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Chapter 76: the difficulty of The tenth level

“I didn’t expect a logia user to participate this time. he is probably the best recruit.”

“It seems so.”

Several Marines looked at Smoker and commented.

“No, I heard that Vice admiral Garp’s nephew is the best out of this year’s recruits. Also, I heard that he got the potential to be an Admiral.”

“Potential of an admiral??!”

Hearing this made everyone present reveal an expression of surprise and shock.

The admiral is the highest rank in the Marine.

And there is only three in that position.

If someone had the potential to be a Marine Admiral, then it means he will stand on top of all of them. Some High ranked Marine didn’t take it into account even if He was Garp’s nephew.

In the top seats.

“Smoker has the smoke devil fruit which is a logia type. So he can pass the seventh level without any problem.”

Aokiji was looking at Smoker who was taking his exam at the field and commented randomly.

“Unfortunately, His physical strength is inadequate. So his chance to pass the eighth level is meager.”

Kisaru said then looked at Z with a slight mockery in his eyes then continued.

“Teacher Z, You taught me to pay attention to the strength of the body.”


The three admirals were Z’s students, but the relationship between Z and Kisaru is the worst. Z was always unhappy about Kisaru because he depended too much on his fruit power and didn’t pay attention to the power of his body.

“Who let my fruit ability be light. It’s not weak even if I relied on it only.”

Kisaru said helplessly.

Z didn’t want to argue with him and continued to look at the field.

Bang! Bang!

Smoker was in a confrontation with a pirate.

The pirate had a reward of 180 million berries, but he didn’t know how to use Haki. He had a paramecia fruit, but against smoker Logia he couldn’t do a thing.

The pirate could only get beaten. After a while Smoker seized a flow in the pirate attacks and defeated him.

“The seventh level, pass.”

Seeing this, most people only nodded. From the beginning of the fight, they already knew the outcome of the match.

Many elites were watching the fight. Some were from the military school.

“It was hard for me to pass the sixth level. But Smoker passed the seventh. His strength is way over ours.”

“Smoker has a Logia devil fruit so of course. We can’t match him.”

Someone said this with a sour tone. Watching Smoker pass the seventh level using his Devil fruit ability made some people hearts feel bitter.

“Don’t forget. There is still Roja.”

When someone said this, The sourness in his voice was gone.

If they were jealous of Smoker’s fruit, then they couldn’t be jealous of Roja.

Even if Roja didn’t use his flame ability and fought with only his physical strength and his sword he could crush any of


“Smoker probably won’t be able to pass the eighth level. We don’t know if Roja could do that. If I remember correctly this exam had ten levels.”

“The tenth level …”

Someone thought a little then shook his head and laughed. “The three admirals couldn’t pass the tenth level. They only passed the ninth.”

some elite camp graduates suddenly exposed a shocked look and said.

“Even the three admirals couldn’t pass the tenth level ?!”

“Incredible, Who is the opponent in the tenth level ?”

A master listening to them suddenly looked at the three admirals and said.

“Vice admiral.”

“My father told me … That, in the third stage of the elite camp’s graduation exam tenth level a random Vice admiral will be the opponent.”

After hearing this sentence, all the people looked at each other.

A Vice-admiral.

The second highest rank after the Admirals.

The absolute backbone of the Marine without a doubt were the admirals. But the one who hunts the pirates with huge bounties are the Vice admirals.

Each of the vice admirals is experienced veterans. Their bodies were incredibly powerful. They were at least Masters in one or two techniques of the six powers. And most importantly they were proficient in using Haki.

The vice admirals are not the strongest in the sea but compared to Marine recruits; The difference is like the gap between heaven and earth.

Even the current Admirals couldn’t do a thing against them when they were recruits. They could only admit defeat.

Although they become the strongest in the Marine But the strength of a Vice admirals isn’t something an average person can reach.

And most people who reached that level of strength won’t be able to go any further. If you don’t have talent then even if worked hard you won’t be able to surpass that level.

“To think that A vice admiral will take part in the exam …”

“It’s a joke! No matter who or what fruit he has, It won’t be possible to win.”

the people present shook their head while their mouth twitched.

“Don’t overthink it. We couldn’t even pass the seventh level. If not for Smoker and Roja we probably wouldn’t get to see the eighth level opponent.”

“As for the tenth level … We won’t necessarily get to see that today.”

in the field.

After passing the seventh level Smoker chose to challenge the eighth.

Smoker will be fighting someone at the Commodore level with no devil fruit. He only uses the six power of the Marine and Haki (Tl:  By Haki I mean Busoshoki and Kenbunshoku without Haoshoku.)

With a punch Smoker was hit.

After some time Smoker was defeated. As his opponent was one of the Marines, he showed mercy, and even after beating Smoker, he didn’t leave him with any wound.

“If his fruit ability wasn’t smoke, he may have a chance. if it was another ability with a more offensive power, he might have passed the eight level.”

Aokiji slightly shook his head. After saying that his eyes flashed as he was anticipating the next fight ” The next fight … Is the most exciting. Finally.”

“I don’t know if he will be like us and only pass the ninth level, Or will he be able to break our record and continue to move the tenth too. This is something worth looking forward to.”

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