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Chapter 1103: I’ll Go First

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The price of war must be for peace.

But from the looks of it, it was almost impossible for the marine race and humans to coexist peacefully. Meanwhile, the humans’ purpose had become survival.

On the surface of the sea, waves were crashing one after another. On the surface of the sea, mountains of corpses and seas of blood were already everywhere. Almost half of the law enforcers who covered Han Fei and the others had died in such a short time.

Han Fei and the others carried the mountain.

On the sea, many law-enforcers shouted, “Ship formation, Big Turtle Carrying Stone.”

At this moment, with the Avenger at the helm, a huge turtle shell phantom floated in the air above the hull.

Buzz buzz buzz!

Blue turtle shells appeared.

With the ship formation as the boundary, an incomparably huge turtle shell appeared.

How could Han Fei and the others not know the purpose of this? They couldn’t just run back to the City of Justice with a mountain on their shoulders. Of course, they still had to rely on big ships to carry them back.


The process was unexpectedly smooth. When the floating stone mountain was placed on the turtle shell, everything was carried out according to plan.

He heard Diwu Weiguang say, “From now on, be careful. Keep sober and don’t leave this timeline.”

Han Fei was stunned. “What timeline? Timeline?”

Diwu Weiguang said, “In the ideal palace, everything we see is related to the timeline. Once you enter a special state, it’s very likely that you’ll leave this timeline. Now, don’t enter other timelines. Although this place is different from the prehistoric soul realm and doesn’t have a time span that’s senseless, you still have to be careful.”

Luo Xiaobai and Zhang Xuanyu knew what the timeline was.

After all, they had experienced it in the Prehistoric Soul Realm.

However, Han Fei was different. He remembered that he had transformed into the Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel in the previous battle, but the battle was over when he woke up.

Han Fei hurried to ask, “Do you think you’ll accidentally enter other timelines if you leave the current timeline?”

Diwu Weiguang nodded. “Of course. The entire Ideal Palace is like this.”

Han Fei asked while looking at Chu Qingyan and the others warily, “How come? According to you, shouldn’t the first three soul realms be related to the timeline too? Why didn’t we notice it?”

Diwu Weiguang sneered. “That’s because the timeline is fixed, or rather, it’s a cycle. For example, the awakening of a spiritual plant in the Demon Plant Soul Realm. I suspect that it’s not the power of the Ideal Palace that is restoring them, but time. Otherwise, there are people harvesting the Soul Fruits every day, people digging Visualization Stone every day, and people refining soul crystals every day. No matter how strong the power that supports the Ideal Palace is, can it inject the power of soul infinitely?”

Hearing his words, Han Fei was shocked. An unbelievable idea flashed through his mind.

His mother had once said, “The river of time can actually be stolen and intercepted.”

According to the words of Diwu Weiguangr, could it be that the Ideal Palace was not simply a place of souls but a section of time river?


Han Fei felt his scalp go numb.

If the Ideal Palace was a river of time, then…

Suddenly, Han Fei thought of an impossible possibility.

In fact, even though the Ideal Palace was made of souls, everything he saw and experienced was real.

Most likely, problems would occur when the body entered the timeline. However, souls might not have this limitation.

However, outsiders like him were in a different timeline compared to the things and people he had experienced in the Ideal Palace. They were fighting at a fixed time.

Why did the people around him all have a death aura?

It was unknown how many tens of thousands of years ago people had actually perished in the true long river of time. If one looked at them as outsiders, they would feel that they had an aura of death. This was because in terms of time, they had died, but at a certain stage, they were still alive.

He observed them, but felt them dead through an invisible time barrier.

When they looked at him and the others, they were also separated by an invisible time barrier. Because they came from the future, they were naturally alive.

However, Han Fei had another question. Didn’t they also eat Soul Fruits through the timeline? Didn’t they also kill each other? Did those people in the Undying Soul Realm die in their timeline?

However, Han Fei suddenly realized something. It seemed natural for the people of the future to take the things left behind by the past! But what if it was people from the past who took things from the future…

Han Fei’s mind was a bit messed up. Although he had some deductions, he couldn’t prove anything.

Even though what he was thinking now was only his guess, a guess without any evidence would always be a guess, although Han Fei felt that it was very close to the truth.

