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When they saw Yue Zhong emerging from the Mech, the leader heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, he frowned and shot Yue Zhong a suspicious look, "Human?"

Each time the human resistance took on the Mechs, it would be a grueling battle. If the Mech they were hunting turned out to be too strong, then their losses would be huge as well.

The human expert continued to ask, "Who are you? Why would you appear here?"

Yue Zhong had already prepared for such a contingency, as he replied smoothly, "I'm from one of the Star Luo Universe's planets, Planet Lei Huang. My name is Wang Sheng, and this time, in order to save my Young Star Lord, our forces had taken the chance when the 9-Headed Dragonhawk attacked the city to infiltrate. In the end, I managed to steal a Mech Lizard to escape."

The human leader took out a white box and pointed it at Yue Zhong, as it shone a green light, before his expression relaxed, "You're truly a human, since that's the case, come with us."

Yue Zhong replied, "Sure!"

Right now, since he was still injured, he needed to find a place to recover properly. He also needed to cultivate to erase the lingering will of the 9-Headed Dragonhawk.

The humans had been resisting against the Mechs for a long time, and while their combat ability might not count for much, their evasive and hiding abilities were truly astounding. Even the satellites that covered the entire planet was not able to do anything about them.

If the human base was found so easily, they would have been wiped out long ago.

Inside Galastar, the Mech Kingdom and its sentient Mechs were the rulers. Only the Type 9 9-Headed Dragonhawk was able to resist the entire kingdom.

Yue Zhong followed the group through the desert, and when they came to an ordinary-looking sand dune, the leader retrieved a jade plate. The item immediately released a beam of light, as it tore open the ground and revealed a deep tunnel that seemed to go on forever.

The soldiers quickly got in.

After Yue Zhong entered, he immediately assessed his surroundings, discovering that there were many mechanical spheres, other than that, nothing was out of the ordinary.

At the same time, there were lights illuminating the tunnel, revealing the contents.

There were many tunnels branching off, and the leader seemed to know it like the back of his hand, choosing specific ones as they maneuvered through the maze, heading deeper.

After passing through the tunnels, having traveled almost 40km, they finally went through a mountain cave, and a huge underground city greeted Yue Zhong.

The city was not particularly lavish, instead, it was ordinary, with countless ordinary houses. The inhabitants were all carrying some form of firearms. Inside this city, regardless of the gender or age, everyone wielded a weapon, assessing their surroundings guardedly.

Yue Zhong even saw a young girl of about 10 carrying a particle cannon about the same size as her, and it was a disorienting sight.

The leader then led Yue Zhong towards a dirty water pipe, into a particular slum, before saying, "I'm called Zhao Hao, welcome to our base, Wang Sheng. Before you go through our test, you can only stay here. After we have passed you and gained our trust, you will gain better treatment."

Yue Zhong swept a look at the sallow humans with emaciated features, frowning slightly. He considered a while, before nodding, "Fine!"

"In here, your Mech Lizard will be confiscated. As long as you head out to battle, we will return the Mech Lizard to you. This is the rule." Zhao Hao then took outa smart chip, placing it on the head of the Mech Lizard and pressed a button. With a button, it imprinted something on it, before he handed Yue Zhong, "This is your proof of ownership, as well as your I.D. When we go out to battle, you can retrieve your Mech Lizard to battle."

Yue Zhong took it silently and did not say much. He just wanted to recover his strength quietly. Once he was back to full health, this little base would not be able to hold him down.

The Mech Lizard was just a Type 5 Mech Beast, even if it was confiscated by this human base, he did not really care.

Zhao Hao saw how Yue Zhong was so compliant, and was extremely satisfied, and reminded him, "Wang Sheng, if you want to be a part of us and gain more benefits, you need to obtain more merit. Hunting Mutant Beasts, entering the Mech cities, stealing, bringing back resources, killing Mechs, these can all be exchanged for points. Points are our currency, and with that, you can purchase anything you want here."

