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Chapter 87: Didn’t see the sea king
“is the material ready ?”

Roja swept a glance at the captains while asking.

They Captains, but Roja the leader was a so young which made them surprised.

After hearing Roja’s question, they looked at each other, Their eyes revealing how strange were they feeling now. After a little bit, Someone nodded toward Roja.

“Everything is ready, we’re ready to set sail.”

“Let’s set off then.”

Roja issued a direct order, then he turned and entered his cabin.

After he left, The captains were still stunned.

Roja’s deeds have spread quickly among the high ranked Marine. But these captains didn’t hear about it, they didn’t know about Roja.

“A young rear admiral, I never heard of anything like this. I am not feeling too good now.”

“The first branch of the west blue is close to the headquarter and to the Grandline, so this young rear admiral will serve as the base’s leader … Really !”

Several Captains looked at each other, But they were not qualified to question the Headquarters orders. So they moved the ship toward the west blue.

In the warship highest level cabin, Which is Roja’s room who wasn’t a recruit anymore. Now he is this warship commander.

“the distance to the entrance of the west blue’s first branch is too long. we would need to cross half the world to get there. I can’t practice in the warship.”

Roja was sitting on a wooden chair while his hands were behind his head.

With a thought, the property bar appeared before Roja.

The third stage: smart sword of the soul +9

Attribute: Attack power +280, power +90, agility +90

Special attribute: All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)

Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack. 

Energy: 117/210.

“At first the energy increased really fast. But now it’s getting slower and slower …”

Roja looked at the property bar and smiled, then said to himself “But it won’t take too long.”

When he reached the fourth stage Roja was looking forward to what kind of special attribute would he get.

After a while, he put aside the ideas about the soul sword and took a look at the piece of information before him.

“Gecko pirates …”

(Tl: Yes it is that Gecko Moria.)

This information is about the person who defeated the first branch’s rear admiral. After a while, Roja shook his head after placing the papers on the desk.

“If I were to encounter him, it will be easy to deal with him. 70 million berry reward would get me seven thousand points.”

if he wants to replace Akainu and get his rank, Then he will need to accumulate 200 thousand points to issue the challenge.

“Catching a pirate with ten million’s bounty will get me one thousand points. Now I don’t have any point, So I need to capture 200 pirate with a bounty of ten million … The number is really too much.”


r if the bounty of the pirate is one billion I only need to catch two.”

Roja thought a little then couldn’t help reveal a smile.

The reward of one billion berries …

Only the Yonko have that kind of bounty.

The headquarter won’t find it easy to catch those pirates or whoever is in their crew. Because if the Marine was to catch one then it equivalent to announcing war against the Yonko.

Other than catching pirates, If you found a devil fruit or a precious item then you can also get a point from them.

This time Roja looked at another piece of information.

The information inside it is something even a captain can get his hand on.

This was the record of all the devil fruit and how much points will they give when found.

Roja wasn’t interested in it, but he still looked at it.

The only thing Roja was interested in, is to get a one hundred thousand point to exchange it with … a Saijo O Wazamono sword.

The world only has twelve Sword of a kind. before Roja only knew about Mihawk sword Yoru and Shodai Kitetsu. The others whereabouts isn’t clear.

And now Roja found one in the Marine headquarters.

“One hundred thousand point isn’t a small number … A good sword is really isn’t cheap. Even a powerful devil fruit has the same price.”

He will wait unto he reaches the base in the West Blue then he will use the information agencies there to look for information about the swords.

The warship was moving at full speed after leaving the headquarter.

The warship speed was really fast. Using both sails and Turbo devices the speed was higher than any other normal ship.

The warship quickly entered unto the windless sea.

During this time this ship’s commander didn’t show up. Although the Marines didn’t like approve of Roja in their heart, they still couldn’t go against his orders.

After entering the windless sea, all the Marines present were very nervous.

This kind of delivery task didn’t hold any danger. Even if they encounter pirates, They will escape and won’t take the initiative to attack a Marine warship.

The only danger is on the windless sea. If they have bad luck, Then they will accidentally pass by a sea king.

with no wind here they won’t be able to escape at all.

This is the third time for them passing through here.

The first time they didn’t encounter any sea king. The second one they did encounter one but it didn’t attack them.

And now it’s the third time.

They didn’t know if they were lucky or not this time. Although the warship bottom was made with Kairoseki, this didn’t mean all of it was made of Kairoseki.

“This is absurd !!”

Beside the warship, almost over the top of it, a sea king appeared. On the deck, all the Captains faces turned green while staring at it.

They didn’t take this into account.

In the absence of the wind, encountering a sea king is normal. most of the times, it will appear far away from the warship. they would avoid it and the sea king would be too lazy to catch up to them.

But this time it directly came from under them. So they can’t avoid it. Unless the sea king is blind, otherwise, how can it ignore such an easy prey just beside it?

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