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Published at 30th of August 2019 09:57:50 PM
Chapter 225


The dawn of December was quite cold even in California . Anderson snuck a glance into the window of the apartment from the gardens . Minjoon and Kaya’s room had gone dark . Should Anderson sneak in trying not to disturb them? Or should he go in knowing that they wouldn’t wake up from just a bit of noise?

Anderson entered the house even before he managed to decide . It was a tiring day . He thought things would be easier if the restaurant decided to skip lunch, but that wasn’t the case at all . But then again, they did still end up doing things during lunchtime anyways . Anderson turned on the lights of the living room, and muttered out aloud subconsciously .

“These guys are so boring even in Christmas . Not even doing any…”

Anderson stopped . He saw something strange in the light . Anderson blinked a few times before rubbing his eyes . Was he just imagining things? No . That really was a sock hanging off of their door . A red sock . Anderson let out a small laughter after a minute .

“So cheesy, you guys . ”

He didn’t get an answer back .

Minjoon’s never wanted morning to come as much as he did today . At the same time, it was the first time he’s ever had such a great morning . Minjoon and Kaya’s bed were stuck together, making it look like a queen size bed, and their blue and pink blankets melded seamlessly together to look like a single blanket .

Minjoon lifted the blanket over his chest . He found Kaya frowning underneath from all the light . She buried her face in Minjoon’s chest . A few incoherent mutters came out of her mouth .


“Too bright?”

“…Ahhheugh . ”

“Yeah . I can somehow understand you through all that . ”

Kaya took her face off with a grin on her face . She scrunched up her face for a moment, before turning around with a tired face . Minjoon smiled .

“You really don’t care about looking pretty in front of me now, do you?”

“…I neverr didh to begiiin with . ”

“Oh, your pronunciation is getting better . Congrats . Ten points to Grandfindor . ”

Kaya just hugged Minjoon tighter instead of saying anything . Was this what a mother kangaroo felt looking at its child? Kaya muttered under her breath quietly .

“I’m going to kill you if you cheat . ”

“…I hate how clear you sound when you say stuff like that . ”

Minjoon sighed before reaching for his smartphone . Right then, Kaya lightly bit his elbow . Minjoon frowned .

“What are you doing?”

“You really want to look at your phone with me next to you?”

“…You do that all the time though . ”

“Not in the bed, though . ”

“That’s because this is the first ti- wait . We’ve got on the bed several times already . ”

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Minjoon started counting the number of times on his fingers . But this time, Kaya bit that finger Minjoon was counting with .

“Ang ough ah uhn . ”

“…Fine, fine . Just let go . Can’t believe my girlfriend’s turned into a dog overnight . ”

Kaya let go with a scowl .

“Are you making fun of me?”

“…I mean, wouldn’t you? Especially after this?”

Minjoon said this, lifting up his salivdrenched finger at her . Kaya responded with a proud face .

“My tongue’s suffering too, you know? You’re way too salty . ”

“What, did you think a chef wouldn’t be salty at all? Ah, now I have to get out of bed early to clean myself . I’m gonna go shower . You want to go first?”

“I’m good . I need to put on some clothes first . ”

Kaya spoke as she put her blankets over herself again . She looked fully awake now . Minjoon looked at this quietly, then suddenly attacked with his wet finger on her face . Kaya screamed in surprise .

“Hey! Are you crazy?!”

“It’s yours, just giving it back . ”

“I’m gonna wipe it on your blanket!”

“Sure . It’s about time I have to wash it anyway . ”


Minjoon headed to the bathroom with a grin on his face, leaving Kaya’s fuming face behind him . As soon as he finished showering, he found Kaya standing right in front of the door . She looked at him with a fiery look of vengeance on her eyes .

“…I’ll see you later . ”

“Why not now?”

“I can’t . After I wash myself… I’ll show you hell . ”

Kaya stepped into the bathroom saying this . Minjoon looked at the closed doors for a second, then headed out to the living room with a shrug . He found Anderson reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee, with his legs crossed . Anderson popped a strawberry into his mouth as he took notice of Minjoon . Minjoon looked rather surprised by Anderson’s morning look .

“Are you trying to look like an English gentleman or something? The hell is this?”

“The newspaper today’s boring . Nothing I’ve been hoping to see . ”

“The heck were you hoping to see?”

“Shock . Something like… The meaning behind the Christmas sock on Minjoon and Kaya’s door? That would’ve been quite nice to gossip about . There just aren’t that many interesting gossips in the restaurant lately . ”

“Stop it with the teasing . ”

Minjoon took off the sock with reddened cheeks . They put it on there hoping Anderson would notice, but Minjoon didn’t quite realize how embarrassing it would actually be . Minjoon noticed that the sock was heavier than before . There was something in there .

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“Did you put something in here?”

“I mean, who else would do it in the house? Santa?”

Minjoon took out a small box from the sock . It had Chinese letters engraved on it . Minjoon turned to Anderson with a suspicious look .

“What’s this?”

“It’s medicine from my parents . Says it’s good for dudes . ”

“So you’re just handing it off to me?”

