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Outside the Gate of Hell, a number of off-duty soldiers were huddled near a vehicle, engaging in small talk.

One of them had his laser rifle slung behind his back, as he asked his fellow soldier, a tanned and muscular man, "Old Wang, we heard you recently got married, she used to be a female TV anchor from G City, not bad eh? When are you bringing her out for us to meet?"

Another soldier chuckled, "We heard she's pretty caring as well. After Old Wang became a lieutenant, a number of beauties took the initiative to chase him."

Old Wang chuckled smugly, "You guys just have to work hard to reach this rank as well. By that time, with our Central Army's system, you guys will naturally be taken care off."

The Central Army was the strongest armed force under Yue Zhong's command right now, equipped with laser guns, ray guns, including the Reapers, Sky Fortress, and multi-purpose scanning helmets. They were all peak-grade equipment of the world currently.

The treatment and remuneration of the soldiers were decent, and most of the female survivors hoped to marry an officer. In case of danger and emergencies, they would have some sort of backing.

After the baptism of the apocalypse, the remaining female survivors outnumbered male survivors. This was because most of them were usually captured and treated as toys and harem members of powerful experts. Although there was no dignity, they had managed to survive. In fact, in some factions, it was not uncommon to see hundreds of women being kept captive.

In comparison, most male survivors were drafted into becoming soldiers and fighters, pitting their lives against zombies, Mutant Beasts, and other humans, thus, there was a higher death toll.

After establishing the new China, although things were much better, there were still many male warriors and hunters who took risks to kill zombies and Mutant Beasts in order to evolve. Many of these solo warriors died out there. Women stayed within the cities, and few had the desire to become strong warriors themselves. Only those who wanted to control their own fates would take the risk to head out and kill to become stronger.

Under such circumstances, every mature man would be like a hot commodity, with a few women throwing themselves on them. This Old Wang was a lieutenant in the army, thus, he had a bevy of suitors.

He sighed, "Truly, life now is so much better! A year ago, it was practically hell!! It's all thanks to Leader Yue Zhong. If not for him, we might still be living like corpses, if not already zombies."

A year ago, this Old Wang had been one of the survivors at the lowest rungs of society, having difficulty even with his meals. Not to mention women, even if he was given one, he could not afford to take care of her.

One shorter soldier with a yellowish complexion took out a cigarette, taking in the flavor as his eyes revealed an expression of bliss, "That's right!! A year ago, it had been the worst of times. Just a cigarette like this would have been more precious than life. Now, it's still a luxury, but at least, all of us here in the Central Army can afford to smoke it!"

Such cigarettes were found everywhere before the apocalypse but were a rare luxury during the early days of the apocalypse. Even after the New China had been established, they were still a luxury, reliant on the stock of the pre-apocalypse days.

After all, Yue Zhong had directed efforts and resources into military spending and factories, otherwise, how could have produced so many military resources.

Although they had established the New China and reclaimed most of the land, Yue Zhong was clear that their foundation was still weak. Earth was still in peril, once those zombies and Mutant Beasts attack all the human bases, they would still perish.

One of the soldiers stared at the cigarette with greed, "Monkey, give me half!!"

Monkey chuckled and admonished him jokingly, "Shadow, scram! We're all given 2 every month, go smoke your own."

Shadow grumbled, "2, I've already spent mine. It's too little, not enough for me!"

As they were chatting idly, one of the soldiers went wide-eyed, as he called out, "Look!! What's that?!"

All the soldiers narrowed their gazes and looked towards the Gate of Hell, and were greeted by something majestic that they had never seen in their lives.

12 gigantic battleships flew out from the Gate, soaring towards the sky, every few meters they ascended, they seemed to grow larger one more, until by the time they fully expanded above, the entire patch of the sky seemed to be blocked out.

Old Wang immediately grabbed his rifle, barking out at the rest as he pulled down his helmet, executing a combat movement, "Get ready for battle!!"

The rest of the idling soldiers also revealed their elite standards through training and countless battles, swiftly getting into position and hiding behind cover as they stared at 12 Protector Battleships in the sky warily.

Although the soldiers were shocked, they had long since been trained to react calmly and bravely. They were the elite and most outstanding of the Central Army, not some motley bunch.

"Everyone, please be notified that these aircraft belong to Leader Yue Zhong. Do not engage! I repeat, do not engage!"

Immediately, warnings sounded off in every single helmet.

"That's Leader Yue Zhong's ride?! Holy shit!! Mother-effing cool!!"

"That's really too damn awesome, none of our Earth's helicarriers are that crazy!!"

"Haha, with those 12 helicarriers, our China is going to become unstoppable in the aerial department."

"Shit, those air force guys are going to enjoy themselves so much."


Eyeing the Battleships in the skies, there was not a single soldier that was not filled with pride and joy. The stronger China became the higher their positions. These Battleships were definitely not simple, and they were naturally excited.

The Battleships began to descend, and many humans walked out, eyeing their surroundings with wariness and caution.

Yue Zhong brought Yin Shuang out, and he immediately caught sight of the valiant and beautiful Ji Qing Wu.

Ji Qing Wu also smiled a rare smile, walking towards him, with Chen Yao by her side.

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Yao and gave a flurry or orders, "Chen Yao, there're 120,000 people here, go get someone to settle them in. Furthermore, 2,000 troops are to stay here to guard this location. Everyone else is to go back. I've brought back these 12 Protector Battleships to guard this location, one of them will be my own vehicle, the rest can be used for the some of the guys to get used to."

As the ruler, there were many things Yue Zhong did not have to see to personally, he just had to assign someone to it.

The beautiful Chen Yao replied, "Understood!"

Yue Zhong smiled gently, and reached out with his right hand, "Come, let me show you my victory prize."

Ji Qing Wu smiled and reached out with her own hand.

Seeing this, Yin Shuang revealed an expression of dislike, as she shot Ji Qing Wu a death stare, before hugging Yue Zhong's right arm tightly.

The 3 of them then headed towards the Protector Battleship.

Chen Yao watched them go with a complicated gaze, before turning around to leave and issuing orders.

Inside one of the rooms, Yue Zhong then narrated the events on Uros.

Ji Qing Wu had been sitting quietly listening, and when he was done, she frowned, "Yue Zhong, I think our current situation is incredibly dangerous. Most of the survivors are in various cities, spreading out what we can do. Against the zombies, it isn't too much, but if those aliens were to come, then any small city would fall to them."

Yue Zhong also frowned, and knew that she was right. If the aliens were to invade, then those spread-out cities would become food and prey for the aliens.

He asked, "What ideas do you have?"

Ji Qing Wu replied, "Build a large city base and gather all survivors there. After that, we will tighten the security with our various technology and identity scanners, engaging in periodic checks and scans. It will help ensure no hosts get past us unchecked."

Yue Zhong frowned, "But that would mean giving up many regions and tightening our defense lines. Some of the production cities will also have to be sacrificed. Furthermore, if the proposed city is breached, that would mean our end."

Ji Qing Wu swiftly countered, "I know, we can still assign drones and robots to those areas of resources. Furthermore, we can build the large city base near those current locations with resources. As to the possibility of the city being attacked, it's nothing to worry about. There will be all our strongest forces gathered there, if even that is defeated, then humanity is destined to be doomed, no matter how scattered we are, the outcome will be the same. It would just be a matter of how early."

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