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Chapter 236


The trip to the police station was a bit better than the hospital, at least . He wouldn’t have to worry about where she was hurt . But that didn’t really make it fun or relaxing . For Minjoon, at the very least .

But the cameraman was different . On the entire trip, the man had a hard time trying to keep down his laughter . He apologized when Minjoon finally gave him a sharp glare .

“Sorry . I know it’s not a funny situation . But I really can’t help it . A full grown man getting beat up by a lady… Is Kaya the amazing one here, or is the guy just weak?”

“The guy is definitely in the bad . Stalking at his age… And Kaya… Well, it’s better than getting hurt, but good lord did she make me surprised… I don’t really feel like praising her for her violence, though . ”

“I understand . I wouldn’t want to praise my wife if she beat someone up either . ”

Minjoon just sighed . He didn’t like looking so tired in front of other people, but he just didn’t have the energy today . He’s worked hard all day, and he just had to end it at the police station…

‘I’m really unlucky today . ’

Minjoon looked out the window with a complicated look . The street was filled with palm trees . When the car stopped for a little while, Minjoon’s gaze fell on a single house .

It was a condo . The windows weren’t closed up by the curtains or anything at all . He could see a young couple staring at a laptop together in a warmly-lit room .

The two’s eyes met, they smiled, and they fiddled with each other’s hands . They spoke to each other quietly with a happy look in their eyes .

It was interesting . The people on the other side of the window would live their own lives today . He didn’t really feel it when he saw people on the street, but… Looking at their lives from the window made him feel quite emotional .

‘I wonder if I can make other people feel that way . ’

Just like how Minjoon was able to get a glimpse of the couple’s lives, his life must’ve been shown to many other people as well . Kaya’s, too . And this would continue to be the case . Thinking this made Minjoon feel more careful than usual .

This also made him reconsider how he’d react to meeting Kaya at the station . He was going to get mad at first, but… That wouldn’t make him look pretty from an outsider’s point of view . While he couldn’t make all aspects of his life look perfect… at least this time he could choose .

“Kaya must be scared right now, isn’t she?”

“…Who knows? I mean, she beat up the stalker by herself . Is there anything to be scared of?”

“I’m asking because I’m not too sure . ”

Minjoon spoke with a light smile, then closed his mouth .

Somehow, the reporters managed to find out about the incident and got to the station before him . No, maybe they just camped at the station all the time? Flashes started exploding the moment Minjoon got off . Mics got shoved towards Minjoon’s frowning face .

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“Hello, Minjoon . This is Natalie Olson from LA Street . I heard Ms . Lotus got involved in an incident . How do you feel right now?”

“I heard the victim was Ms . Lotus’ stalker . Did you know she was being stalked?”

Even Minjoon would get angry at reporters coming onto him at such an untimely moment . But he decided to act as calmly as possible .

“Thank you for working so hard to cover even small stories like this . But I’d like to hold off the interview for a moment . I need to meet Kaya first . Please understand . Thank you . ”

People would judge him through the lens of the camera, just like how he judged the couple through the window . Same with Kaya, and Rachel . That’s what it meant to go public .

The reporters couldn’t say much more with him being respectful like this . They just kept taking more pictures . The cameraman quietly opened up when they entered the building .

“You’re smart, Minjoon . ”

“What do you mean?”

“Facing reporters . They usually get more excited when you get angry . Being polite was definitely the right call . Makes them stay away from you . ”

“I didn’t do it with that in mind . ”

“Even better, then . You’re naturally the type of person the reporters can’t really touch . ”

The cameraman smiled . But Minjoon was unable to smile back . He could see the cops gathered on one side of the building, with Kaya looking down at the table in front of her . The cops seemed more sympathetic than threatening, too .

Kaya raised her head when he was about ten steps away . Minjoon stopped when their eyes met . Looking at the fear, anger, and sadness on her face… Rendered him unable to do anything other than sigh .

Kaya jumped up from her seat . Minjoon’s face looked a bit annoying to her still, but she was thankful still . The last thread of pride in her heart broke, and her face scrunched up into a crying face .


She wasn’t able to finish . She just started hitting Minjoon’s chest with her fists . They hurt quite a bit . Minjoon grabbed her hands . They were ice-cold .