Yue Zhong seemed to have thought of something, as he pointed at his Mech Lizard, "Zhao Hao, this is a Type 5 Mech Beast, are you interested to buy it?"

There was a look of joy in Zhao Hao's eyes, but he frowned after, "I am indeed intending to purchase a Mech Beast. Yours is really decent, in our City 67, it could be considered an elite equipment. Such a Mech Beast would be worth about 1 million points. I don't have that many, only 300,000, thus I can't afford it."

A Type 5 Mech Beast was practically just cannon fodder to the Mech Kingdom, however, to the human resistance, they were a powerful piece of equipment. Each one was extremely expensive.

When Yue Zhong saw that Zhao Hao had no intention to lie to him, he had a favorable impression of him, and laughed out, "Since you don't have enough, I'll deal for 250,000 points. I'm still new here and not too familiar with the place and people, I will need you to lookout for me."

To Yue Zhong, this Type 5 Mech Beast was nothing much. In his Universe Ring, he still had over 100,000 of them. He could even gift this away without feeling a pinch.

Having obtained the treasury, Yue Zhong was more confident of his assets now.

When Zhao Hao heard that, he had an overjoyed look, as he laughed out loud, "Good! Good! Wang Sheng, you're counted as my friend!! Oh yes, this place is truly too unsuitable for you. Come, I have one more property over at the civilian district, I can let you have it!"

Yue Zhong chuckled, "Alright!"

Inside the slums, the conditions were terrible, with little to no security. If he was to meet some unknown people barging into his place while he was recuperating, he might be killed before he could react.

They went back out the soiled pipe, where the stench was unbearable, and soon entered the civilian district.

Inside here, there were many houses built, but the density of the population was not too overcrowded. There was also order here, and the streets were clean.

Zhao Hao took Yue Zhong to an ordinary-looking house and chuckled, "This is your new place."

Yue Zhong assessed his surroundings, noticing that it was about 60sqm, about the size of an ordinary 2-bedroom unit on Earth.

Zhao Hao then handed the identification card to Yue Zhong and chuckled again, "I've already transferred 250,000 over, and handed the rights of this place to your name. From today onward, you are a civilian of our City 67."

Yue Zhong put on a pale expression as he smiled back, "Many thanks, Zhao Hao. I would like to rest for now."

Zhao Hao immediately made his way out, "In that case, I shall make a move first, go rest well."

After he left, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, and his back broke out in sweat.

Although he had forcefully regenerated his shape, every step was like a sharp stab to him. Having lost the Mech Lizard, every step was a torture to him.

"Fine, this place is safe, I can focus on recuperating."

He sat on the bed, and flipped his hand, as a bottle filled with a clear, silver heavenly treasure appeared in his hands, and he quickly gobbled it up.

When the silvery liquid entered his chest, it turned into a powerful energy that nourished his body.

That silvery liquid was incredibly precious, a single drop could help a peak-Type 4 powerhouse to breakthrough to the Type 5 realm.

After absorbing the liquid, Yue Zhong flipped his hands once more, and a bright-red 10,000-year-old blood dragon ginseng appeared, which he promptly consumed.

The 10,000-year-old blood dragon ginseng was also precious, formed from an ordinary blood dragon ginseng having consumed the blood and flesh of a Type 9 powerhouse to form. If an ordinary Type 7 powerhouse were to eat this, there was a chance of a breakthrough into the Type 8 stage. As it was incredibly precious, there was only one such stalk in the treasury of the Mech Kingdom.

When it was consumed by Yue Zhong, there was a soft explosion as it turned into energy and began to course through Yue Zhong's body, constantly strengthening him.

As he willed it, he continued to retrieve all sorts of treasures to consume, before shutting his eyes and channeling the energy into rebuilding his body.

Kacha! Kacha!

Under the flow of the immense energy, it finally congealed within his sea of knowledge, transforming into gold energy, re-entering his body and into his blood. His blood began to shine a pure, bright gold, exuding a holy and powerful might, that seemed archaic and capable of suppressing other races and species.

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