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Chapter 334

Chapter 334: He’s in a Different League (5)

His teammates knew why he had cast such a glance at them . They also felt Min-joon’s dish was overwhelmingly more delicious . They could understand it would be okay to give him some pity votes, given their friendly relations with him at the moment .

But even they seemed to have decided to judge independently .

One of them muttered, “I really can’t help but support Chef Min-joon this time . ”

Of course, he didn’t decide to support him for his own good . He thought that even if he supported Brian, Min-joon would prevail anyway . The moment Kaya took a breath to count them, Min-joon raised his hand and opened his mouth .

“Wait a minute . I think we forgot one important thing . ”


“I think it’s more fun to bet on something in a competition like this . What do you think is a proper one?”

Brian hated the way Min-joon smiled mischievously at them while saying that .

Gnashing his teeth deep down in anger, he made an awkward expression and thought to himself, ‘Man, I thought at first he was a guy who wasn’t good at saying honestly to others…’

In his eyes, Min-joon seemed full of determination to get even behind his naive face .

Little did he expect that Min-joon would be so cruel to him even though he already knew that he won . Not only Brian, but other participants could not help but take another look at Min-joon .

‘Man, I’m going to be humiliated like this for my thoughtless behavior…’

Brian couldn’t even decline his offer because he had said only a little while ago that it was not over till it was over . If he backed off now, he would show them that he also admitted his defeat .

If he had not bragged, he could have backed off without losing his face .

“Okay . What would you want to bet?”

“Well, I’ve got nothing to bet on this, and we never know when we’ll meet again . I don’t think we take this competition too seriously . Why don’t we do it simply?”

With a smile, Min-joon pointed at the plates . At that moment, Brian felt a sense of insult rankling with him . Compared to Min-joon’s plates that they emptied without leaving any single drop of sauce, his plates were still full of mullet flesh leftovers, let alone the sauce .

Referring to the dishes, Min-joon said in a calm, sober voice, “How about washing the dishes?”

The moment he said that, the participants burst into laughter, so did Kaya .

Min-joon looked at Brian silently .

Brian answered briefly, “Sure . ”

For the past several years, he washed dishes at his house only . Since he was the head chef of his restaurant, he had no reason to wash dishes there . But now he would have to wash dishes in the presence of his teammates if they declared Min-joon the winner .

His pride was hurt, but he couldn’t help it .

Kaya opened her mouth with a mischievous smile on her face like a bad boy .

“Okay, let’s vote again . If you like Brian’s dish better, raise your hand . If you disagree, just don’t move your hands . ”

Having said that, she didn’t even move at all with her arms folded . Like her, they didn’t raise their hands . Brian looked at his teammates desperately, but they didn’t even look at him .

It was understandable that Brian was in a miserable position at the moment, but it was more difficult not to support Min-joon in this situation .

‘Who on earth can say that this mullet tastes more delicious than the sea bream? As a chef, I can’t . ’

‘I don’t want to look like a fool by saying the mullet tastes better . ’

Most of them thought so .

Now Kaya opened her mouth casually . “Okay . You know how to shout one, two, three . Once again, let me repeat . If you think Brian’s dish is better than Min-joon’s…”

“That’s enough…” Brian said in a depressed voice . He looked at Min-joon and Kaya with a resentful expression . Then he looked at the participants one by one . He pretended to be calm, but he muttered in a voice filled with despair, “Please stop here . I lost . ”

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“Then go and wash the dishes,” Kaya said quickly .

Brian looked at her blankly without saying anything then finally headed to the table with a heavy sigh . His teammates cautiously approached him when he was collecting the plates . Brian looked at them dryly and then shook his head .

“Don’t help me . I lost, so let me wash the dishes . ”

“But, Chef Brian…”

“Don’t call me a chef . ”

Watching him clearly looking upset like a child, Kaya turned up the corner of her mouth .

In the meantime, the cameramen seemed to be agonizing over how to edit this part of the Grand Chef Season for this season . They couldn’t put this kind of scene on air .

Clicking his tongue, Min-joon turned to Kaya .

“Hey, you didn’t have to be so mean to him, Kaya . He’s going to cry . ”

“It’s you, not me who proposed the idea of the loser washing the dishes . I did what I had to do as the host . ”

“I’m not blaming you . ”

“I’m not making any excuses either . ”

Kaya giggled at him . Others shook their heads, watching the two chatting like that .

