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Chapter 247
Chapter 247



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“…So you aren’t willing to get paid?”

It felt amazing to hear initially, but only ended up making things complicated . The company would have little to no leverage against Minjoon’s actions . Of course, there was not much a model could do to begin with, but…

Minjoon nodded . He wasn’t just feeling generous, he actually thought of this as an investment of sorts . The most he could cut from the price of the dish was just a dollar, but even then he didn’t want to take the money . A dollar was still a dollar, after all . Right now, what he needed wasn’t money . It was the recognition of the people .

He was a star chef . A chef known by the masses . It wasn’t like people knew what his private life was like, but they’d soon get a glimpse into it, whether he liked it or not .

He wasn’t trying to use this as marketing . To begin with, the only ones to really benefit from this would be Rose Island, after all . Minjoon really only wanted one thing .

“Occasionally, people ask me if the only reason why I come on television to begin with was because of money . ”

Most of those people probably never actually tried his food . But in any case, Minjoon hated having his passion being questioned more than anything . He wanted to use this as a chance to redeem himself .

“I cook because I want people to be happy . As long as people can become happy with my food… I wouldn’t hesitate to throw away my name for free . ”

“…You’re actually very greedy, aren’t you?”

Alex felt the hair behind his back rise up . To think the man could see that far into the future for his own personal profit… Minjoon opened his mouth with a grin on his face .

“I had to think because I was greedy . Most people don’t like greedy people . So what should I do to get everything I want, but also earn the recognition of the people…? I got the answer, then . Plus… There’s something my girlfriend told me . ”

Minjoon smiled again .

“That was Kaya’s dream . To help even poor people have a chance at having good food . But my goal in life was to make the best food in the world with the best ingredients in the world . Jo Reggiano won’t completely fulfill my girlfriend’s dream… But it’s progress nevertheless . ”

“Really… I don’t know what to say to this . ”

They couldn’t sign off the contract immediately . Minjoon’s conditions weren’t that hard to meet, but with him not taking any money… They needed something else . The cameraman turned to Minjoon as Alex walked out of the building .

“You’re really not taking any money?”

“You think I would have lied, then?”


The cameraman shook his head in amazement . At his root, Minjoon only lived for cooking . Money or people aside, Minjoon really only wanted to make good food that’d make people happy .

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‘Just how much do you have to love food?’

The cameraman’s hand tightened .

“Did I hear you wrong just now, Alex? He said what now?”

“He said he wouldn’t take the money . But these conditions…”

Alex handed his note forward . Jefferson, the CEO, read the note with a strange look on his face .

“What the heck? He’s just volunteering?”

“I was a bit surprised too . Looks like he really just wants to be a chef . ”


Jefferson played about with his beard as he read . Alex just looked at the man quietly . The man’s eyes seemed to be filled with emotion .

“What an interesting person . He’s trying to use us . As a waiter trying to serve his food to the world . ”

“…So that’s what it is . ”

“This is good . He seems like he has a very clear goal in mind . I want to make him mine . ”

“So you mean you want to keep this contract going as long as possible?”

Jefferson didn’t answer for a while . Alex wasn’t confused, though . This happened rather frequently with Jefferson . The man didn’t like throwing words out everywhere .

“What do you think money is?”

That didn’t mean the man was easy to understand, though . Alex didn’t hesitate with his answer .

“If I’m to borrow your own words, you’ve always said that money is a promise between me and the other party . ”

“Well, it’s a variable that can speed things up . But Minjoon didn’t take that from us . ”

“He didn’t seem to want to make money from the dish . And more than anything, I think he said this because he cared for his image . ”

“Interesting . He’s far-sighted and patient . How influential do you think he’d be in the future?”

“The marketing department told me chefs have only really been gaining influence, not losing it . More and more chefs are appearing in the media, and more and more people are developing an interest in cooking . ”

“What do you think about Minjoon? What do you think he’d be like in a few years?”

The question was too broad . But it didn’t feel very difficult to Alex . For some reason, it wasn’t very hard imagining Minjoon in the future .

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“The world will find interest in him . No, they already did . He’s gotten popular with his tongue, and he’s gathered the interest of the food community by working at Rose Island . And now, he’s made a name for himself with Jo Reggiano . ”

“The community was interested in him for a reason, after all . You have to get on the ride when it’s just about to begin, otherwise it’s incredibly difficult to try to hop on late in the game . I’d like to make sure I get on properly in that sense, though…”

Jefferson trailed off . He fell into another deep thought for a second before turning to Alex .

“Does he really dislike money?”

“He seemed to want to focus more on cooking itself . Almost like an artist who doesn’t want to sell his work?”

