to be laughed at by others, they would surely clean up for the sake of washing off the stench on their bodies. But, it was practically impossible that they found come looking for trouble after that.

"Alright, I'll take the bet!" Mo Ka was the first to make his stand known. As the 'brain' of the group of three, he'd successfully lead Shi Kui and Wu Chi along.

However, the three of them instantly regretted it in the next moment.

Because, under Bai Xiaofei's control, Huskie had transformed once more, and the form he transformed into this time was Qin Lingyan!

"I don't know if all of you still remember it but that person in the lead mentioned his brother when I bashed him. If I'm not wrong, then his brother ought to be a senior, but year 2 students have their own pride, so the possibility they come to the new student dorms to bully others isn't great. Thus, so long as he does come, he's surely a year 1 student." Bai Xiaofei paused for a moment.

"So long as it's a year 1 student, then this face is a permit of safe passage!" Bai Xiaofei smiled lightly while Mo Ka and the others revealed expressions of great pain at the same time.

We've already asked about him all along the way yet how could we have forgotten Huskie!

But, there was one thing that Bai Xiaofei didn't think of, and it was precisely this thing he didn't think of that pushed him completely into an abyss….

Along with the four of them… err, five of them… walking into the new student dorms, every single new student that saw them revealed expressions of 'fear', whereas, the reason for this fear was 'Qin Lingyan'!

A Senior Sister?!

Coming to the male dormitory?!

Are the Senior Sisters open to such an extent nowadays?!

F*ck, these few don't seem like pretty boy material, could it be that this Senior Sister is blind?

A variety of guesses and discussions continued from the first floor until the eighth, and there were even people that had especially run out from their rooms after hearing the news.

For a time, Bai Xiaofei's group of four had directly become figures in the teeth of the storm.

"Big Brother Fei, are you very familiar with this Senior Sister?" Before they could walk into their own room, Mo Ka was already slightly fearful because with the discussions that had been carried out all along the way, all of them was basically impossible to be concealed. So, if this Senior Sister were to come with the intention of getting even with them, then they would absolutely find themselves in serious trouble.

"Err, if nothing unexpected happens, then we can be considered as enemies." Qin Lingyan's face that was filled with rage in the 100 Flavor House couldn't help but emerge in Bai Xiaofei's mind as he spoke. If she could, she would absolutely have fiercely taught Bai Xiaofei a lesson at that time, a lesson where death wouldn't be regretted.

"Big Brother Fei, stop joking…." Mo Ka was stunned before bursting into laughter.

Yes, he's absolutely joking with us!

"I'm not joking. If you don't believe me, then you can wait for tomorrow. According to her character, she'll surely come looking for trouble with us." Bai Xiaofei had just finished speaking when the pitiable group of three were stunned on the spot, and in the next moment, the three of them moved at least five meters away at the same moment to stand far away from Huskie.

"It's too late, so many people have already seen all of you, so where can all of you hide?" A single sentence from Bai Xiaofei made their final hopes fall to rock bottom, and an expression of sorrow hung on their faces at the same time.

"Big Brother Fei, why didn't you tell us if you knew earlier? We're going to be trapped to death by you!!!" Once again, Mo Ka deeply felt the evil that came from Bai Xiaofei. He wouldn't kill you, but he would absolutely make living worse than death….

"I swear, I didn't do it intentionally this time." Bai Xiaofei spread out his hands and revealed an innocent expression.

"Originally, I only intended to use this Senior Sister's reputation to frighten them, and it was already too late to when I realized something was off." As he spoke casually of it, Mo Ka and the others didn't feel Bai Xiaofei's terror from being unable to remedy this in the slightest.

"Aren't you afraid that this Senior Sister will look for trouble with you?"

"What's there to be afraid of? The matter has already occurred, so would being afraid be of any f*cking use? Not to mention, if I don't do this, then do you have a way to deal with that group of people?"

Once again, Mo Ku and the others fell into a struggle, and after a period of contemplation, the three of them obtained a single conclusion in the end.

They wouldn't be able to escape being bashed this time….

"Keep calm, keep calm. God protects those who are good. There won't be any problems with me here." Bai Xiaofei grinned, and he could be said to have given them their final life saving straw.

But, as far as they were concerned, this life saving straw was just slightly unreliable….

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