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2625 Ancient Corpse (2 in 1)

The periphery of the Storm Ridge was very large, and it was naturally impossible to defend it with only more than 20,000 ferocious beasts, so they could only guard the route to the ferocious beasts. As for other places, they just ignored them.

The Wind Demons were the strongest in the Wind Circle. Outside the Wind Circle, their strength would be greatly reduced. If they fought other mine demons, very few Wind Demons could really survive outside.

At this moment, Han Fei had a headache. Why the hell did he have to go with Wang Xiaojiu again? Besides, Han Fei didn’t think Huang Ergou would be any better.

As the saying went, birds of a feather flock together. Wang Lanlan and Wang Xiaojiu were a perfect match. Huang Ergou was probably no different either. The only normal person here was Yu Jue.

He asked telepathically, “Who is that Huang Ergou?”

Wang Lanlan said, “Huang Ergou is a big dog with a very keen sense of smell. He is also a pure-blooded descendant like us. In the entire ferocious beast lineage, Huang Ergou’s sense of smell can be said to be number one. In addition to his sense of smell, this guy has evolved into a talent for tracking. Therefore, under normal circumstances, we will take Huang Ergou with us when we steal things or hunt treasures.”

Han Fei said, “It sounds interesting, but since he has such talent, why does he still need you?”

Wang Lanlan said, “Because he’s not good at fighting! He’s a dog with four Dao Locks, but his combat power is mediocre, about the same as mine.”

Han Fei thought that it was indeed a little low. Wang Lanlan only had one Dao Lock. It seemed that he had spent all his talent on treasure hunting.

Wang Xiaojiu didn’t keep a low profile at all. Flying at thirty times the speed of light, he didn’t return until half an hour later.

Panting, Wang Xiaojiu said, “I heard that Huang Ergou was tricked by Sha Laosan. He said that he was going into the depths of the Wind Circle to find treasures. He may have already set off. There should still be time for us to chase him.”

In Han Fei’s mind, Wang Lanlan explained. “Sha Laosan is a rat sable, a pure-blooded ferocious beast. It’s said that he’s the descendant of the ancient Sky Penetrating Rat and the Wind Thunder Sable. His treasure hunting ability is even stronger than Huang Ergou’s. He originally had seven siblings and an old mother. In an exploration of the Wind Circle, in order to snatch a Spiritual Treasure of Heaven and Earth, seven of his family of eight perished. In the end, only he was lucky enough to obtain the Spiritual Treasure of Heaven and Earth and survived. Because he was the third child in his family, he was called Sha Laosan. Gradually, he even calls himself Laosan. He said that he had forgotten his original name.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but sigh. “In order to hunt a treasure, his entire family was sacrificed. This person’s life is really tragic.”

Wang Lanlan said, “Well, Sha Laosan used to be quite active and had a good relationship with us. Later, he became more antisocial and wandered in the Wind Circle all day long. Of course, like Juejue, he liked to dig holes. However, although this sea of sand is sand, there are many mineral sand, so it’s not easy to dig. He can’t dig as fast as Juejue.”

At this moment, Wang Xiaojiu suddenly came close. “What are you two whispering about? Why are you talking behind my back?”

Wang Lanlan glared at Wang Xiaojiu and said angrily, “I’m telling Juejue that Sha Laosan must have found a good treasure. Otherwise, he would have gone there himself and wouldn’t have dragged Huang Ergou with him. Anyway, you are here. We must chase them.”

Wang Xiaojiu was lost for words. “Why do you have to chase them when I’m here?”

Wang Lanlan said, “Because you are the strongest among us!”

Han Fei said, “You go first, and I’ll go second. I’ve just advanced to the Perfected Star Transformation Realm. I don’t want to die in the Wind Circle as soon as I come to the Storm Ridge.”

Wang Xiaojiu was speechless. “Juejue, why are you still so timid? It seems that you haven’t learned any of my outstanding qualities! If you want to cultivate, how can you follow the prescribed order? If you are so timid, how can you get through the test of your Dao heart and let your Dao heart weather through the Monarch-level Tribulation? Let me tell you, even Huang Ergou dares to enter, but you don’t dare to?”