When Han Fei and the others gathered and waited for the ship formation to accelerate and rush out of the sea, someone suddenly shouted, “Look, what’s that?”

In the distance, a hundred miles away, a huge wave was rushing toward the ship formation at incredible speed.

There was an enormous black shadow within the giant wave, which seemed to be a creature.

Diwu Weiguangshouted, “Don’t perceive it.”

However, when Diwu Weiguang shouted, Han Fei had already scanned it with his perception.

In the next moment, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He hurriedly cast a Divine Healing Technique on himself. “Don’t perceive it.”

The moment Han Fei sensed it, his soul was injured.

Before Luo Xiaobai and Zhang Xuanyu sensed it, they saw Han Fei vomited blood out of thin air and many people around vomited blood too, so they asked, “Feifei, what did you see?”

Han Fei felt his scalp go numb.

Instead of answering Zhang Xuanyu, he looked at Diwu Weiguang. “Are you running or not?”

Diwu Weiguang shook his head. “Wait.”

Han Fei looked at Zhang Xuanyu. “An enormous monster.”

Han Fei could only describe it this way, because the creature he saw had the head of a crab, the limbs of a Mantis Shrimp, the body of a wyrm, and the shell of a Rock Holding Turtle. Its body was shining with black light and covered in armor.


A spatial rift was torn open, and a streak of light that pierced through the heavens and the earth was nailed towards the black figure within the enormous wave.


Fifty kilometers away, a gigantic black shadow leaped out of the wave. Two 300-meter-long limbs slashed at the rainbow in the sky.

Zizizi ~

At that moment, it was as if it had been frozen in place. The long rainbow in the sky was blocked. Upon closer inspection, it was actually a curved saber, Ximen Linghan’s curved saber.

Ka ka ka!

However, the monster’s body was too huge.

At this moment, it had leaped out of the sea, which was probably more than five hundred meters long. Under the blade of Ximen Linghan’s saber, it was broken inch by inch.



A boundless explosion stirred up huge waves. In just ten seconds, the waves reached Han Fei’s side.

At this moment, an explorer, the explorer who had talked to Han Fei before, guarded in front of the floating stone mountain, blocking the terrifying power alone.

The airwaves swept past the two sides of the floating stone mountain, extending for hundreds of kilometers.


Countless people swallowed their saliva: What kind of creature is this, to be so terrifying?

Han Fei looked back at the explorer.

At this moment, this explorer’s entire body was drenched in blood. Previously, he had fought a great battle with those powerful marine creatures and had suffered heavy injuries. He had lost an arm.

At this moment, his hair was disheveled, and he held a shield in one hand without taking a single step back.

He shouted, “Retreat immediately!”


Just as this person finished speaking, another terrifying explosion erupted at the bottom of the water. However, the Dao Seeking level merman trapped in the array seemed to have grabbed hold of the change in the ship formation as it retreated. He detonated his weapon and unleashed his strongest attack.

A large black ship suddenly shattered and the law-enforcer on it was immediately severely injured.

Han Fei and the others were blown dozens of meters away by the terrifying impact. More than 50 Hidden Fishers were killed by the attack.

“Revenge Array, hold it down!”

The array glowed again. Through his perception, Han Fei found that the mermen below the water seemed to be seriously injured and were attacking the array crazily.

Han Fei cast a Divine Healing Technique on the explorer.

The latter looked back at Han Fei and grinned. “It’s useless.”

This person was not anxious. Instead, he took a deep breath and looked up at the void. He muttered, “This is the limit of the power of the City of Justice!”

After saying this, the explorer walked on the air and covered a thousand meters with each step.

In the distance, the giant monster once again dove into the water and charged over. Clearly, it had blocked the powerful attack just now.

The middle-aged explorer’s energy and blood burned as he came to a stop halfway. He laughed in a low voice. “If we humans don’t die, there will come a day when we will fight to the end of the sea and pierce through that eternal darkness. I’ll take my leave first.”

“Old Jia ~”

In the air, there was a delicate cry, as if calling out the middle-aged man’s name.

Only, at this moment, that middle-aged man’s body had already exploded. A scarlet long blade cutting through the sea, stopping the waves of the sea. The blade was dyed scarlet red like the ocean was crying.

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