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Published at 28th of October 2019 11:12:34 PM
Chapter 233


Hello, everyone . This is Jasper .

I know what you are thinking . You must be wondering what happened with my short meeting with the chef Rachel .

Well, to put it short, it was a great meal . But I suppose you aren’t curious about that . You all must be curious whether or not I was able to guess the dishes correctly . To be honest, I felt the same when I first entered the restaurant . But not anymore .

Let’s begin with the dishes first . The appetizer was a… (skipped) .

After I finished my meal, I realized . I was completely wrong about my opinions . Just a few weeks ago, I said that the only reason why we went to Rose Island was for chef Rachel’s food . As such, serving the food made by the demi chefs was just plain rude .

I just didn’t understand at all at the time . Now I realize how wrong I was . Even if the dish was created by the demi chef, the roots of the dish goes back to chef Rachel .

These chefs get their ideas of the dish after learning from chef Rachel, and they keep getting help from her until their dish is complete . Just like how when you’re making a fried egg, you’re the one cooking it, not the frying pan itself .

Chef Rachel was kind to me from start to finish . She made me realize all of this through food, not through harsh words . I thank her again for this from the bottom of my heart .

I’d like to apologize to all the chefs in Rose Island for my mistake . I didn’t understand how restaurants worked, and I made light of the head chef herself . I’m very sorry for what I’ve done .

I’m glad I was at least able to figure this out in the end . Thank you all for reading .

With respects,

High-class Watch: So what, you didn’t get it in the end?
└ Breaking Pot: This is all you got out of this? He’s learned his lesson and learned to respect restaurants in the end .
└ Fabio da Cunha: @Breaking Pot But this is a bit strange, isn’t it? He’s completely changed compared to before .
└ Breaking Pot: @Fabio da Cunha That’s what makes this place amazing . It changes people .

Carol Lee: Honestly, what can a guy like him do in this situation anyway? He’s not even that famous, and he went up against a super famous restaurant . He was digging his own grave .
└ Cynthia Dorado: Makes sense . Did you see the video? The dude himself looked really nervous . There’s probably no other restaurant in the world that makes a critic get nervous of all people .
└ Carol Lee: @Cynthia Dorado Just watched the video . Yeah, he looks really nervous . But why’d they put up the edited version?
└ Cynthia Dorado: @Carol Lee Maybe the original was just too long? I kind of want to see it too . Maybe the critic got toyed with in the original? lol
└ Kaya Jo: @Cynthia Dorado My boyfriend works there, and yeah, he totally got toyed with . Made himself look like a fool .

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“…Kaya, erase it . ”

Minjoon opened his mouth as he read . Kaya turned to look at Minjoon in the middle of browsing on her phone .

“Too obvious?”

“At least change your name . ”

“I did . To Kaya Jo . Maybe I should’ve went Jo Kaya, like how the Koreans do it?”

“Sounds… a bit weird . Plus, we aren’t even married, why are you using my last name?”

“Just because . Stop being so petty over stuff like this . ”

Kaya frowned . Minjoon leaned back on the sofa with an awkward look . Anderson clicked his tongue and shook his head .

“They’re like that all the time . Isn’t that funny?” Anderson said .

The person behind him was half-man, and half-machine . A cameraman, to be exact . Three cameramen, to be even more exact .

They were people sent to check how the contenders of the last season of Grand Chef was living . One cameraman per person . This ended up creating this strange situation with three cameramen in one room .

“How did you guys end up living together?” Anderson’s cameraman asked .

“Just happened one way or the other . All three of us came to LA, and we just happened to be friends is all . ”

“I heard Ms . Chloe was also supposed to live here…”

“Plans changed for her, unfortunately . ”

Minjoon coughed and looked towards the cameraman .

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure . ”

“Do you know what Marco’s up to nowadays?”

“What? Ah! Marco! You didn’t hear?”

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“Yeah, I couldn’t reach him recently . ”

“No, well… He’s in a bit of trouble right now . ”

“What? What happened?”


