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Chapter 99: This is not Robbing, this is seizing
The auction was here so the owner could get money.

So, of course, the people that will attend are all rich nobles.

In this world, there are many things that could sell for a good price. The ordinary devil fruits are common in the Grandline but they were extremely rare in this piece of the sea.

Although there are many strong people on the Grandline, those strong people mostly didn’t have as much money as those rich nobles. So when they found such a good sword they directly went to sell it on the West blue underground auction.

The middle-aged man was really excited.

This wasn’t an ordinary sword. So it would sell and the price would be really good.

However, when the middle-aged man announced the start of the auction, no one actually spoke. Many people eyes were shining but they still were hesitant.

This is not some common sword, It was one of the Saijo O Wazamono series. The price will certainly be really high but all the people here are rich and it won’t be a problem for them.

The problem is that the sword couldn’t be controlled by them.

Mihawk is always carrying his sword on his back, alone. Did anyone dare to touch his Yoru?


Even if someone had his eye on it he won’t dare to touch it. Because the sword held some strange powers within it. If someone other then Mihawk touch it, he will be killed.

And even if they didn’t use it, wouldn’t this bring them too much trouble if this got leaked out?

Having this sword is big trouble.

So most people wanted to get it but they were still considering the risk.

“The hell …”

The middle-aged man saw that the people didn’t start the bid and his brow started to wrinkle. His eyes looked suspiciously and couldn’t help but say.

“No one wants this sword ?”

“If the item that was put for the end of this auction isn’t sold then it wouldn’t be nice … If so then I will let our people buy it.”

The middle-aged man face wasn’t looking good. If this can’t be sold it would hurt him.

After seeing that no one staring the bid, started winking at his people within the crowd to start biding. But before they spoke a loud voice came.

“Nobody wants this sword, then I will take it.”

The sound was moderate, but also held a trace of evil.

After the voice, a silhouette suddenly fell from above directly fell beside the table and took the sword into his hands.

Countless people stared at Roja who was holding the sword.

Holding this good sword, Roja’s eyes suddenly flashed with strange light. He didn’t expect the DonQuixote family to get one of the 12 swords and would try to sell it on the West blue.

There were only 12 swords on the whole world.

This was really a pleasant surprise.

If the DonQuixote family network wasn’t so big it would be difficult for them to find this sword.


“What are you doing?”

Roja’s sudden appearance made all people present surprised.

The middle-aged man was stunned by Roja who took the sword from the table.

His face instantly changed, pulled the gun and pointed it toward Roja.

Although he didn’t know who Roja was, since he is here, then that means he came looking for trouble.

“Hey Little devil, The DonQuixote family thing isn’t something that you can just Rob! You better honestly put it down.

“Rob ?”

Roja looked at Hiru, then leisurely turned toward the middle-aged man without a care about the gun pointed at him. he shook his head and said.

“No, I am not robbing. I am seizing.”

He said that casually.

Roja casually puts a white hat on his head.

It is the Marine hat.


The crowd was silent, followed by an uproar as if a drop of water has just been dropped into a hot oil.

“Are you a Marine ?”


“How did a Marine get here, DonQuixote guy, What is going on ?”

When they saw Roja suddenly appear and snatching the sword, all the people were in dismay, but they still didn’t think that Roja is Marine.

But he suddenly wore the Marine hat, Which made their eyes pop out and those who were sitting stood up.

Some people pulled out their weapon and looked at Roja.

And some others were looking around. They wanted to check if they were already surrounded by the Marines or not.

And others were only thinking about how to get out of here.

The DonQuixote family was in charge of this base so they didn’t expect a Marine to appear here. The middle-aged man was staring at Roja with panic in his eyes.

Roja didn’t wear his uniform. He was wearing casual clothes as he sneaked in. And it doesn’t seem that any Marine was outside either.

Although they didn’t know how Roja found out about this place and how he sneaked in But since his alone … Then it’s not a problem.

Of course, the location of the base is already exposed.

They need to get rid of the Marine in front of them and move the base to another place.

The middle-aged man thought then his killing intent was directed toward Roja. he didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few bullets shot toward Roja. Maybe if Roja was an ordinary person then he wouldn’t be able to see the bullets. But this is Roja were talking about here.

The middle-aged man was shocked to see Roja only tilted his head to the side and avoided the gunshots.

The bullets didn’t hit.

All the people heard the gunshots and looked to the direction of the sound.

And all they saw was Roja tilted head and the middle-aged was holding the gun. All of them were surprised. Everyone knew that Roja avoided some bullets just now. What surprised them is that they were in the West blue so where did such a person come from.

Is this a joke?

The middle-aged man saw what happened and was surprised when he panicked. He started shooting at Roja like crazy.

“Too slow”

(Tl: Loool those are Luffy’s words against the Pacifista after the 2 years.)

