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A+ A- Chapter 77-78
Chapter 77: Attention! “Is it finally Roja’s turn ?”   The elite camp members and other people all turned to look at Roja who was entering the field.   They thought about how Smoker passed the seventh level and was defeated at the eighth. Those people had hope that Roja will pass the eight and the ninth like the current Admirals.   Not only them, but Even Garp, Z, Aokiji, Kisaru and even Sengoku were also paying attention in the field.   To be more precise, even Akainu raised his hat to look at the area.   This was too eye-catching.   Countless people were concerned about Roja while Roja entered the field.   Looking at the audience, Roja noticed Aokiji, Kisaru, Garp and the others. He felt like he did see this somewhere. Then he remembered when Whitebeard come to save ace the entire headquarter was facing him.   Yamakaji looking at Roja standing there couldn’t help but reveal how much he looked forward to this moment. He raised his mouth into a smile then said.   “Monkey.D.Roja, Third stage of the Graduation exam, First level start.”   With Yamakaji’s words, Roja’s first enemy entered the field.   Facing

his first opponent, Roja didn’t even pull out his sword. He just threw a punch randomly, and the man was sent out of the field.   For the next five levels Roja did the same and only used his hands, but on the fifth level, he used a little bit of Busoshoku Haki. When he did that most of the people, who didn’t know about him using Haki where surprised.   “Fifth level Pass, Do you need to rest ?”   Yamakaji after seeing Roja punching out his opponent with a little bit of Haki nodded his head.   In the third stage of the exam, there are ten levels. After each level, there are ten minutes of rest. You can choose to relax, or you can decide to continue.    (Tl: I was wrong about this I think I said ten people against one but it turned out like this.)   “No need.”   Roja shook his head. All the previous opponents were too weak, so basically, with a casual wave of his hand he sends one out.   “Finally if you can pass the sixth level then you can be considered as a graduate.”   The elite camp recruits all had their eyes flashing when they looked at the field. They stayed at the elite camp with Z for two years to

to pass that sixth level.   “Well then, In the sixth level your opponent is … Lieutenant Commander, Comoros”   After Yamakaji finished talking, Comoros was already on the field.   Comoros still wanted to win.   IF he was to capture a pirate, then he will get about a million. But if he could beat a recruit in the graduation exam then he will get several times of that.   Whiz.   The ax was falling, and the most important thing is that Haki around it.directly used Soru and rushed to Roja with his ax.   “Comoros could already use Haki?”   “Very good, But it seems he can’t use hardening yet.”   Roja noticed the Haki too, and his eyes flashed.   “You can use Haki ?”   Roja looked at the Haki around the ax and decided to use his sword not his fist anymore.   Ding!   His sword was instantly out of its scabbard.   Comoros ax was split in two. One of the two halves was sent flying away and hit the ground far from them.   Comoros body instantly stiffened. His back was full of cold sweat, and his heart turned cold.  

  Although he saw how powerful Roja was in the previous five fight, he didn’t think that he would be this strong just by pulling his sword.   Too powerful.   Is the gap between us that huge?   “I surrender …”   Comoros directly threw in the towel.   Seeing Comoros throwing the towel, Roja looked at him and nodded slightly. He returned the sword and looked at Yamakaji.   “I can take the next one.”   For Roja to cut Comoros ax after pulling his sword wasn’t surprising for most people who knew Roja. Because even if Comoros used that little bit of Haki, He wasn’t Roja’s opponent who mastered Hardening already.   Yamakaji nodded and announced the beginning of the Seventh level.   “The seventh level, Your opponent is … a pirate being held on the fifth level of the prison, Di Ross!”   “Two years ago he was caught and defeated in the new world by The G6 division. The captain of the Diro Pirates with a bounty of 193 million berries!”   After Yamakaji Finished talking, a prisoner with handcuffs came forward. Beside him, a lieutenant opened his handcuffs when he got on the field.   “If I kill that bastard, Will you free me you free me ?”   Looking around, Di Ross already knew he wouldn’t be able to escape. After saying this, the lieutenant said   “Maybe.”   The lieutenant said this while looking coldly at Di Ross.   In fact, everyone present knew that him being released is impossible. But the lieutenant said that only to let Di Ross have a little fighting spirit.   “Hey … Hey … I know that you’re lying to me. You guys won’t simply let me leave. But since I was confined for two years, It’s finally time to move a little. So I will accompany that kid to play a little.”   Di Ross said with a smile. His eyes were bloodshot.   He can’t escape anyway. So no matter what happens it won’t get worse than it is. It would be better to capture the kid and directly cut his neck if the others wanted to rescue him.   Whiz.   This guy didn’t need to wait until the beginning of the match. He directly rushed toward Roja like a storm. " data-editor="6i364" data-offset-key="5tm9k-0-0">  

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