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Chapter 88: One shot a sea king

The sea king suddenly appeared beside the warship. The shock caused by its appearance made the ship sway. All the Marine moved to the deck directly.


Then their expression suddenly stiffened. Cold sweat dyed their back and horror was evident on their faces.


“This is bad! … Really bad!”


In the warship, many people made this kind of trip before. It’s not their first time in the windless sea, but facing such a situation was a first for them. the appearance of the sea king made them turn pale.


If they encountered a small sea king then would’ve just used the warship weapons.


If they saw a large or a giant one they would directly flee.


The one they just encountered was a medium-sized sea king about the same size of the warship.


It’s hard to escape a seeking especially when they had their eyes on the ship. Even if they used their turbo to its fullest power, they won’t be able to move faster then a sea king.


All the people present on the ship, Including the captains, couldn’t help but turn stiff in this situation. Their forehead overflowed with cold sweat while they didn’t dare move even a little.


No wind, The sea was calm.


The atmosphere was solidified.


The warship was moving forward while the head of the sea king was moving along whit it. No one dared to move, scared that the sea king will see them. they prayed so it will not attack them.


But unfortunately, The sea king wasn’t blind.


the reason for the emergence of the sea king wasn’t to find a warship but when it did find one, it was too shocked and stopped moving out of fear.


Why did it find a monster when it just went out of water?


The sea king was frightened.


After some time it reacted instinctively and attacked the warship. it used the tens of meter long tentacles to strike fiercely at the ship.


Before the tentacle even reaches them, The wind pressure coming from them was suffocating, the overwhelming power comes crashing at them.


In the face of such strike, The crowd holding sword and guns couldn’t move. they were numb due to fear.


Al their hearts were cold and desperate as they watched the huge tentacles coming on them.


However, the next moment the tentacles didn’t fall on the warship.


“If the ship was to break, it may turn into a really troublesome situation.”


Roja appeared out of nowhere, He was standing in the air. While his leg was covered by Busoshoku Haki, he directly kicked the sea king’s huge tentacles.


as for the air pressure, It disappeared in the next moment.




At the time when the two side collided, they generated a terrifying wave of the sea. The sea king Roared.


It seems that the tentacle that could destroy the warship was blocked and even sent back with a kick from Roja who had such a small body.


Roja was even afraid to do his daily practice, he feared that he will destroy the warship if he used to much power. And now a sea king came to destroy it, Roja simply couldn’t tolerate this.


He was really upset.


After kicking the tentacle of the sea king, Roja didn’t stop there, He grabbed his sword and pulled it out, then waved at the sea king.


“Getsuge Tensho!”


Roja didn’t want to play around with it, So he directly used Getsuga Tensho. Instantly a red crescent-shaped sword energy shot toward the sea king.


The sea king’s skin was tough but under Roja strike, it was as fragile as paper. The strike directly passed through the sea king, while the sea king couldn’t utter a sound.




A blood’s line appeared on the body of the sea king. It stretched for tens of meters.




The next moment, Strange blue blood from the sea king dyed the sea.


The warship was in silence.


it didn’t take that long, From the appearance of Roja until the defeat of the Sea king.




suddenly someone’s sword fell on the deck.


After that, all the people on the warship started buzzing. they were too shocked by what they just witnessed.




Too strong!


No one among them has ever seen such a scene before.


The thing Roja did, kicking the tentacles, then killing the sea king with one sword strike was like a dream for ordinary officers like them.


Roja put back his Honoo no Tsuki in his scabbard. and the uneasy mood dissipated.


“now even i can one shot a sea king …”


A long time ago, in the first mission in the elite camp, Z used two fists to crash two large sea kings.


That time he could only watch, but now his turn comes.


One of the reasons that he only wanted to go out to the sea only when he had the strength of a Vice admiral is because of those sea kings. If he couldn’t handle them and encountered one in his journey, He would be doomed.


“Blueblood, Mostly this thing can’t be eaten.”


Roja looked at the changing color of the sea and couldn’t help but shook his head. Then suddenly horror struck him. how can he think to eat those things, did he become like Luffy and could only think about food?


This is a terrible thing really.


Without a second though Roja started to reflect on his though while leaving a sentence to those Marine. And then he returned to his cabin.

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