Han Fei said, “Huang Ergou has four Dao Locks.”

Wang Xiaojiu said, “But he is still useless, no better than you at all. Let’s go. Don’t waste time. If we’re too slow and the tunnel they dug collapses, we won’t be able to find them.”

Wang Lanlan asked, “Are you sure you can find where they went in from?”

Wang Xiaojiu said, “How can this stump me?”

“I’ve dug holes with him, and I know his digging habits very well. Before he does anything big, he will definitely pay tribute to his mother and siblings. The hole is right there… Alas! I said too much, bah bah… Don’t tell anyone what I said! And don’t tell anyone.”

Han Fei pretended to be honest. “I won’t.”

Wang Lanlan said, “I never joke with Sha Laosan.”

After about half an hour, Wang Xiaojiu took Han Fei and the others to a sand dune outside the Storm Ridge.

The wind and sand filled the sky, and Han Fei seemed to see an endless black wall. This was the wind wall of the Storm Ridge.

The wind in the Storm Ridge had swept up too much sand and dust, so if you looked at it from a distance, you would find that half of the world had been blocked, forming a black wall.

But that was not the case. The density of the sand in the sandstorm was gradual, so it looked like a wall.

Wang Xiaojiu slapped Han Fei. “Juejue, dig. Dig while there’s no one here.”

Han Fei thought to himself, Wang Xiaojiu is such a big mouth. If his identity is known by him, he probably won’t be able to keep it a secret for a few days. If he doesn’t tell others, he may suffocate to death.

Therefore, Han Fei could only endure it for the time being. When he had a chance, he would bring Wang Xiaojiu over and beat him up.

Digging was a basic skill. Of course, Han Fei could do it. He could only temporarily serve as a laborer. This was the first time Han Fei had excavated this kind of sand sea filled with the power of minerals.

This excavation required a huge demand on strength. This made Han Fei understand why there were so many people mining in the Infinite Mining Area. It was because the excavation of minerals was very difficult and required extremely high strength, so mining here could last for a long time.

Although Han Fei didn’t dig up the real essence, he felt that the sand was not easier to dig than minerals.

Different from mines, mining in mines was a process of destroying mines. Although top-level minerals would radiate around and give birth to associated mines, mining itself was a kind of destruction.

But the sand in the Storm Ridge was different. Mining here meant softening the sand first and then compacting it around to form a channel. The power of the storm here was very strong and affected the ground veins, so there was no other way to dig a lasting path unless a tunnel was made. Even if Han Fei could dig a channel now, it would collapse in half an hour.

Wang Xiaojiu said, “Dig in this direction. Yes, in this direction. Come on, accelerate…”

Han Fei said, “Stop nagging. Can’t you see I’m digging?”

Wang Xiaojiu said, “Juejue, you disappoint me! Now that you’ve reached the Perfected Star Transformation Realm, your digging speed should be much faster!”

Han Fei suggested, “Why don’t you do it?”

“Hey! Juejue, your temper became worse!”

Wang Lanlan rolled her eyes. She wondered how Wang Xiaojiu would react when he found out that the Emperor Sparrow was right next to him.

After half an hour, God knew how far Han Fei had dug. It was probably more than a million kilometers. Although Han Fei was extremely strong, he couldn’t help but admire those who could keep digging. He even missed the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp. If only that guy were here.

Suddenly, Han Fei dug out a hole with a bang. He looked again and found that it was an underground space made of minerals. The space was not big, less than three thousand meters. The surroundings were compressed with minerals and sealed with a spiritual barrier to create such a large space. Otherwise, this space would have collapsed long ago.

In the entire space, only seven memorial tablets, one big, six small, were placed at the center. This should be the place where Sha Laosan commemorated his family.

Wang Lanlan said, “They’re not here. They seem to have set off. Sha Laosan must be angry that we dug our way into here, right?”

