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Chapter 366: 366

Eventually, the demi-chefs began to introduce themselves with awkward expressions one by one, when Min-joon quietly looked around their kitchen . As a matter of fact, he was not just looking at them, but checking their cooking level .

‘Obviously, there is an insurmountable wall between the main and branch offices . ’

Head chef Brandon’s cooking level was 9 . However, none of the other chefs were at level 8 . Those at level 7 were three, and all the others were below that level . In fact, this was normal . It would be even weirder if anybody worked as a sous chef or demi chef with cooking level 8 . In that respect, Rachel’s kitchen staff were pretty good, compared with their precedents .

“Are you Min-joon?”

At that moment, the Hispanic chef who was scolded by Brandon a little while ago spoke to him . He spoke in rather unnatural English with French accent, but considering that he was in France now, his English wasn’t that bad .

Min-joon said with a nod, “Actually, there is only one among us whose name looks like me, right?” Min-joon said .

“Hahaha, that’s why I came up here . I’m Adrian . ”

“You’re good at English . ”

“Well, the chefs here speak English well . As you know, Chef Brandon is a native speaker of English, so I heard that he doesn’t hire any chef who doesn’t speak English well . Aside from that…” Adrian’s eyes sparkled at that moment .

He continued, “Can you show me how you are cooking? I’ve heard a lot about our main restaurant in Los Angeles, but I don’t have a chance to check what’s different from our cooking here . I’m curious . You’re a demi-chef like us . I’m really curious if it’s really true there is a gap between our cooking skills . ”

He could have beaten around the bush to bring up the topic, but he was rather straightforward . And Min-joon liked the way he spoke out like that .

Min-joon said with a smile, “Can you promise one thing for me then?”

“What promise?”

“Promise me you won’t admire me so much . ”

When he said that, Adrian looked at Min-joon curiously as if he could not understand what he was talking about .

Min-joon said in a calm voice, which was serious enough to be taken as a joke, “If you admire me so much, I feel ashamed . ”

There was clear confusion on Adrian’s face now . Gosh, he knew well that most of the people called genius weren’t ordinary, but he had never seen a geek like Min-joon . As if he felt so embarrassed by Min-joon’s unexpected reply, he just looked at Min-joon blankly .

Grinning at him, Min-joon said, “I am also embarrassed by what I have said . Let me take back what I said . Which kitchen counter can I use?”

“Please come here,” Adrian said .

At that moment, all the other demi chefs of the Paris branch approached and dragged Adrian to one side . With an embarrassed expression, he looked at them .

“What? What’s the matter with you, guys?” Adrian demanded .

“Don’t be so kind to him . ”

“Why shouldn’t I? He is our guest . ”

“I didn’t say you should not . Look at the situation now . They are demi chefs, and we’re also demi chefs . And we are branch people, but they are from our main restaurant . Of course, Kaya and Chloe have nothing to do with the main store, but they are also sent by the head office of Rose Island . ”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Are you going to bow to them from the beginning?”

Talis, a black woman with her black hair tied, admonished him .

Then she whispered, conscious of Min-joon, “I’m not saying we should pick a quarrel with them, but I don’t want them to look down on us . So, try to be more mature in a tense atmosphere . Try to show them you are an elite chef . ”

“But we are not elites . ”

“Damn it!” She stared at him, biting her lips tightly . When he looked down with a sullen expression, she opened his mouth with a sigh, “If you’re not an elite, try to pretend you’re an elite . You’ve got to know how to get the start on them . ”

“Why don’t we just enjoy mingling with them? They are guests who have come here from afar . ”

“Okay . Do whatever you want . But keep this in mind . The prestige of our branch here depends on how you act . ”

After giving him a stern warning like that, Talis returned to her seat . Adrian sighed a heavy sigh as if he couldn’t understand . He wondered if being kind to him would undermine his prestige . Of course, he admitted that he was acting casually, but that was his personality . Whoever the guest was, for example, even if Rachel Rose was here, he would not be tense or nervous at all .

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He would not accept Tails’s sharp warning, but her voice kept ringing in his ears . Coming back to the kitchen table where Min-joon and Kaya were standing, he didn’t speak to them as cheerfully as before .

Min-joon spoke to Adrian in a curious voice, “What’s up, Adrian? Suddenly you seem to feel under the weather . What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing . I’m hungry . ”


Min-joon looked at Adrian quietly . He wondered how Adrian changed his moods so suddenly just because he was hungry . But he felt given the chef’s appetite, Adrian’s action might not be that strange .

So, Min-joon asked with a smile, “Then, now that I’m going to cook, let me make the dish you want to enjoy . Do you have any dishes that you like? Please tell me the ingredients you prefer . ”

“Well, I don’t know how to single out my favorite dish . Basically, I like to eat something with a delicious sauce, and my favorite ingredients are Magret de Canard . ”

“Magret de Canard? What is that?”

