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In a breath, Yue Zhong penetrated through the surface of the lake.

After reaching the Type 6 realm, and undergoing a heaven-shaking change, he was no longer a mere mortal. He could even breathe freely in the water. With each breath he took, the oxygen in the water would be absorbed into his bloodstream, but the water would not enter.

In the water, Yue Zhong felt as free as he did on land, as though he was an aquatic animal. He took a deep breath, causing moonbeam to distort and enter his body.

Within the pure moonbeam was a pure astral energy. It could allow humans to break past their limits and obtain unbelievable strength. As the energy was absorbed by the gold God-Devil Nucleus in his body, it turned into a light-gold fog that spread throughout him.

Immediately, he felt his strength rise another level. Ever since he entered the Type 6 realm, each increase was getting extremely tough. This increase was comparable to the life force obtained from killing 200,000 zombies.

"What a good treasure, if I can obtain it, my strength will rise even quicker."

Yue Zhong sensed the increase in strength and felt elated, looking towards the direction of the beam of light.

In the deep parts of the lake, there was an ancient altar, looking extremely decrepit, with a huge fist-sized pearl resting on it. It was this pearl that was emitting the moonbeam, and with the help of the altar, it emitted a straight beam up towards the sky.

At the same time, there was a huge 200m-long, mysterious and profound-looking Wyrm.

"Type 5 Wyrm, powerful overlord in these waters."

Yue Zhong activated his Eye of Perception, obtaining only this simple piece of information. He finally understood why there were so many beasts on the outskirts, but no one dared to snatch the source of the light.

Some Type 5 Mutant Beasts were also segregated into the low, mid and high tiers. Such tiers set these Mutant Beasts aside from the normal ones, making them even more terrifying.

Although this Type 5 Wyrm was only 200m, it exuded a dangerous aura, surpassing even that of the Type 5 Mount Tai.

Inside the 3rd World, Yue Zhong had come across a few Type 6 Mutant Beasts. However, even they did not fill him with a dread like the beast in front of him.

Within these waters, as long as any Mutant Beasts entered the water, even if the 4 Type 5 Mutant Beasts had joined hands, they would only be gobbled up by the Wyrm.

Yue Zhong was clear, that even if he released Type 5 Turtle and Type 5 Mount Tai, they would only be killed by this Type 5 Wyrm in front of them. This was the assessment derived from his senses as a Type 6 expert.

The Type 5 Wyrm had its eyes closed and was absorbing the moonbeam lazily. The majority of the energy was sucked by it, leaving only a small beam shooting to the sky, for the other Mutant Beasts to absorb.

There were also other small white flowers growing beside the Type 5 Wyrm, with fruits looking like pearls in the middle of those flowers.

Yue Zhong felt his scalp go numb while watching the Wyrm absorb the moonlight. After reaching the Type 6 realm, he had confidence in fighting most Type 5 Mutant Beasts on land. However, against water-based ones, he lacked the confidence.

After hesitating for a moment, he eyed the bright pearl, and gritted his teeth, activating his Fifth Order Stealth ability, retracting all of his aura. He then slowly made his way towards the back of the Wyrm.

The lake was vast, and the Type 5 Wyrm was not the only living thing inside.

Within the lake, there were many other Mutant Beasts and fishes.

Those that were Type 2 and above feared the might of the Type 5 Wyrm and did not dare get close. However, there were unintelligent fishes that would swim close.

Many schools of fish gathered towards the moonbeam, unwilling to leave. Although they had no intelligence, their basic instincts could sense the comfort from the pearl, thus, they wanted to stick close.

Yue Zhong hid all traces of his aura, floating quietly behind the Type 5 Wyrm, following its bottom and he tried to swim upwards silently.

All of a sudden, the Type 5 Wyrm opened its eyes and adjusted its massive frame.

Yue Zhong felt his heart tighten, as his muscles went taut, ready for battle at any notice. Although he might not have much of an advantage, he would not give up without a fight.