Wang Xiaojiu said, “That’s because they didn’t wait for us. Besides, we didn’t destroy this place.”

With that, Wang Xiaojiu pointed to a loose place and said, “It collapsed not long ago. That’s it.”

Han Fei repaired the place where the spiritual barrier of the mine was broken. He thought to himself, Let’s keep digging! If we can dig all the way to the center of the Storm Ridge, it will be good. At least we should be able to avoid a large number of Wind Demons.

As for why he was led by Wang Xiaojiu to find treasures for no reason, he didn’t know. However, if Huang Ergou and Sha Laosan’s treasure hunting ability and perception ability were top-notch, they might be able to help him. It shouldn’t hurt to keep them by his side for the time being. However, if he really wanted to take them to the center of the Storm Ridge, these people would have to all be under his command. Of course, it depended on whether they had the strength to go there.

They were all pure-blooded ferocious beasts. Except for Yu Jue, they were all Dao Lock-level powerhouses. He didn’t mind having more subordinates like this. As for Li Luoluo, he didn’t really understand her thoughts yet. However, he didn’t doubt that Li Luoluo wanted to find the Time Worm and the Space Worm. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have appeared in the Raging Sea.

On the other side.

In the vast sand of the Storm Ridge, somewhere under the sand, a little yellow dog and a long rat were sprinting under the sand sea.

The yellow dog said, “Old Sha, wait a minute. Why do I feel that something is wrong? I smell decay. Is the Spiritual Treasure of Heaven and Earth you mentioned guarded by an ancient mine demon? You know, a mine demon of that level is usually a dead strong master who still has a certain level of consciousness or extraordinary power.”

Sha Laosan’s voice was slightly deep. “This is how the Wind Circle is. Although the other party may be dangerous, if we succeed, we may gain a lot. Ergou, you already have four Dao Locks. If we succeed this time, I will help you condense the fifth Dao Locks with my savings. At that time, once your five Dao Locks are solidified, you’ll be able to prove Dao. Big Luoluo will help you, I will help you, and everyone will help you.”

Huang Ergou was tempted, but his cautious attitude still made him doubt. “I don’t think I can succeed in proving Dao just because I have five Dao Locks! Besides, look at Wang Xiaojiu. He has already had five Dao Locks, but he hasn’t proven Dao yet.”

“Everyone’s situation is different. You think that Wang Xiaojiu can’t prove his Dao? In fact, he is just waiting for opportunities and looking for opportunities. Otherwise, why do you think he participated in the northern expedition last time? Facts have proven that this northern expedition was as dangerous as the previous ones, and he didn’t get any opportunities! Ergou, opportunities are created by ourselves and won’t take the initiative to go to you. We pure-blooded ferocious beasts can easily have five Dao Locks as long as we slowly absorb resources and cultivate slowly. Indeed, we can have five Dao Locks. But you have to understand that the Dao Locks exist for those without opportunities. Those who are truly lucky and have endless opportunities don’t need Dao Locks at all.”

Huang Ergou was persuaded by Sha Laosan. He nodded and said, “Okay, then let’s go. However, if we encounter any danger that we can’t defeat, retreat immediately. Don’t hesitate at all. Compared to opportunities, I cherish my life more.”

Sha Laosan: “I cherish my life more than you do. My mother and brothers have all died. I am their only hope. I have to carry their hope to live. I have to prove my Dao. Otherwise, how can I face them?”


After more than an hour, Sha Laosan suddenly stopped digging. He said, “We’ve arrived. What smell did you smell?”

Huang Ergou sniffed around. “The power of minerals here is exceptionally strong, about five times stronger than in the Sand Sea of the Storm Ridge. Apart from the rotten smell, I seem to smell the smell of laws.”

Huang Ergou’s eyes widened. “Yes, it’s a law. Did you come because you feel the power of a law?”

Sha Laosan nodded. “That’s right. It’s the power of laws, and it’s the power of laws that’s been concealed or even sealed. What you’re feeling now is just the dispersion of laws. What does it mean that such very clear laws can be continuously released?”

