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[1] 棒子 history time~ 棒子(stick) is an abbreviation of 高丽棒子(Goryeo Stick). During the Second Sino-Japanese War(called “The War of Aggression Against China” in China apparently I would say it’s one-sided biased but honestly it’s an accurate description), there were a lot of Goryeo( North and South Korea when they were still one country) people serving in the Japanese army( Korea/Goryeo was a subordinate state at the time). They often had sticks in their hands to “maintain law and order”. Using said sticks they did a lot of horrible things(to those familiar with Singapore history, think of the Japanese reign during World War 2 just worse by 2 or 3 times). And so, China people hate(d) Goryeo people and call(ed) them “Goryeo Sticks”. Nowadays, China People( specifically referring to China Chinese not Singaporean Chinese or Malaysian Chinese or ABCs” and Koreans interact a lot more, and some don’t like Koreans or just wanna insult them, so those people call them 棒子.

[2] Slang for male prostitute

[3] About 200k SGD standard price for the average non-luxury car including CoE.

[4] 七进七出 a phrase originating from romance of the three kingdoms, describing Zhao Yun. Here’s the part







[5] 火眼金睛(huo yan jin jing) Fiery golden eyes if you will. The Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s fancy ass eyes that could shoot fire and see through all illusions. It can also be used to describe someone as extremely perceptive or of having penetrating insight or having piercing eyesight.

[6] 马屁 lit horse farts or horse’s ass. 拍马屁(lit pat horse ass) mean’s to flatter someone so 马屁 can also mean flattery

[7] 大活 Lit. big life; great life. Apparently can also mean sex, oral sex, masturbation and so on.

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