The cameraman nervously glanced over at his camera . Maybe it was something that he couldn’t say on film? Kaya was looking at him alertly now .

“What is it? You can always edit it out later . ” Kaya said .

“It’s not that easy… Well, I’ll tell you . Marco got… ah, maybe cheated is too strong of a word . He’s gotten manipulated, I suppose?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know how Grand Chef was really popular, right?”

“Yes, it really was . The victor was great too . ”

Kaya nodded proudly . Anderson looked at her with an amazed face, but Kaya just ignored it .

“Marco’s fame rose as well . He did have quite a personality after all . So he got scouted, but… Looks like the bakery he got employed at didn’t actually think of him as a chef, but a star . ” The cameraman continued .

“They didn’t fire him after using him as a marketing tool, did they?”

“Of course not, they would’ve been sued to oblivion if that happened . ”

“Then what?”

“They didn’t treat him well at all . ”

The three chef’s eyes narrowed . There was too little explanation . The cameraman continued .

“They just used Marco as a mascot . They didn’t really let him make anything at all . ”

“…Can’t he sue them for that?”

“He could, but I heard it’d be a very difficult fight for him . Marco just decided to cut ties with them instead . ”

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“So that’s why I couldn’t contact him . ”

Minjoon sighed . He remembered Marco’s smiling face after getting a scouting call . Anderson muttered angrily under his breath .

“I hate people who play with other people’s dreams . ”

“Do people know about this?”

“Most people around him do . The public doesn’t, though . ” The cameraman answered .

Kaya looked over at her phone for a second before turning to Minjoon .

“Should I upload it to the internet? We could close down the baker…”

“Don’t . ”

Minjoon cut her off stiffly . Kaya paused to look at Minjoon . He didn’t really look angry . He probably was .

“Why?” Kaya carefully asked .

“This is Marco’s business . He would’ve uploaded it himself if he wanted to . It’s not in our place to intervene . ”

“You know Marco’s personality . He’s too soft to do anything big . ”

“Even so, it’s still a no . So what if we make the bakery close? Marco’s still going to be hurt . ”

“Then what, we sit here not doing anything!”

The cameraman looked at the other cameramen nervously . The situation was escalating too quickly . Maybe he interfered with the others’ filming? Surprisingly enough, though, the others looked almost excited about this .

‘…Ah, I suppose this is good material . ’

The scene suddenly looked different to him . The cameraman zoomed in on Minjoon . The man suddenly looked vicious on the camera .

“I learned something from the experience with the critic . You need to be calculating when you pick fights . Just like with food . You can get humiliated easily if you just jump in without thinking . ”

“So what, then?”

“Let’s think about Marco first . We can’t just chase after a criminal after a person’s been shot . We have to get the victim some help first . ”

“Nothing would change if we just sit here thinking though . ”

“…True, that . ”

Minjoon took up his phone . Nothing would change if he stayed here thinking . He needed to act . Minjoon turned to the cameraman .

“Marco’s not doing anything, right?”

“He should be on camera right about now . ”

“That’s a great time for him to be on TV . Looking at him like that’s going to get the store a lot of flak . I should call first . I think he was three hours ahead… Still day over there . Alright, I’m calling . ”

Minjoon started calling, and Kaya put her ears right next to Minjoon’s phone along with him . Ring . Ring . Ring . After a few rings, the phone cut off . Kaya’s eyes widened .

<< Hello! This is Marco . I can’t take the phone right now . Please leave a voice message . Bye! >>

“…He cut off way too quick . ”

“Yeap . Call him again . ”

“Sure . ”

Minjoon called again . After a few more calls, he finally got through .

<< …Hey Minjoon . >>

“It’s been a while, Marco . Did you have dinner yet?”

<< No, I’m not feeling too well right now . What’s up? >>

“I was wondering if we could have a meal together . ”

<< I’m in New York, though? >>

“Sure, you can buy the meal then, I guess . ”

Minjoon spoke playfully .

“I’ll pay for the plane ticket . ”

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