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Chapter 81: Vice admiral Momonga
Many people knew about Roja’s flames ability, such as Aokiji, Kisaru, and the others. But their eyes still flashed when Roja finally used it.

And those that didn’t know about it had their faces change drastically.

“Logia Flame fruit ?”

“No! No! This isn’t a devil fruit …”

The only shock could be seen on their faces. Even Kisaru, Aokiji, Garp and the others didn’t know the origin of Roja’s flames, So the others could only be shocked by those flames.

This is a flame coming from the soul. This is an ability from another world, no one knows about it.

“This flame …”

Even Akainu who was watching in silence from the start couldn’t help but reveal his shock. His eyes flashed when he saw the fire.

(Tl: Zihahaha Akainu’s Magma vs Yamamoto flames … lool childplay.)

When Roja participated in the competition, Akainu was on top of the fortress. But the flames of that time weren’t as intense as the ones now. Also, he was far away last time, so he didn’t get a good look at the flames.

This time with a closer look, He was surprised, because he also didn’t understand where did the flames come from.

Sometimes he thinks that the flames were an illusion, Some other times he thinks that they were real and other times he thinks that the flames were between the two.

After staring for a while, Akainu narrowed his eyes.

“What a strange flame, But if it’s only to this degree …”

The flames released by Roja was powerful and very hot for others. But in the eyes of Akainu who possessed the Magma fruit, His flames were weak and no threat to him at all.

(Tl: Akainu really now *sigh* you don’t know that this is just the weakest ability of Yamamoto’s power… If he reaches the fifth stage and uses Ryujin Jjakka … you would really turn into a red dog. )

Wouch! Wouch!

Strawberry used his swords to send two blue sword energies. Even though the flames wouldn’t defeat him, but his clothes will get burned anyway.

The monstrous flames were extremely gentle on Roja’s side, and even his clothes weren’t burned.

Strawberry rushed out from the flames while he was red with the flames wrapping around his clothes. he saw Roja was inside the flames like a Fire king the flames always making way for him whenever he moved.

Roja didn’t continue his attack and also did strawberry.

“I didn’t think you had this kind of power. I underestimated you …”

Strawberry felt the hotness of the flames around him and couldn’t help but smile. Then he shook his head and said: “You win.”

Before, He was facing Roja who only used swordplay and Haki. But after Roja used the flames, he obviously didn’t have the strength to face him anymore.

This is just a graduation exam and not a life and death battle. Since the outcome is obvious, then Strawberry will generously throw in the towel. He wasn’t ready to be more embarrassed if every piece of his clothes were to be burned.

Strawberry’s initiative of throwing the towel was no problem of course. But the meaning of him losing is unusual!

The audience was in silence.

For a long time, there was only silence while the flames were being extinguished. Gradually Yamakaji recovered and slowly said while his tone was trembling.

“Ninth Level, … Pass!”

With Yamakaji officially announcing the results, the audience minds shook. Then they started talking among themselves.

On one hand, they didn’t understand Roja’s flames ability. In the other hand, They saw him pass the ninth level.

So far only the current three admirals passed the ninth level.

“Sure enough … His potential is great!”

“Vice-admiral Garp’s nephew is a monster.”

Many were looking at Roja with eyes of admiration. He is no longer just a recruit; His position is the same as theirs or maybe higher.

The three admirals were silent as well as Garp, Sengoku and the others beside him. No one spoke they only looked at Roja in the field.

Everyone now was looking at Roja; He passed the ninth level So now is the tenth.

Will Roja continue and challenge the tenth level?

Under the eyes of all those people, Roja walked toward Yamakaji and asked.

“Is there some water ?”

After fighting Strawberry, Roja consumed a lot of stamina, and since his opponent will be a Vice admiral now, He shouldn’t make any mistake.

So Roja wanted to drink a glass of water then adjust his state.


Yamakaji Looked at Roja poured him a glass of water.

Roja took the glass and gulped it in one go.

Yamakaji didn’t ask Roja if he wants to continue with the tenth level, but he quietly until the ten minute of rest to end and then said.

“The tenth level … No need to take it. You passed the ninth Level already, and that’s a great honor. Only the three admirals could do what you just did.”

“No, since I already passed the ninth level. Even if it’s impossible for me to pass the tenth, but I still want to try, so I won’t regret it in the future.”

Smoker and the others were nervous watching Roja. They didn’t know why Roja would choose to try the tenth level even though he knew that it’s impossible to pass it.

If he could pass The tenth level, He would have surpassed the three admirals.

Although Smoker and the others know that this possibility was too low. If someone wants to surpass the three admirals, then it would be as difficult as ascending the heaven.

One minute …

Two minutes …

Eight minutes …

Finally, in the Ninth minute, Roja returned to the field. Countless people looked at Yamakaji waiting for his announcement.

“The tenth Level will start soon!”

Since the ninth level opponent is a rear admiral, then the tenth level opponent would be without a doubt a vice admiral.

Roja’s eyes held immense fighting spirit and excitement for this fight. There wasn’t any trace of fear.

This battle, He wants to fight and also win.

If he didn’t have at least the strength of a vice admiral then how will he go out in the sea and become one of the strongest out there.

At last Yamakaji said with a solemn voice.

“In the tenth level, Your opponent will be … Vice admiral Momanga!”

(Tl: This is the guy that went to bring Boa Hancock to Marineford for the execution of Ace.)

With the announcement of Yamakaji, a man came down from the audience to the field. He was wearing a lavender striped suit, dark blue shirt, His beard and hair were purple colored. He was young compared to the other vice admirals.

In the original story, Momonga was one of the top figures in the war of Marineford.

He was promoted to be a Vice admiral at the same year that Kisaru, Aokiji, and Akainu were promoted to be admirals.

He got promoted earlier than anyone which is the proof of his strength.

“The tenth level opponent is Momonga ?”

“Momonga was promoted to vice admiral not long ago, but his strength isn’t something other vice admirals can reach easily.”

The people who knew Momonga and saw him walk to the field were talking solemnly.

At this time, even Kisaru, Sengoku, and the others couldn’t help but discuss among themselves.

The first to talk was Aokiji with flashing eyes “Momonga isn’t the strongest but also isn’t the weakest … If he wants to beat him, then the difficulty is much higher then Strawberry.”

Z looked at the field then murmured “Momonga? I think even if Roja use the flame of his it will be difficult to win. That Momonga’s swordplay and Haki are way above Strawberry. He is stronger then Strawberry in all aspects. I am afraid Roja won’t be able to do much.

By the side, Garp was unconcerned by the outcome. He is already very proud of Roja passing the ninth level. In his view, if Roja passed the tenth level or not it doesn’t matter.

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