“Stop it . It hurts . ”

“…That’s all you have to say?”

“You look pretty ugly right now . Your nose is leaking, and your face is red . Come on, don’t look so sad . ”

Kaya was about to kick him, but Minjoon swept her into a hug right then and there . Minjoon muttered to her tiredly .

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“Thank goodness . Seriously . ”

She couldn’t really do or say anything after that . Minjoon continued with a wet voice .

“I’m sorry . I’m so sorry . ”

“…You did nothing wrong . ”

“Yes I did . I’m sorry for getting mad, I’m sorry for leaving you behind . ”

Kaya just sniffled . She bit Minjoon’s shoulder lightly, before resting her cheek on his neck .

“Don’t leave me alone, then . I get scared . ”

“Ok . ”


Kaya hesitated for a bit .

“…I’m sorry . ”

“…So she was scared, huh . ”

Minjoon looked at the screen in front of him dumbly . Thanks to Kaya’s cameraman, he was able to see exactly what happened on video .

What happened was simple . The stalker tried to hug and kiss Kaya out of nowhere . But Kaya responded quickly . She stepped on the man’s foot, then knee-kicked the man’s balls .

And that was pretty much all . She just finished off the man by kicking the man’s ribs .

“Two of his ribs are broken, and one’s cracked . And his balls… Well, I don’t really want to talk about it . Point is, he’ll need a few weeks to recover at the very least . I can’t really give a definite answer, but I don’t think she’ll get anything bad, so no worries . ”

“…The stalker?”

“He’s going to be charged for stalking and sexual assault, but he won’t be in there for long . Problem is, he has a mental illness… He might be stuck in the hospital for the rest of his life . ”

“Good . Ugh, what a weirdo . ”

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Kaya looked at the screen with an uncomfortable gaze . Minjoon muttered to himself with Kaya in his arms .

“You should be my bodyguard, I can’t fight . ”

“Don’t keep picking fights with me, then . I’ll screw you up . ”

“Alright, alright . ”

The actual thing wrapped up by dawn, but after being pestered by reporters, they only managed to get out in the morning . Kaya looked at Minjoon apologetically .

“Sorry . You couldn’t even sleep because of me . ”

Minjoon smiled .

“Let’s ask Marco for breakfast . ”

The breakfast didn’t actually happen, though . The two only managed to wake up at 11, after all . By the time they were ready to go out, the time was 12 .

It was time for brunch . They decided to have it at Lisa’s place .

“Are you really just fine with bread?” Marco said .

“Of course . ”

“…It’s nothing compared to the plane ticket, though . ”

“Well, you paid for it by accepting my invite . ”

Minjoon grinned . The three of them, including Anderson, was driving on the streets of Venice . Marco spoke out with an excited voice .

“This is that place where the merchant of Venice takes place, isn’t it? I never thought I’d come here . ”

“…Sorry man, but that’s in Italy . This is LA . Different place . ”

“Oh, really?”

“But this place is probably better . Especially thanks to the bakery here . ”

“That makes me nervous for whatever reason . ”

Marco looked out the window after talking . The trip didn’t take long . A little later, the party managed to enter the bakery .

“Where’s Ella?” Minjoon asked, after looking around the store .

“…You’re looking for Ella here? Not bread?”

“Of course I came from bread . But I also want to see Ella . ”

“She’s in preschool right now . Oh, I saw what happened by the way . ”

“Yeah… Crazy stuff just keeps happening . ”

“But it was pretty good . I got to see the true power of a female chef . And the boyfriend who didn’t lose his cool in front of reporters . You guys did really well . ”


Minjoon turned to the cameraman with a smiling face . The cameraman returned a thumbs up . Lisa turned to look at Marco .

“Ah, he’s my friend . He’s good at baking . I wanted to show him your food . ”

“…Is that really all you came for?”

“Well… You did say you needed a helping hand . Marco’s great . I can vouch for him . ”

The system vouched for the man as well . Marco’s baking level was at a 7, after all . Minjoon glanced over at Marco . He blinked in surprise .


[Marco Denver] Cooking: 6
Baking: 8
Tasting: 8
Decorating: 7


End .

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