Kaya tilted her head as if she heard it for the first time . Rather than learning to cook, she had relied on her own experience and sense of taste, so it was natural that she didn’t know that recipe name .

Min-joon opened his mouth with a calm voice .

“Oh, it refers to duck breasts . The high-quality parts of duck breasts, in particular . When it comes to that recipe, they are picky about the duck’s species and breeding methods . It’s quite tricky to cook . ”

“Anyway, French guys really like to harass ducks . ”

Everybody knows that foie gras usually refers to goose liver, but the foie gras enjoyed mainly by people of the middle class was often made with duck liver . So, it was understandable that Kaya grumbled .

Min-joon glanced at Adrian, but he seemed to think Min-joon’s talking in half jest was interesting .

Adrian opened his mouth, grinning at him, “It’s probably the people in our country who love duck dishes the most in the world . They love goose dishes, too . Of course, they hate us for that . ”

Instead of answering, Kaya shrugged and looked back at Min-joon . They exchanged glances for a moment . They were already exchanging lots of conversation through such glance, so much so that the demi chefs there were surprised .

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“What are you going to use for the sauce?”

“Bisque sauce . I mean scallops . ”

“It wouldn’t be bad . Are you using shrimp?”

“No . ”

“As you know, you can’t bring out good tastes with scallop alone . What else are you making up for it?”

“I’m going to put a pumpkin . It could be called a pumpkin scallops bisque . ”

“That’s not enough . How about adding a little foie gras paté?”

“Okay . Shall we start?”

“Yeah . You go and choose the ingredients . ”

Their conversation ended in an instant . At the same time, they also finished discussing the recipe . Watching the two talking about it, Adrian was just amazed, so were other staff of the Paris branch including its head chef Brandon .

‘They were already done thinking about the recipe? No way…’

Normally, that would be impossible . As for the recipe, it was not supposed to come about by roughly combining the ingredients according to the instruction . Unless they recreated the recipe that they already knew, it was impossible for them to come out with the new recipe so quickly .

After all, Brandon could not help but approach the two and ask .

“Are you going to use the recipe you are already familiar with?”

“Nope . We’ve developed a new recipe . ”

“Are you sure you have already developed a recipe during that short time?”

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“Well, as far as recipes are concerned, we are clicking with each other very well . ”

Of course, it would be true for any excellent chef pair to come up with a new recipe so quickly . Brandon’s face stiffened when Kaya replied casually . Devising a new recipe meant that the chef would reflect his culinary ideas in the dish he was making . And while he was doing it, he was supposed to conflict with somebody else because of his original recipe ideas .

However, to Brandon’s surprise, Kaya and Min-joon accepted each other’s recipes without any conflict . So, Brandon could only think of two scenarios about this: they were generous enough to yield their stubbornness or they shared the same cooking ideas .

Even if they didn’t have the same ideas, the way they cooked would look alike . Otherwise, they would have to disagree and make a conflict anyhow .

Brandon put off making the judgment . It would not be too late for him to think seriously about this even after he watched what kind of dishes the two would make .

While Brandon was thinking about it, Min-joon was already taking all the ingredients to the kitchen . When he felt that Min-joon picked the ingredients in best condition, Kaya melted the butter in a frying pan . Then she started to fry the onions there .

‘Is she making a bisque first?’

The other pairs from the main restaurant were still in the middle of developing recipes, so those in the kitchen naturally fixed their eyes on Kaya and Min-joon .

Even though they knew that dozens of eyes were now fixed on them, Min-joon and Kaya were not at all nervous, which was natural in some respects .

In fact, the two cooked in front of so many people until now that they didn’t feel nervous or tense before dozens of demi chefs of the Paris branch . Besides, they cooked even before tens of hundred, or millions of people when they appeared on TV . Basically, their cooking experiences were long enough to make them free from any nervousness before the demi chefs here .

Was it because they were too relaxed while cooking? The demi-chefs in the branch stared at the pair’s perfect chemistry blankly .

Adrian muttered as if he couldn’t believe it, “Are they really the same demi chefs as us? No, it doesn’t make sense . How can demi chefs be so good like that?”

Adrian was shocked and surprised . He could not believe what was happening before his eyes .

In some respects, it was natural that he reacted like that because he thought that the demi chef’s mission was to make a dish under the direction of the sous chef and head chef . In other words, if he could make a dish better than what the sous chef or head wanted him to do, he didn’t have to stay as a demi chef . But what Kaya and Min-joon were cooking now was way beyond the mission of a demi chef that Adrian used to know .

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