Huang Ergou’s eyes gradually lit up. “It means that it emanated from something. This thing is immortal, and the law will last forever… However, I also smelled a rotten breath, which I felt more clearly than before. A strong master must have died here in the past, or this kind of breath wouldn’t have appeared.”

Sha Laosan licked the corner of his mouth and said, “A hundred kilometers ahead of us is a solid mine under the sea of sand. What does it mean to have a solid mine in the Storm Ridge?”

Huang Ergou said, “It means that it’s an extremely high-level mine. It should be at least a level-five mine. It can’t be lower.”

Sha Laosan said, “More than that. Sniff again.”

Huang Ergou sensed it again. After a while, he said, “I feel the heat dispersing with the power of minerals has a slight direct effect on me. Well, this solid mine is at least a level-six mine.”

Sha Laosan licked the corner of his mouth. “That’s right. Even this mountain is a level-six mine. You can imagine what the thing or treasure hidden in the mountain is like. Ergou, our chance is here.”

Huang Ergou was instigated. This time, he was indeed shocked again. Even the sealed place was made of a level-six mine. How powerful was the hidden opportunity?

Huang Ergou finally calmed down. “Why didn’t you ask Wang Xiaojiu to come with you? With that guy here, if there is really a problem, with his speed, we have a high chance of escaping.”

Sha Laosan said, “Ergou, there are few good things in this world. You said I should take Wang Xiaojiu with us, but he has already condensed five Dao Locks. He needs opportunities more than us. Once he gets the opportunity, he might be able to directly prove Dao. But what about you and me? Are we going to snatch his opportunity to prove Dao?”

Huang Ergou thought to himself, That’s true. In fact, opportunities should be obtained by one person. This way, it’s easiest to reach the sky in a single step.

This time, Sha Laosan took him with him probably because he was afraid that if he was in danger, it would be difficult for him to survive alone. Huang Ergou said that if they succeeded this time and the opportunity could be divided between them, then they would split it. If the opportunity couldn’t be split evenly, he would guarantee to provide him with enough resources to help him condense the fifth Dao Lock.

But if Wang Xiaojiu was also included, how could Sha Laosan bribe Wang Xiaojiu? If the opportunity was taken by Wang Xiaojiu, wouldn’t they get nothing in the end?

Huang Ergou took a deep breath and said, “Let’s continue to dig. If that place is a solid mine, it won’t be easy for us to dig through or break the foundation of the mine.”

Sha Laosan said, “Don’t worry. I’ve been damaging the foundation of this mine for a long time. I’m only one step away from breaking through this mine in no more than four hours. We’ll have to play to the score. If we encounter an invincible opponent, we’ll have to retreat first.”

In the blink of an eye, three hours passed. Sha Laosan and Huang Ergou were digging out the foundation of the mine that spanned more than 20,000 kilometers.

This mine had existed for too long and was almost integrated with the ground veins and the sea of sand. Only by destroying its foundation could they truly destroy the mine.

At this moment, because of the actions of the two of them, this place had already begun to sink into the depths of the sea of sand. And cracks had already appeared in many parts of the mine.

Because of this, the rotten breath became more and more intense, and so did the breath of the law. Both of them were extremely vigilant at this moment. If they found anything wrong, they would leave quickly.

Sha Laosan laid a hand on the mine and slowly turned it into sand. This was a strange ability that could soften the mineral into sand. He said, “I will try my best to dig a way out. Ergou, your sense of smell is unparalleled. You can detect the enemy’s energy fluctuations and laws through your sense of smell, so it’s up to your judgment later.”

Huang Ergou’s heart skipped a beat. “Understood. Don’t talk.”

The power of the mineral was slowly entering Sha Laosan’s body, swimming throughout his body, and then leaking out from every corner of Sha Laosan’s skin. Sha Laosan was like a steamed crab. At this moment, his combat power was at his peak. He was ready to launch a peak strike at any time.

An hour later, Huang Ergou said for the seventh time, “I can’t feel any violent energy fluctuations. Although the law is rich, the fluctuations are not large and the danger is not high for the time being.”