“It’d be hard to give him money, then . Hmm… How’s his private life? Did he seem well off at all?”

“Ah, actually, there’s something that’s been on my mind . ”

“What is it?”

Alex shrugged .

“Man doesn’t have a car . ”

“So you signed the contract?”

“Not yet . If they accept my conditions, I will . ”

“Is there really a need in not taking money?”

Javier licked his lips in mock regret . Janet answered in MInjoon’s place .

“He’s probably thought about it a lot . Why would you feel bad for him? It’s not like you’re gonna get money about it . ”

“I’m just saying it . Whatever . It’s nothing compared to getting your name spread across all of America . ”

Javier sighed as he said it . Janet spoke up with a cold voice .

“Just get to work with your new recipe . We still have a chance to get our stuff on the menu . ”

“Maybe they already came?”

“Who the heck knows? Just pretend they haven’t come . ”

Javier went back to his station with a saddened look . Janet leaned onto the wall next to Minjoon quietly .

“Hey . ”

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“You know I don’t like saying stuff like this, but…”

“What the hell? Are you trying to creep me out?”

“Don’t worry . I just wanted to compliment you for your decision . It’s kind of dumb, but that was kind of cool . ”

Minjoon’s eyes turned wide . He really couldn’t help it . Janet rarely gave her compliments to anyone . This reaction only seemed to have made the woman pissed, though .

“I didn’t want to compliment you, but I would’ve felt dumber if I thought you were cool and didn’t do anything about it . So don’t think anything about it . Especially not stuff like ‘did this girl fall for me?’”

“…That’d be the last thing on my mind . ”

“Right . Good . ”

Janet went back to her station with a glare . She probably felt embarrassed about saying it herself . Minjoon grabbed his knife with a smile . It’s been pretty hectic the last few weeks, but it wasn’t like he stopped thinking about food . He wanted to test out a new recipe . But right then, one of the waitresses came to speak to him .

“Chef Minjoon, a moment please…”

“Ah, yes . What is it?”

“There’s someone in the hall . ”

“Customers? At this time?”

“Well… They’re not customers . They’re here for you . ”

“For me?”

Minjoon walked out into the hall with a confused look . He was immediately able to understand what the waitress was talking about . Alex was waving at him nervously . Right next to the man was some dude who looked like a movie star .

“Hello, Minjoon!”

“Hello, Alex . ”

“This is Mr . Jefferson . He’s the president of our company . ”

“Hello, the name’s Jefferson . ”

“Ah, yes . Nice to meet you . ”

Minjoon smiled as he shook Jefferson’s hand . The man seemed pretty hard to read for some reason . Minjoon decided to start the conversation himself with a soft voice .

“So what made the president of all people come all the way here? Is it for the contract?”

“Would you believe me if I said I came because I was a fan?”

“I’d find it more believable if you said you came to watch the contract as a fan . ”

“Haha . Correct . Well, I want to fix up the contract with you . Ah, if I’m intruding too much during work, I’ll come some other time . ”

Minjoon was relatively surprised by that . To think a president of a company would act like this to a mere chef… Minjoon’s smile softened even more as a result .

“I’m fine . We aren’t actually serving right now, after all . But instead of working things out in the hall… Would you mind if we moved?”

“Ah, yes . Where should we go?”

“I don’t want to go anywhere far . Why not just do it in the car?”

A strange smile appeared on Jefferson’s face . The man nodded enthusiastically .

“Sure . Good thing we brought a pretty big car . ”

Jefferson took Minjoon to a massive van as he said this . Minjoon looked around the car, still with pieces of plastic on it, with interest .

“You got a new car?”

“Yes . It’s a fresh one . Ah, Alex . Could you hand me that contract?”

“Yes, here it is . ”

“Please read it . ”

Minjoon read the contract carefully . It agreed to fulfill all of Minjoon’s conditions . There was one more thing, though, which made Minjoon speak up with a confused look .

“‘The Rascoe Company will handle all needs of the contractor . ’ What does that mean?”

“It means exactly what it says . If you allow it, we’d love to take care of anything you might need in life from now on . Ah, I’m not thinking of raising the price of Jo Reggiano or anything with this . As long as it’s not too expensive, we’ll fully support your life needs . ”


“I want to get on your good side . ”

It sounded too humble, especially coming from a president . Jefferson smiled .

“I can’t ignore something this big willy-nilly . I would love it if you considered us your friends . This is a gift in that regard . Could you take it? Ah, and if you accept our services now…”

Jefferson took the car keys out and pointed it at Minjoon .

“I’d like to give you this car . ”

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