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The moment he saw Chloe’s eyes, he imagined one thing in his head. His eyes sharpened. Maybe? If you were a man, you couldn’t help but to imagine useless things. However, Jo Minjoon tried to deny that fact. Chloe was gentle and warm with anyone. If he misunderstood her, that would be the worst and meanest thing.

Kaya slightly opened her mouth.

“So where are you going to open that restaurant?”

“Even so, won’t it be in the US?”
“Probably. If you don’t become as good as Rachel and Joseph to the point of creating branches in other countries…..I don’t think that you will be going to another. Ah, is Jo Minjoon’s situation a little different?”

Chloe slightly looked at Jo Minjoon and asked. Jo Minjoon shrugged his shoulders. Looking that she was asking him that lightly, he thought that what he felt before was just a misunderstanding.

“There’s a high probability for me to go to Korea.”

“……..Why are you so obsessed about immigration nowadays? I think that you are saying that word a lot more.”

At his words, Kaya just looked at him fiercely without saying anything. Instead of replying, she began to eat a sandwich until her mouth exploded. Chloe could vaguely know the reason as to why Kaya was acting like that, and faintly smiled. She said with a calm voice.

“It seems that Kaya is worried about you being in Korea?”

“First, it’s a ceasefire country. Regardless of how reality is, it could be seen as a dangerous place in Kaya’s’ eyes.”

At her words, Jo Minjoon let out a deep sigh. The feeling you got when you saw it from the inside and the outside could only be different, but he wondered if she should worry this much. Kaya thought that this was the opportunity and said with a serious face.

“Get a job in an American restaurant. They said that it was possible to get a citizenship if you work anywhere for a few years.”

“I do worry.”

Silence flowed for a moment. Only then did Kaya realise that it could be heard in a different way. However, she didn’t try to change words. Because it was true that she worried about him. Anderson made invidious remarks.

“The poor wife stepped out.”

“Oh my! Your mouth is that of a rough poor wife.”

Even at Kaya’s threat while holding the fork, Anderson didn’t stop. Kaya glared at Anderson for a moment and then smirked and shrugged her shoulders. Anderson frowned. However, Kaya didn’t look at Anderson anymore. It was an attitude as if it wasn’t worth arguing with him.

“Anyways, Minjoon, think about it. Aside from war occurring, you have much more popularity in the US. You also said it before with your own mouth that you wanted to become a chef that wanted to succeed. Then, there would be nowhere better than here?”

“Why worry about the results? Victory is mine, anyways.”

At Kaya’s words, Anderson’s eyes became fierce.

“I can’t just let those words pass. That you are able to beat me?”
“You, did you get 9 points?”

At Kaya’s words, Anderson’s face froze like rock. Kaya smirked and said.

“I got 9 points. At the On the Lake restaurant. Minjoon told me directly. And was it buffet for Chloe? She got it then, but you didn’t get it.”

“Acting like that when you couldn’t even get 9 points from that absolute thing. You aren’t even lucky. Then stop acting strong and just stand still.”

Anderson’s mouth trembled. He stood up from that place.

“I’m going to the car.”

“I don’t like it. Kids.”

Even after Jo Minjoon held him back, Anderson left the place without even looking back. Kaya pouted her lips and grumbled.

“Kids also don’t like you.”

“Do it slowly. Slowly.”
“Don’t exaggerate.”

Kaya’s hand was directed to the gauze in Jo Minjoon’s neck. She was putting a more nervous face than him. Along with her careful hand movements and the peeling of the gauze, the skin got pulled. Kaya let out a sigh.

“Even so, the blister seems to have subsided a bit.”
“Because it’s already been a week.”

Jo Minjoon replied while frowning. He could feel that his neck was trembling because it took air in a long while. Kaya slowly put her hand on his shoulder. Her soft palm was also trembling.

“It hurt, right?”

“I’m not feeling sorry but worry for you.”

“The scar, will it remain?”

At that question, even Jo Minjoon couldn’t reply quickly. The doctor had said that it was going to be difficult to not leave a scar. He forced a laugh and said.

“It’s nothing bad for a man to have a glorious scar.”

“I told you that there’s no need to feel sorry.”

Every time he looked at Kaya’s weak side, he felt a strange feeling. To him, she was a strong and perfect idol. But every time she acted like a girl, it seemed like she had opened her heart to him.

“But did you think about it?”

“You said that you were going to think about it last time.”

“My sister liked you.”

It came out of nowhere. Jo Minjoon looked at her as if telling her what did she mean. Kaya shrugged her shoulders and opened her mouth.

“Mom also liked you. She said you were nice.”

“What about your family? They don’t say anything about me?”

“And what did you tell them?”

Kaya sharpened her eyes and looked at him. Jo Minjoon forced a laugh.