Sha Laosan said, “I’ve already sensed the internal barrier. It’s more difficult to turn it into sand. It may take another hour.”

Another hour later.

Huang Ergou said for the thirteenth time, “I didn’t feel any danger. Have you cleared it?”

Boom ~

While Huang Ergou was asking, the inner barrier of this mine was broken by Sha Laosan. In the next moment, Huang Ergou and Sha Laosan immediately retreated and were ready for battle.

This was because the moment the passage was completely opened, the rich power of laws surged at their faces.

The power of laws of this level made them feel great pressure.

But soon, Huang Ergou and Sha Laosan stopped, because there was no killing intent, no additional power dissipating, no soul impact, and nothing here. It was as if this place was just a place where the power of laws was rich.


Taking a deep breath, Sha Laosan said, “Don’t panic. It doesn’t look like there’s any danger. Let’s go take a look.”

Therefore, the two of them turned back and lay at the broken entrance. Braving the impact of the law, they looked into the inner space of the mine.

What they saw stunned them.

“Oh my Big Luoluo, oh my god, Third Brother, we become rich!”

Huang Ergou’s eyes widened like copper bells.

“Gulp ~”

Sha Laosan was also shocked. He saw that there was a space of about a thousand square meters inside the mine, and the walls in this space were not all made of minerals. They saw many divine crystals, which were minerals that had been contaminated with divinity. They could no longer be described as “minerals”. The divine crystals were comparable to level-eight minerals, and here, there were thousands of them, embedded on the rock mineral walls disorderly.

Sha Laosan said, “It’s because the minerals were contaminated with divinity. After a long time of corrosion, they became divine crystals.”

Huang Ergou asked, “Look, isn’t that the Heavenly Dao Jade Essence? It’s so big. There are so many of them.”

In the mine space, there was a six-prism-like jade marrow. It was clearly the Heavenly Dao Jade Marrow, which was produced due to the assimilation effect of the power of the Heavenly Dao. There were only eight of them here, each of which was priceless. If the Heavenly Dao Jade Marrow was used to cultivate, not only could the body and the soul be strengthened, but it could even better help the soul fuse with the Heavenly Dao.

However, as their gazes moved down, suddenly both of them held their breath. This was because at the center of the eight Heavenly Dao Jade Essences, there was a mine demon dressed strangely. Yes, a mine demon dressed in clothes, but his body was not made of minerals, but divine crystals.

And the rich power of laws was escaping from this mine demon’s body.

Huang Ergou asked, “This is because he has been contaminated by divinity for a long time, so this ancient strong cultivator, along with himself, has turned into divine crystals?”

Sha Laosan said, “It looks like it. Look, the yellowish-brown mud at the bottom is the Chaotic Spiritual Soil. It’s said that it can nurture corpses and keep them intact. It seems that this person died in ancient times.”

Huang Ergou asked, “What should we do? Dig all these out and take them back?”

Sha Laosan pondered for a moment. “Don’t panic! This person seems to have died long ago. Perhaps he struggled for hundreds of thousands of years but failed to persist.”

Huang Ergou said, “Who cares? Anyway, the resources here belong to us. Hahaha! We’re rich this time. There’s almost no doubt that I can condense the fifth Dao Lock.”

Sha Laosan said, “I didn’t sense any mysterious arrays here. Ergou, do you smell essence blood?”

Huang Ergou shook his head. “Not at all. It seems that this former strong cultivator has indeed completely perished, not even leaving a trace of his soul.”

As they talked, the two had already entered the cave.

Huang Ergou stared at the divine crystals and the Heavenly Dao Jade Essence, but Sha Laosan had already come to the strong cultivator’s jade-like body. An eye opened between his eyebrows. He wanted to see if he could pry into this strong cultivator’s law.

This might be an opportunity, an opportunity to prove Dao.

However, at the moment when his third eye peeped over, suddenly, a sharp soul thorn pierced through his third eye with a puff.

Instantly, Sha Laosan shouted, “Ergou, run!”

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