“What, you don’t like it?”

“Never said I didn’t . ”

Minjoon put the gift in his pocket with a smile . Anderson smirked .

“So, how was your night? Fun?”

“Very . ”

“Nice . Merry Christmas . ”

“Merry Christmas . ”

After the unexpected Christmas greetings, Minjoon let out a small laughter as he looked down at his finger . Anderson clicked his tongue a few times .

“You’re that happy?”

“No . It’s just… It’s really funny, this conversation . ”

“You guys were making fun of me, weren’t you?”

A deep growl joined the conversation . It was Kaya . She was glaring at them as she put a towel around her head . Anderson paled a little .

“I told you to dry your hair in the bathroom, didn’t I? At least dry it off in the room for god’s sakes . Are you trying to make a mess in the living room?”

“Mess my ass . Stop being so overdramatic . Why are you so sensitive about stuff like this?”

“It’s called being hygienic . ”

“Minjoon, am I dirty?”


Minjoon glanced at his finger and promptly turned away in guilt . Kaya looked at Minjoon with a betrayed look .

“You’re saying my spit is dirty?”

“It’s not, but it’s not like I can wash my hands with it either . ”

“Why do you kiss me then? Are you just putting up with my spit?”

Anderson cut in right then .

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“Just make the damn breakfast . You’re in charge of it today, aren’t you?”

“That’s only for Minjoon . I’m not making breakfast for you . ”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m telling you to do . Stop messing up my Christmas morning . ”

“…So annoying . I hope you spit your coffee all over yourself . Stupid . ”

Kaya walked over to the kitchen with an annoyed face . Why did her angry self look so pretty to Minjoon? He really didn’t know . After she disappeared into the kitchen, Minjoon turned to Anderson with a smile .

“You weren’t here at dawn . Where were you?”

“I was out . ”

“…You aren’t planning on saying any more, huh? Fine, fine . I’ll be off to Kaya’s place . ”

Minjoon paused after taking a few steps .

“Guy or a girl?”

Anderson flipped to the next page of his paper . A solid refusal . Minjoon scratched his head before walking into the kitchen . Once he found Kaya there, he gave her a hug from behind . Kaya flinched in surprise in response .

“Ah, you surprised me . Why are you here?”

“…You surprised me more . What’s there to be so surprised about? Were you doing something weird?”

“Of course not . It’s fine . There’s no need for you to apologize, so just leave . ”

“You’re still mad?”

“I’m not . So just go . Go on, git . I’m gonna get mad if you don’t . ”

Kaya looked at Minjoon with narrowed eyes . Minjoon almost looked hurt .

“Anderson didn’t welcome me . Where am I supposed to go if you don’t either?”

“…Then go sit at the table . I’m gonna cook . ”

“Fine . ”

It was a bit strange that she was so caught up about cooking today, but he didn’t really mind . He just thought she wanted to cook quite a bit today .

After a few moments, Kaya brought out the dish from the kitchen . It was a simple meal . A burrito .

“There’s three . Did you make one for Anderson?”

“What? It’s not like I never cooked for him . ”

“Well, I thought you weren’t going to after you got mad at him . ”

“Do I look that cold to you? Yo, Anderson, have some breakfast . I made burritos . ”

A sound of rustling paper came from the living room, and Anderson entered the room not long after .

“I just had fruit, though . ”

“Just shut up and eat . Have you no respect for the chef?”

“…Why are you acting so nice all of the sudden?”

Anderson sat down with a frown . Right then, Minjoon’s chewing face turned quite strange . The cheese, beef, and the onions were pretty tasty, but…

“Ah! Gah! Ow! What the actual hell is this burrito? What in the world did you put into this garbage?”

Minjoon spat out the burrito without another word . His eyes were filled with tears . Kaya looked at him with a grin .

“Told ya I’d show you hell . ”

‘…I should have looked at the screens first . ’

He’s never thought making a habit of not relying on the system would do something like this to him . Minjoon looked at the screen in front of him quietly .

[You ate the burrito filled with habaneros!] [Your taste level has gone down from paralysis!]

“…She really put that many habaneros in there?”

“Yeah . It feels better now, but I really couldn’t taste anything just a moment ago . ”

“I thought you were good with spice . ”

“That wasn’t spice . …That was just pain . ”

“She really got you, didn’t she? I wonder what kind of a wife she’d make in the future . ”

“Shush . You’re making me depressed just thinking about it . ”

Minjoon drooped his head with a sad face . Maya laughed . Right then, Javier walked in with a concerned look on his face .

“Hey, did you guys hear the news?”

“What? What news?”

“There’s a blog post about us on some eater’s blog . But… It’s not good . ”

Seeing how stiff Javier’s face was made Minjoon feel a little concerned . Javier usually tried to keep a positive outlook on everything . For him to look like this…

“Can I see?”

“Mm… You might be better off not seeing it . It’s Christmas, after all . ”

“Show me . ”

Javier handed the phone over after a minute of hesitation . Minjoon started reading without another word .

# Rose Island . Its food isn’t all from Rachel Rose .

End .

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