They knew that her temper was violent and capricious . They also knew she was a lump of sugar deep down, but she would never forget anyone who earned her grudge . Of course, there was none in the world who was purely an ordinary person, but she was really a freak .

When they knew such a freak woman had a boyfriend, they were really curious about what kind of man he was and how he could deal with her . And now they found the answer .

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‘As expected, birds of a feather flock together . ’

“It’s been a while, Joseph . Emily, you, too . ”

“In fact, it’s not been so long since we met last, but it feels like it’s been a long time,” Joseph said with a smile .

When they heard that Min-joon was in Chicago for Grand Chef, the judges got on the plane one day before the contest to meet him . There were three judges—Joseph, Emily, and Takeshi . Alan was no longer serving as a judge because he was dedicated to running his restaurant .

“How do you do, Min-joon . ”

Takeshi reached out with a calm and friendly expression . Min-joon also smiled and held his hand . Takeshi was forty years old, but he looked about thirty, so at first glance, it seemed as if they shook hands as friends .

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Chef Takeshi . I hear you’re running the best Japanese restaurant in America right now . ”

“I’m flattered . Well, even if I bring all the combinations of sushi, they are nothing, compared with Cho Reggiano . ”

He didn’t seem to say that pretentiously . In fact, if he hadn’t been interested in Min-joon in the first place, he wouldn’t have tried to come here today in advance because they had nothing to do with each other anyway .

Watching them silently, Emily said with a smile, “I heard about the news . You caused trouble didn’t you?”

“Well, you know I like to cause trouble . ”

Emily burst into laughter at that . A little farther away from them, Brian and Laura watched them chatting like that .

Brian muttered in a low voice, “I just wonder how he has achieved such a status so quickly . ”

He didn’t say that just because Min-joon was standing next to Takeshi, Joseph, or Emily . Only now did Brian realize that Min-joon was standing on par with them, not as a junior chef who asked for their coaching . Obviously, he was younger than Brian, but he already pulled ahead and walked on his own path instead of following somebody else’s trail .

Brian hated that because he was so envious . So much so that his heart was aching .

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Looking at him with a pitiful expression, Laura said in a calm voice, “I guess he must have been lucky, he must be talented, and he must have made a lot of effort . Besides, he had a perfect palate, and he won 3rd place in the Grand Chef Season 3 where lots of genius chefs competed . He also learned from Rachel Rose, the owner of Rose Island’s main store . It’s only natural that he is far ahead of you . ”

“I don’t want to admit it . This is unfair . ”

“If you want to argue about it, go to the courtroom, not the kitchen . The law of the restaurant is the deliciousness of food, and the judges are the customers . And you already lost in this trial . If you want to appeal, try to improve more . ”

“They can’t judge me like this by ruling on only one competition . There are lots of dishes that I haven’t shown him yet…”

“Do you think Min-joon has shown you everything?”

As if he was struck by that question, Brian looked at Laura with a blank expression .

At that moment, Kaya approached them and said with a relaxed smile, “Well, you will never see the end of Min-joon’s cooking techniques . Even I haven’t seen how far he can go as far as cooking is concerned . ”

“Kaya…” Brian groaned, calling her name .

Without even turning to him, she said, “How much you can show is not important or interesting enough . If they feel their first taste of your dish is not good, how can you make a good dish? You said you lost . If you are sincere, just admit it . ”

“Well, not all wars are over in one fight . ”

“That doesn’t mean that war happens all the time . Your war is over . You still don’t know it yet?”

Kaya looked at Brian coldly . “If you have a sense of challenge, that’s fine . But Min-joon is not the type of chef that you can regard as your rival . He is in a different league from you . Don’t you get it?”

Brian looked at Kaya in frustration then lowered his eyes as if he had anything to say .

She continued in a stern voice, “So, don’t make him tired . If you harass my boyfriend like that again…”

He glanced at her and froze right away . There was no fox who was wagging her tail in front of Min-joon . There was a beast with sharp teeth, revealing it to a little mouse .

“If you do it again, you are going to be in big trouble instead of washing the dishes . ”

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