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Chapter 73: Concern
Again the Commodore put a cigarette in his mouth too and said.

“Since he is one of Mr. Garp’s Relatives then he should have some strength. But the silver sword pirates aren’t weak either (Tl: They got their ass wiped that’s all.). The G4 division chased them several times but still couldn’t capture them. And since you weren’t here, I sent five captains with him. So we still have some hope.”

The G4 leader was sitting there and smoking while listening to the other commodore words. Then he nodded and said ” This … I hope nothing happens.”

And at this time a den den mushi rang.

The G4 leader reacted instantly and picked up and hurriedly said: “Am the Leader of the G4 division how is the fight.”

The person from the other side said something then.


The den den mushi in the leader’s hand fell on the table.

At the same time sitting beside him is the other Commodore, his cigarette also fell to the ground.

In the G4 office, You couldn’t hear a thing. Silence, a long silence.

In the Marine headquarter fortress top floor. Sengoku’s office.

Sengoku was sitting there and in front of him, there were several documents signed. He handed to a Marine soldier beside him and stretched his body. Then he picked up a cup of tea and drank slowly.

At this time someone came to report.

“Hey, Yamakaji what is it ?”

“This is …”

After coming into Sengoku’s office, He looked respectfully at Sengoku, then hesitantly handed the information and said: “look at this.”

“Why are you so agitated ?”

Seeing the expression of Yamakaji, Sengoku couldn’t help but worry. His eyes flashed as he took the information and looked it up.

Then he fell in silence.

For a long time, Sengoku was silent then he put down the document drank some tea the slowly said: “Silversword pirates all had been captured and four of them died.”

“G4 division had zero deaths, seriously injured one person and three had minor injuries. Totaling into four casualties. Among them, Roja defeated the silver sword pirates captain, nine cadres and fifty of the ordinary crew …”

“It’s better than I had imagined.”

Sengoku said slowly, seemingly calm. But his eyes and appearance were different and exposed what he was feeling at heart.

Among the three admirals, Kisaru had the best score in this test. They all almost defeated the entire enemy alone. But the number of casualties was six people. Beside the captain of their target was only 170 million berry.

One of the most difficult tasks, Perfect battle, and fewer casualties.

“Sir, Roja really is a relative of Mr. Garp.”

Yamakaji too wasn’t stupid. he couldn’t calm down and said while he was slightly shocked.

Listening to Yamakaji who mentioned Garp. Sengoku couldn’t help but shoot “Garp was always giving me trouble, He is so much trouble!”

Yamakaji smiled and didn’t speak.

“It seems that I have to get some time to watch the third stage of the exam.”

Sengoku stood up. He sighed and looked at the window deeply. and then he handed back the document to Yamakaji.

Marine headquarters.

Below Sengoku’s office was the high-level conference room and below that floor, there was the marine intelligence service.

In addition to gathering information for the World government but they also deal with complex information every day.

This place provided Sengoku, the admirals and others with information. and here was the adviser searching for some information and also registering information.

It was Marine adviser Karl.

His responsibility was to register Roja and the elite camp recruits with the information about their tasks. After that, he will return to his work.

Suddenly a special information was sent over.

“Ah? This is … A result of one of the recruits who was doing their second stage of the exam? I didn’t think there would be someone finishing this fast.”

Karl looked over the information suddenly shook his head, as he couldn’t help but think about Roja. He estimated that even if Roja did complete his task it won’t be anything special.

Then he made a small action. He wanted to look at the information. After all, he is the one in charge of the management of the information and basically, no one will know if he looked secretly at the message.

After a while, Roja opened the new information.


The document in his hand suddenly fell to the ground.

Next to Him was another adviser, He looked at Karl and said “Karl? What’s wrong?”

“No… Nothing.”

Karl was trying to keep himself calm as he squatted to retrieve the fallen document. Then looked at the corner of the document there was a clear line written.

The second stage of the exam, score: Perfect!

In the elite camp second exam, someone got a perfect score.

This is big news. Who was qualified they didn’t know but all people in the headquarter heard about this which caused quite the sensation?

Everyone was shocked.

Because in the history of this exam, The perfect score only appeared three times. Each time was one of the current Admirals.

No one else got a perfect score. What would that mean?

In the Marine headquarter, The high leveled conference room.

There were three people.

“Sure enough, Mr. Garp’s nephew was really a monster.”

Aokiji was lazing around. He suddenly opened his eyes and said: “Arara, He really got a perfect score.”

Then Aokiji put his hand under his chin and said: “I don’t know if he could do the same in the third stage.”

Kisaru looked at him and said ” the third stage is the last one. It’s too difficult that we couldn’t pass all the tenth yo.”

“Well maybe.”

Aokiji stood up and left.

Kisaru looked at him then drank his tea and also left.

“The tenth …”

After the two of them left Akainu stood up slightly shook his head after he thought of something. He snorted and left too.

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