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Chapter 245

Chapter 245

A sparrow, or a frog, or maybe even a butterfly (1)>

There are numerous stories about people getting unexpected results from their actions . Like that story about the sparrow that brought back a magical seed after getting healed, or like that saying about how a randomly thrown rock could kill a frog . There were even similar terms like the butterfly effect as well, for example .

Minjoon was in that situation . Was he blessed by the three animals above or something? The recipe he’s decided to publicize ended up bringing on a much bigger result than he’s ever imagined . The TV in front of him was a testament to that fact . A random reporter in the middle of the streets of New York began began her story .

“Jo effect… Pfft . ”

Kaya smirked to herself, causing Minjoon to scratch his head in embarrassment .

“Stop laughing . I didn’t come up with it . ”

“Alright, fine . But you really struck it big this time, didn’t you? It’s even appearing on TV . ”

“Yeah . I still can’t believe it . How’d that happen?”

Things didn’t get this far out of proportion when Akira’s first posted about his dessert . But a while after Minjoon revealed his recipe, a famous singer friend of Chloe’s tried making the dish for herself, and blogged about it .

This was the start of all his misfortunes . All the young fans of the singer started trying out the recipes for themselves, and a few restaurants ended up putting it in their menu . Restaurants all over the place began to follow suite, and… it’s become a fad at this point .

This didn’t just extend to LA, of course . After all, the news anchor was speaking at New York even now . The cafe owner being interviewed through the TV began to speak .

The customers started getting interviewed next . Most of them were young females trying out the dish .

“Do you think they follow the recipe? Especially with the age bit?”

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“Who knows…”

Minjoon trailed off a little after hearing Kaya’s question . The dish was hard to make . Especially for simple cafe owners . It wasn’t like these people could raise the price, either .

“I can only hope . ”

The news was beginning to talk about that topic just now . About if cafes really were following Minjoon’s recipes to a T . About what differences there were between the version in Rose Island and the version outside .

“…Your name is going to be spread around the world just like that?”

“He’s just being optimistic . Who knows?”

“So it’s possible, huh . Hmm… Makes me feel nervous . ”

Kaya grabbed Minjoon’s cheeks playfully .

“You’re not going to cheat on me when you get famous, are you?”

“I would’ve done it already if I was going to . ”

“I’m joking . ”

Kaya turned away with a light laugh . She opened her mouth again after staring at the screen for a bit .

“How does it feel? Good or bad?”

“No reason it’d feel bad . My dish is just getting popular . ”

“But you’re not earning a single penny for it . ”

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Minjoon just smiled in response . He put a hand over Kaya’s head .

“I told you, if I wanted money…”

“You would’ve done something other than cooking . I know . I heard you . But it’s still a little annoying . The entire world’s raving about you, and yet here you are . ”

“I like being here like this . Don’t you?”

Minjoon turned to Kaya with a smile . The girl ended up bursting into laughter in defeat .

“Never said I hated it . ”

Thanks to Minjoon’s dish now dubbed the unofficial title of ‘Jo Regianno’, Rose Island ended up going through several different changes . Normally, people would have to choose between five or six different desserts, but nowadays most people opted to go for Jo Regianno .

This ended up filling the restaurant’s walk-in with parmigiano regianno, and most servers ended up expecting customers to order Jo Regianno . After all, more often than not people even ordered extras .

“Nice to meet you, Minjoon . ”

“Likewise . Feels like I’ve seen you for a while, though . ”

The woman on the table smiled . She was Theresa Page, which made the dish take off like it did to begin with . The woman turned to look at Chloe .

“I heard from Chloe about what an amazing person you are . ”

“…I won’t dare ask for specifics . ”

“I think you’d enjoy it, though?”

“Stop it, Theresa! He’s going to get misunderstandings . I didn’t say much, Minjoon . Just talked about your cooking . ”

“Thanks . ”

Minjoon smiled . He turned to Theresa with a curious look .

“Can I ask you something?”

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“Of course you can . ”

“What made you want to try my recipe?”

“I like cooking quite a bit . That’s how I got close with Chloe . She just came up one day and told me to try it, so I did . The end . ”

“…That’s a simpler story than I imagined . ”

“It would’ve been weirder if it wasn’t . Would you mind if I asked you something?”

“Of course . ”

“How do you feel?”

It was a simpler question than he imagined . But thinking about the answer made him think for around 20 seconds . By the time Theresa began to feel annoyed, Minjoon had come up with an answer .

“I’m happy . ”

“…That’s it?”

“Did you want something more specific?”

“Not really, but I didn’t expect such a short answer either . ”

“If I want to be more specific… I like it, but I don’t want to let it get to my head . ”

Minjoon tried to stay calm as he talked . He didn’t have to explain much further . Theresa seemed to understand well enough what Minjoon was trying to convey . She was a famous singer herself, after all .

“I wanted to say my thanks to you, Theresa . I got to know what it feels like to be world-famous thanks to you . ”

“Oh? And what’s that feel like?”

“Even better than watching my own son grow up and marry . ”

“Ha, that’s interesting . I want to replay that to my own son if he ever grows up . ”

Minjoon smiled, and turned to Chloe, who smiled back in return .

“Grats . ”

“No need . Thanks to you, too, for cheering me on all the time . ”

“Well, we’re friends, after all . ”

Chloe’s voice was quite calm .

Their conversation ended with Minjoon and Theresa exchanging autographs with each other . But Minjoon couldn’t go back to the kitchen just yet . There were quite a few people outside still waiting to talk to him .

Even famous food critics started speaking to him with a smile on their face as of late . The average customers were much more excited when they spoke with him . “I really love your dish . ” “Do you think the flavor really changes if you don’t use different cheeses?” etc .

By the time their dinners were coming to a close, a man walked up to him with an outstretched hand . Minjoon shook the man’s hand, thinking the man was just another customer in the restaurant .

“Nice to meet you, Minjoon . May I talk to you for a second?”

“Of course you can . I’d love to talk more with my customers . ”

“Ah… Apologies, but I’m not here to speak to you as a customer . ”

This came as a surprise to Minjoon . As he looked at the man with a confused look, the man took out a business card . Minjoon read the card carefully . The man was a manager from a company called Rascoe Bakeries .

“It’d be rude not to introduce myself . I’m Alex Brandon, from Rascoe Bakeries . ”

“Yes, Mr . Alex . What can I do for you?”

“I was incredibly taken aback by Jo Regianno . The real thing is quite different from the ones being sold outside . ”

“Thank you . ”

“I have an offer in mind for you . ”

Alex’s eyes twinkled a little under the light of the restaurant .

“Could you be our model if we start producing Jo Regiannos?”

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