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Published at 2nd of September 2019 11:42:29 PM
Chapter 226


Anything in the world loses its value if it becomes too common . If there were diamonds just rolling around in the streets everywhere, who would consider it to be a precious commodity at all? Who knows? I don’t think anyone would .

In that sense, I want to praise Rose Island for what it is . It really is something rather special, even after it having tens of branch restaurants .

The reason for this would probably be because Rachel Rose put quite a bit of work in raising her students . Every head chef of each branch was personally raised by her, after all . She is not only a great cook, but also a great teacher . No one would be able to deny this .

“…I mean, it seems fine?”

“Keep reading . You’ll see . ”

Javier shrugged, and Minjoon continued . He reached the problem section a few moments later .

The reason why I noted that ‘not all dishes are made by Rachel’ in the title is actually quite simple . Yesterday, during Christmas Eve, I visited Rose Island for dinner . The server there told me three of the dishes were created by the demi chefs .

To be quite honest, those dishes were perfect . If no one told me, I would’ve thought ‘As expected of Rachel Rose’ in my head .

I’m thankful the server stopped me from thinking such a foolish thing, but at the same time, I’m a bit regretful . My memories of that day would have been perfect if I didn’t know . I had to enjoy the demi chef’s food with doubt in my mind, and that wasn’t at all enjoyable to me . Some might tell me that’s because I’m just far too expectant on what the restaurant should be, but… Am I in the wrong for thinking that the food here would be made by the head chef herself?

Of course, I’m not at all thinking of turning this into a big matter . If I did, things would very quickly get out of hand . I just want to ask chef Rachel a question . If you really thought of the customers, couldn’t you have made all the dishes yourself? After all, what we want aren’t dishes by your disciples, it’s dishes by you .

“Hah, I don’t know what to say . ”

Minjoon frowned . He wouldn’t have felt this annoyed if he was the one that was insulted . The blogger was attacking not him, but Rachel . Looking at him say that Rachel was almost irresponsible for doing this made him unbelievably mad .

Pixie Goulding: I’m surprised this Jasper dude even has credibility on the net at all . How can a person with cooking experience of all things even say something like this? Does he think all restaurants are run with the head chef making literally all of the dishes?

└ Abraham Dunkin: It’s not like it isn’t understandable, no? I don’t know about other restaurants, but if a person was coming to Rose Island in Venice… They’d be looking to taste Rachel Rose’s dish .

└ Pixie Goulding: @Abraham Dunkin, just because the customers want it, you get to completely ignore how restaurants are normally done? I think that’s b . s .

└ Abraham Dunkin: @Pixie Goulding It’s not like they’re trying to serve customers so that they’d be the one getting satisfaction . They’re serving customers for the customer’s satisfaction .

└ Daniel Hornes: @Abraham Dunkin A restaurant is a country . The head chef is king . The head chef’s job isn’t to go out into the battlefield, it’s to select good generals and help them get better . They’re not supposed to create all the strategies themselves .

Joseph Moodie: I think he’s just pissing on Rose Island for attention . This is going to get big for sure .

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└ Oberyn Martell: I think so too . After all, not even the old Rose Island was like what he’s talking about . This is a little too much .

“The comments section is out there, too . ”

“Thankfully, everyone seems to think it’s pretty ridiculous . ”

“Of course it is . Rachel only puts out dishes that she thinks are perfect . Her helping us with our dishes is already… Ah, damn this gets me mad . Can I comment?”

“In your name?”

Minjoon didn’t respond, but his eyes made it pretty clear what he wanted to do . Minjoon wasn’t the type to hide behind a nickname . Javier sighed .

“Don’t . You’re just going to make things worse . You should just let it pass . ”

“…Who knows, in my experience, stuff like this just keeps getting worse . ”

“At least get permission from Rachel . You’re an employee, not the employer . ”

Minjoon couldn’t say anything to that . Minjoon gave Javier back his phone before dropping down on his seat . As Javier sighed again to himself, someone else entered the room .

“The hell is up with that kid? That chair looks like it’s about to break with him sitting on it like that . ”

“Ah, Janet . You’re… here?”

Javier made a face as he turned to say hello . Minjoon put on a frown as well when he glanced at Janet .

“Did you drink?”