While preparing himself, he made his way towards a stone noiselessly.

The moment the Wyrm opened its eyes, it opened its huge mouth to take a deep breath.

A large whirlpool formed within the lake, and the countless fishes that had absorbed the moonbeam were sucked into the mouth of the Type 5 Wyrm.

At the same time, Yue Zhong's hands had already been entrenched deep into the ground of the lake.

The whirlpool began to exert a powerful suction on all the nearby lifeforms, forcing them towards the mouth of the Wyrm. Even with his hands in the ground, Yue Zhong could feel the terrifying force threatening to pull him into the body of the Wyrm.

Had he not secure himself, he would have been absorbed without being able to resist.

Water and land were different. There was hardly anything in the water he could borrow some force from. Those that did not have any abilities to control current flow, even if they were powerful Type 7 Divine Warriors, they would only be sucked into the mouth of the Type 5 Wyrm.

With a light suction, over a hundred thousand jin of fish was swallowed by the Wyrm, including some other Mutant Beasts as well.

After that, the Type 5 Wyrm then closed its eyes and continued absorbing the moonbeam.

Yue Zhong waited for a while. When he discovered that there was no further reaction, he then relaxed and swam out, moving towards the head of the Type 5 Wyrm.

As he got closer, about 30m away, he propelled himself with a powerful lunge, concentrating his Dark Dou Qi at his hands, causing his fingers to become extremely sharp as he drilled towards the scales of the Type 5 Wyrm.

Under his terrifying strength, the scales of the Type 5 Wyrm that could block even cannons were pierced by Yue Zhong's nails, till he was an arm length's in. As he tore, he caused a huge bloody hole to appear in the body of the Wyrm.

The blood that was filled with mysterious life force seeped up, dying the region red.

Yue Zhong stood within the blood, acting like a pile driver as he tore further in, digging into the Wyrm.

In the water, a frontal clash was too disadvantageous for Yue Zhong. As long as he got into its body, he could easily tear this Wyrm apart.

The Wyrm could feel the pain from the wound, and its eyes snapped open, as it struggled in pain. It swung its massive tail, slapping towards the area Yue Zhong was digging, with a ferocious intensity.

Currently, due to its quick reaction, Yue Zhong had only penetrated the powerful flesh of the Type 5 Wyrm halfway.

Facing the incoming attack, Yue Zhong's eyes turned bloodshot as he roared out in rage, channeling his Dark Dou Qi, enveloping himself.

As the huge tail slapped down, Yue Zhong locked his body, forcefully defending against the tail of the Wyrm.

At that moment, a powerful force traveled from the tail, causing Yue Zhong's entire body to sink like a nail into the flesh.

When Yue Zhong took on this strike, he felt his shoulders ached, as his energy flow got disrupted and he spat out a mouthful of blood that had a slight tinge of gold. His face turned pale, but he was elated. "Formidable! This God-Devil Body is formidable!! If it were in the past, I would have been flattened into a meat paste!! Now, I only feel the pain, but my bones are intact! This body is truly powerful!"

After being hammered into the body of the Wyrm, Yue Zhong immediately activated his God-Devil Flame. His body was shrouded in the all-devouring flame, incinerating the flesh and blood of the Wyrm.

Yue Zhong the quickly seared through the Wyrm's body.

The tyrannical Wyrm became even more agitated, thrashing about in shock and panic.

The peaceful lake became violent, as waves over dozens of meters swept out in all directions.

Many beasts along the shore were swept up as well, falling into the lake and struggling in a frenzy.

As the massive Wyrm continued to struggle, a number of water jets shot out, spraying everywhere in a bout of rain.

After struggling for a long while, the Type 5 Wyrm finally trembled for one last time, before its head burst open, as Yue Zhong appeared with a huge goose egg-sized blue nucleus.

The Type 5 Wyrm lost all signs of life, and slumped to the bottom of the lake, lifeless.

With its death, the thick stench of blood drew all the Mutant Beasts within the lake towards its position.

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