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1307 Splurging

The Ma family was indeed a huge family in God City.

Plus, it seemed like they were powerful as well and their elders have been once titled as the God King.

As Lin Xiu read about this, he had a solemn look on his face.

The God King of God City was different from Liu Mo and Sha Qiong from both the cities from before.

This man would be much stronger than them.

Well, he would deal with them whenever they came for him then. Lin Xiu no longer searched for any more information because there wasn’t much available as well.

“Are you alright?”

Lin Xiu looked at Baili Haoling who was covered in blood and asked subconsciouly.

These did not belong to the warriors but instead, they were hers.

“I’m fine.”

Baili Haoling shook her head but her eyes were fixed on Lin Xiu.

“What do you want?”

Lin Xiu’s scalp turned numb as he noticed how Baili Haoling was staring at him.

“Four hundred million?”

Baili Haoling was feeling envious. This man had just received four hundred million!

Why didn’t she ask for more?

“I didn’t hear anything.”

Lin Xiu pretended to be deaf and walked towards the door.

“Lin Xiu! I want a share of it!”

Baili Haoling stared at Lin Xiu with her wide eyes.

“What? What did you say?”

Lin Xiu continued to pretend as if he was deaf.

Lei Chong couldn’t help but laugh.

However, as he thought of what had happened earlier, Lei Chong clenched his fist.

He had to continue with his training. Otherwise, he would also be a burden to the both of them.

He had to become a warrior god as quickly as possible!

It was already evening. Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling were still walking around the store to look for some new equipment.

Lei Chong, who seemed to have been triggered, was still training hard in the training ground.

“Greetings, Sir. What do you need to buy from us?”

Lin Xiu headed back to the store where he bought the Hao Yue Spear and one of the staff came out to greet him.

This staff was the same one that helped him buy the Hao Yue Spear.

When she saw Lin Xiu walking into the store, her eyes lit up with excitement.

The last time Lin Xiu was here, he luxuriously bought a set of weapons that cost more than a hundred million.

“I need some materials.”

Lin Xiu said as he said that.

“What would you be needing? We have most of the ingredients found on the market. If it’s something that the other sellers have, we would definitely have them. Even if it’s something rare that the other stores don’t have, we have them too.”

The staff spoke with utmost confidence.

It was obvious that she was very confident with what they had.

This was because they were the largest store found in the whole city.

All of the strongest warriors would buy ingredients from them.

“That’s good to hear.”

Lin Xiu nodded his head with satisfaction.

“Do you have the Thousand Year-old Metal?”

Lin Xiu randomly asks for one of the ingredients needed.

“Thousand Year-Old Metal?”

The staff was shocked to hear what Lin Xiu wanted.

“Do you?”

Lin Xiu was curious.

“No….we don’t.”

The staff started looking awkward as she answered Lin Xiu.

She had just said confidently that they have everything but now, she was getting a huge slap on the face.

“It would be incredibly rare to find these all over town. Do you need anything else?”

The staff quickly calmed herself down and continued asking.

“The Root of Frost?”

Lin Xiu continued asking.


The staff’s face turned bitter.

Shehas heard of them but they really didn’t have them in store.

“The God Fire Energy Stone?”


“It’s such a huge store but even you don’t have them.”

Baili Haoling pursed her lips.

“Forget it then. Show us some warrior skills cards.

Lin Xui looked to the other side before informing the staff.

“Sure. This way please.”

After hearing what Lin Xiu said, the staff let out a breath of relief and quickly led them to another room.

She brought Baili Haoling and Lin Xiu headed to the third floor.

There was a ‘VIPs Only’ sign found outside of the third floor.

“This is our VIP section and only VIPs will be allowed to buy things that are displayed here.”

The staff explained it to Lin Xiu and Baili Haoling as she brought them to the third floor.

“Since you’ve spent more than a hundred million previously, we have automatically upgraded you as our VIP.”

The staff patiently informed Lin Xiu.

After entering the VIP’s section, Lin Xiu was surprised.

This was because the things found here were rarer than the ones outside.

“I need a combat suit.”

Baili Haoling’s eyes lit up with excitement when he saw the combat suits sold here.

The one that she had brought earlier had been destroyed from the fight.

Plus, the combat suits here were much better than the ones she bought earlier.

“The combat suits here are the best and even the God King buys from this series as well.”

Seeing how Baili Haoling was interested in their combat suit, the staff quickly made her recommendation.

“How much does this cost?”

Baili Haoling quickly chose one that looks like a gown.

“It will be four hundred million.”

The staff smiled as she reported the price to Baili Haoling.

“Four hundred million?!”

Her eyes were opened wide as she was in shock.

She had just managed to save up four hundred million and now she had to use them all?

It hurts her heart to even think about it.

Then, she glanced at Lin Xiu.

“You have four hundred million.”

Lin Xiu looked at her and quickly reminded her.

Baili Haoling glared at him before saying, “What a petty man!”

“This combat suit is made of the silk of a god-level beast and it would be able to block most of the attacks. We only have one available.”

The staff continued introducing the product to the both of them.

“I’ll but it!”

Baili Haoling really liked the combat suit.

It was only four hundred million. Money comes, money goes. She could still go around scam….. Asking for sponsors.

As she thought about it, a smile appeared on her face.

She seemed to be quite happy.

Looking at her, Lin Xiu felt helpless.

From the look on her face, this girl must be up to some new tricks?

“I shall get someone to help you pack it up.”

The staff was smiling brightly as well.

She had just sold such an expensive combat suit and would be earning commissions from it.

“The god-level warrior skills cards are over here.”

The other staff helped Baili Haoling with her combat suit while the girl from before continued introducing the warrior skill cards to Lin Xiu.

Soon, Lin Xiu noticed that there were numerous square little glass boxes that were huge on the walls.

Each glass box had a small brightly glowing warrior skills card.

God-level warrior skills cards!!!

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