The Kenbunshoku Haki made him know the trajectory of each bullet. A mocking smile appeared on Roja’s mouth. Then he held the hilt of Hiru. his eyes flashed as he pulled it out from the scabbard.


Chapter 100:[Title at the end]

The sword turned into a shadow and flashed a few times. And surprisingly all the bullets were chopped off.

When the sword collided with the bullets, there wasn’t even a spark.

Looking at the sword in his hand, Roja couldn’t help but praise it. This sword was far better than his Honoo no Tsuki.

After waving it twice, he already adapted to its weight and sharpness.

The middle-aged man saw Roja cutting the bullets and couldn’t help but have cold sweat run down his back even though his one of the DonQuixote Family.

Avoiding bullets didn’t have the same impact as cutting them. An average person won’t be able to do that.

All the people present knew that Roja wasn’t some normal Marine. But they gradually calmed down.

They are after all have fought many battles before and every one of them had spilled blood before. They all looked at Roja with murderous intent.

Roja was a Marine, So his a common enemy for all of them.

Even if Roja seemed to be so strong but his, after all, just one person. Many took out their weapons ready to fight with Roja as they had confidence in their number.

At this time many members of the DonQuixote family rushed in and surrounded Roja. Under the middle-aged man’s orders, they were prepared to kill Roja.

Roja from the beginning to the end didn’t pay them any attention. He kept looking at the sword and enjoying it. He suddenly caught a glimpse of the people surrounding him and shook his head.

“Some ants …”

Roja held Hiru single-handedly and faced those who rushed at him, then he gently waved his sword from the left to the right.


A bright Sword energy shined in the dark underground room for an instant.

The energy appeared quickly and disappeared quickly. Almost in the blink of an eye, it disappeared as nothing could stop it.

In the center of Barna island, there was a large hotel. The hotel entrance was open but no ordinary person could come close, they can only look from afar.

This was not a place that anyone could enter.

But at this moment.


From under the Hotel, a light suddenly flashed, pierced the ground and disappeared into the sky.

Then suddenly a crack appeared in front of the hotel.

The crack was neat as if was measured by a ruler, it was a long straight line.


Just after the crack appeared, cracks started to appear on the whole street.


It was like a spider web as it spread to the whole street. And at last a large area collapsed.

That single sword made the street collapse.

The collapsing made such a strong sound that all the passer-by looked toward that way. Then a looked of dismay appeared on their faces.

When they looked at the bottom, it seemed like there was a huge Dark room underground.

In that underground room could see many corpses with blood flowing out. Screams sounded as the whole street instantly broke in chaos.

Some ordinary people rushed to hide while others who seemed like pirates took out their weapon and rushed over.

At this moment, Roja was in the center of the underground room while the sun shined on him.

Hiru’s blade was emitting bright light while the sun was reflected on it.

Yoru was heavy and large while Hiru was light and delicate.

Around Roja, all people revealed their shock while looking at the sword in Roja’s hands which just split the underground room.

As for those that surrounded Roja, All of them and their weapons were cut in half.

“You gotta .. be Joking?!”

“Is this that sword’s power ?”

Even if those people were all influential people from the underground, There scope of knowledge is only restricted to the west blue. This kind of power was out of their scope.

Seeing that the sword could cut steel and flesh alike, All people were shocked beyond belief.

Some people even though that this was Hiru’s power as they stared at the sword in Roja’s hand and wanted to snatch it.

And at this time, all the DonQuixote forces came out and surrounded the places.

There were countless swords pointing at Roja.

And in face of this kind of situation, Roja was calm as if nothing is happening. He even had a mocking smile on his face.

Those people are too weak.

Roja though that he didn’t need his sword to defeat those kinds of people, He could defeat them with a thought.

The sky, The earth, and his enemies.

Not only his enemies, Even the vast sky, and the heavy earth. He felt that with a thought he catch everything in his hands …

This feeling.


in this moment, Roja’s eyes flashed and from the depth of his body a power suddenly broke out and rushed toward every direction and spread out.

Roja’s momentum was unprecedented like it condensed into reality. It’s like the sky and earth have surrendered to his momentum.


The people holding guns froze.

The people holding sword also froze.

Far away.

The ordinary people who were screaming and fleeing all stopped.

Everything stopped for a moment.

Puff! Puff!

After some time, all the people started falling down with puff sounds.

Three seconds later …

All the people on the island with Roja in the center fell to the ground with a puff sound.

Roja stood there quietly in the center with a calm expression as if this is what should happen from the beginning.

If anyone in the West blue saw this they would be horrified.

If anyone in the first half of the GrandLine would also get horrified.

Even if it was in the new world they would exclaim loudly.

“Haoshoku … Haki.”


In this moment, The Haki of the kings had awakened in Roja.

Chapter 100: Awakening, Haoshoku Haki

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