“What could I have told them? It’s obvious. I told them as it really is.”
“So, what’s that reality?”

Jo Minjoon raised one brow? Kaya opened her eyes intensely as if what was he looking at.

“No, I’m just asking. I’m curious.”

“……..I’m not, anymore.”

Kaya replied with a sullen voice and replied. She smacked her lips for a moment and continued saying.

“They didn’t say anything about Chloe?”

“What’s that strange thing?”

Jo Minjoon stood up from the place. Kaya, who was twisting her legs, hurriedly stood up and staggered. Jo Minjoon grabbed Kaya’s arm.

“Do it calmly. Look at Chloe, how feminine she is.”

“I am. I’m going to the gym now.”

“……I couldn’t go because of the injury. Stop with the rebuking. In the first place, it isn’t that different.”
“But you aren’t that bulked.”

Jo Minjoon shut his mouth tightly. The moment he got in the gym, Anderson that looked at them sent an absurd sign.

“Did you fight?”

“Because you clearly have faces that you have fought.”

Jo Minjoon just shrugged his shoulders instead of replying. Chloe wiped off the sweat in her forehead and drank some water.

“There’s not much time until we are together. Let’s spend the time in a good way.”

“Heehee, sorry.”

Chloe’s cheek was tightly raising the corner of her mouth. Anderson opened his mouth.

“The semifinals must be a team mission, right?”

“Now that I see, last time Martin said something that worsened my mood.”
“What did he say?”

Kaya replied.

“That there will be an unexpected event. So don’t be scared.”

A plane was flying over Michigan Lake and heading to Chicago. If you owned a plane, people would of course think about romantic things. Travel, international CEO… and if that wasn’t it, just the truth of being up in the air made you envious.

However at this moment, Rachel Rose wasn’t feeling even a bit of that romance. The reason of it could be confirmed with her eyes, nose, and ear. It was because of the old man in front of her. A white man that seemed like a bear, with brown hair mixed with blonde and a beard with similar colour, was eating the flight meal in a flurry way. A private plane. That wealthy and luxurious word lost all colour as he was eating his meal.

“Serguei. If you are a chef, have some manners about food. You are the same from back then.”
“Burp, don’t act that noble. Why? As you age, you want to act more noble? What to do. I can’t seem to do something that makes me puke. In the first place, it isn’t so delicious as to respect the manners.”

The rough and thick voice let out a Russian English words. Rachel hesitated for a moment and then put a piece of biscuit in her mouth. Thinking about the dishes she was going to face in a little while, it was a stupid thing to fill their belly, but looking at how Serguei was eating, she got hungry for nothing. Now that she had aged, she didn’t feel that hungry. But was it because she was next to a huge eater? She slowly melted the biscuit in her mouth and said.

“What about the food? You should feel thankful that a flight meal is this much. And not changing after you age is an embarrassing thing, but still acting like a brat after you have aged is even more embarrassing.”

“Beethoven and Gogh didn’t age as much as you.”

Serguei didn’t refute back and grabbed a handful of salad. It wasn’t with a fork, but with chopsticks. Rachel looked at the thing that was in the chopsticks and smirked and said.

“There’s nothing better than a chopstick to grab a big amount of food at once. You can’t use things like fork because it’s stingy.”

“How would I? I became one because I like to eat.”

Gulp. Rachel, looking at the amount of salad that should make you difficult to even feel the flavor, put a sickened face. For that man to be the representative of the famous ‘Season Madbadge’ that was comparable to Rose Island. Among young chefs, even the rough looks of Serguei may seem manly and respectful but…….. It was a scene which Rachel couldn’t comprehend.

“So, what are you planning? After that old man Daniel died, you were also hiding like a retard.”

“It’s the truth. The only perfect thing of that guy was certainly cooking…….. But at the same time he was a perfect fool. So you it’s true that you are a retard for becoming depressed because that one bastard died.”

As he said it as if it was really obvious, she didn’t even get angry. Rachel said with a sickened voice.

“There’s a child that got in my eyes. …….Lower your pinky. If you keep acting that shallow, I can also get mad.”

“It’s because you act like this that your wife keeps calling me.”

“It’s a basic thing to make the contents of the consultation a secret. So keep that smelly mouth of yours shut. The broadcast, did you watch it?”
“I didn’t even have time to eat, so would I have time to watch it? Ah, are you talking about that guy? The one who had an absolute sense of taste?”

Rachel nodded. Serguei nodded as if it was understandable.

“I know why you are interested, so how are his skills?”

“He should get nervous. There’s nothing more bothersome than to match the sense of taste of an old hag.”

“How are you that certain?”

Rachel’s eyes became calm.

“Because if he’s not able to, I’m planning to make that capability myself and make him grab it.”

< Four people, four dreams (2) > End

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