“At dawn, a little . ”

“I can smell you all the way over here . ”

“It’s because I’m a lightweight . I just had a bit of beer . The smell’s gonna go in just an hour . Oh, Anderson, thanks for last night . ”

Janet headed off to the dressing room after her greetings . Minjoon and Javier’s head snapped back to Anderson . Minjoon’s voice was trembling .

“Anderson, so that thing last night…”

“…Since when?”

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“Shut it . It’s not like that . ”

Anderson scowled . Minjoon still seemed surprise .

“So this is what you guys felt like when I denied my relationship with Kaya . ”

“It isn’t . Her bartender just called me at night telling me she was drunk .

“Why you?”

“My name starts with an A, so I was the first one in her contacts . ”

Fair enough . That didn’t make Minjoon any less suspicious though .

“Why didn’t you tell me who it was, though?”

“Because your reaction would be dead obvious? You guys done yet? We gotta prep . ”

“Fine . ”

Minjoon shrugged before heading back to his station . Thanks to the small talk, he was able to forget the blogger incident . Minjoon muttered to himself inside .

‘Food critics… I thought they were my friends . ’

All the critics Minjoon had met so far were kind to him . There was no real reason for them to be against him, after all . Not this person, though . It wasn’t like the person was directing his fury at Minjoon in particular, but it was the first time Minjoon felt something like this .

‘…I can be a baggage to my teacher . ’

“Chef Minjoon seems pretty mad . ”

Antonio muttered to himself . Anderson looked back at Minjoon . The man resembled a soldier about to go to war . Anderson took out the bacon from the oven with an angry look .

“What the hell? This is overdone . ”

“It is? I thought this was how you wanted it . ”

“Who told you to make damn chips? Eating these with chips would just ruin everything . Make it again . ”

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“…What about these, then?”

“You eat it . I’m gonna kill you if you have any leftovers . ”

Antonio put away the bacon with a sullen look . Anderson turned back with a sigh, then stepped back in surprise . Rachel was looking at him with a grin on her face .

“You’re a proper chef now, aren’t you?”

“…Are you trying to tell me to get a better temper?”

“No, no . You know I’m not like that . I’m being honest . Every good chef has a really bad temper . ”

“I can’t relate . You have a surprisingly good temper, after all . ”

“Haha, you’ve gotten better with compliments, I see . But by the way…”

Rachel glanced at Minjoon . She looked a little confused .

“Did something happen last night? He looks angry . ”

“Something happened just now . Some critic dude insulted Rose Island is all . You know how bad he is with criticisms . ”

Minjoon was the only chef even in Grand Chef who didn’t get that many bad comments about him . He did get attacked by a few racists, but those insults were always easy to ignore .

This one must’ve hurt, though . After all, no one made fun of his food before . An attack by the ones he thought of as friends must’ve hurt .

“That blog post… Can I see it?”

“…I think you’re better off not seeing it . ”

“Haha, who do you think I am? I’ve been listening to complaints and criticisms for decades . I can take it . ”

Anderson had no reason to hide it from her . He gave her the phone, and she started reading . After a few minutes of reading the post and the comments, Rachel let out a small laughter .

“What bullshit . ”

“It really is . ”

“He doesn’t understand the dynamics of a kitchen at all . No, is he ignoring it on purpose? I don’t know . I think he’s just trying to create trouble . ”

“His motives aren’t that great for sure . Don’t mind him . ”

“No worries . I’m not mad . I’m not weak enough to get hurt by things like this . ”

Anderson sighed in relief inside . As expected of an experienced chef, she wasn’t fazed by this at all .

Right then, Anderson realized Rachel was typing something .


“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“What are you doing?”

“Ah, it’s nothing . I was just writing something . Here you go . ”

Rachel gave him back his phone . Anderson’s jaw dropped .

“What did you… Just do?”

“I don’t get mad over stuff like this . I’ve met a lot of crazy lads over the years . ”

“So why…”

Rachel smiled .

“I can’t bear watching my kid get hurt over this . ”

Rachel’s eyes drifted over to Minjoon . Anderson didn’t have anything to say . Why did Rachel look so much like Kaya right now?

‘…Well, she did say she was like Kaya in the past . ’

Anderson looked back at his phone . There was a new comment up on the site .

Rachel Rose: Looks like you think you’re good enough of a critic to judge how I run my kitchen . Why don’t you come here again, then? Try and see if you can tell my dishes from my disciples’ .

End .

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