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Chapter 70: Marine Warfare
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In a separate cabin, Roja was lying in the bed. His face showing a helplessness. Even if their voices weren’t loud he still could hear them.

“Those guys …”

Roja shook his head. He was lazy to just go and explain to them. He will face the silver sword pirates with the G4 division but for now, he will just ignore them.

He will rest until he meets these pirates. Maybe they have one of the Saijo O wazamono swords.

Roja thought about nothing but swords. Then he entered the space where the soul sword reside.

“Soul system … I always feel that you’re not just an ordinary RPG system. But I still can’t find the origin of such power.”

Roja looked at the sword in the air. The sword body was crystal clear. Roja stood there without speaking just looking at it.

Roja didn’t know why. But every time the soul sword upgraded it will more and more resemble a real sword.

But no matter how you look at it it didn’t feel like a zanpakuto.

Beside Roja didn’t hear about any zanpakuto with this kind of ability which let him have the ability of other zanpakuto like Yamamoto’s fire and Ichigo’s Getsuga Tensho and maybe there will be a third one.

(Tl : If you want a spoil for the third power just tell me :p)

Roja after looking at it for a while, he subconsciously reached with his hand and wanted to touch it. But it was like a ghost, His hand passed through like there is nothing there.

“Well, I feel that every upgrade will make you more real, So sooner or later I will figure out what you are.”

Roja returned his hand and shook his head.

“Reporting, The silver sword pirate group is in front of us.”

“Go faster.”

The warship caught up with the silver sword pirate under a week. They didn’t expect this. They thought that they will need at least half a month to catch up to them.

When those on the warship heard that they already caught up, All of them suddenly tensed and began to take action.

Naturally, the warship isn’t something that the silver sword pirates ship can compare to.

Not every pirate group have a powerful ship. after all large warship needs turbo power.

The report kept on coming to the warship’s captain.

“enter into the canons range!”

“Canons ready!”

One of the five captains looked serious, and with the order, the cannons fired together. numerous cannonballs rained toward the silver sword pirate ship.

Wouch! Wouch!

And when the canons were about to hit, A sword energy suddenly shot out from the ship … a very large one at that. which blocked the cannon balls on their path.

The silver sword pirates showed up. Their faces didn’t have any fear when looking at the warship.

“Really lucky… We met with the Marine.”

The silver sword pirates captain shook his head. His face suddenly revealed a ferocious look and said “I was in a very bad mood today. And a small Marin

e warship comes toward us. Wipe them out.”


Compared to the Marines which were wearing a uniform, The pirates’ clothes were a mess but their momentum isn’t the least bit weak.

The silver sword ship began bombing at the warship too.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Roars sounded with every cannonball fired. The sea was splashing every now and then with the off-target canon balls.On the deck one of the captains was vigilant.

“Sir, Our canon balls are hardly hitting their ship.”

“keep firing.”

“Try to stop their attacks and prepare to board their ship.”

Dealing with a pirate in the new world with just canon balls won’t achieve anything. The most important part is to board the ship.

Not every pirate group had Luffy on their ship. Luffy can use his fruit and directly board a ship like it’s nothing.

The warship kept on coming closer and the Five captain took place. But some canon ball fell on the warship.

At this time Roja was in the upper corridor of the warship. He was looking at the pirate ship getting closer.

“This distance is still a bit far …”

In the air, cannon balls were coming to hit the ship. The nearest captain, as well as two other people, quickly deflected the cannon balls coming at the ship.

The closer the two ship’s get the harder it is to deflect the cannon balls.

“Not good.”

he missed two balls that were heading toward the place Roja was standing in.

Seeing this, His face turned even worse.

Roja was a marine trainee. They didn’t know how big is his background. But he was mixed in with them to get some merit and even their commander could only open an eye and close the other. If he was to die then it will be big trouble.

When the Captain was thinking about this, a light suddenly flashed with an incredible speed.


The two cannon balls froze at the same time then they suddenly crumbled into dust.

Roja was quietly standing in his place. His eyes still looking at the distant pirate ship. he didn’t seem to move from his place but his hand was on the sword hanging on his waist.

“This is …”

That Marine captain and the two lieutenant beside him were stunned. Their pupil shrank then they breathed a sigh of relief.

A Master!

This guy wasn’t some Marine trainee, But he is a sword Master.

Some of the weak lieutenants are not even aware of what happened.

“Impossible, That kind of swordsmanship. He can’t be just a Marine trainee … Is he really …”

Several Lieutenant was very stunned and inhaled at the same time. A thought flashed and their eyes suddenly shined while looking with shock at Roja.

“Impossible. Although I was strong when I was a trainee too. But even people there aren’t strong to this exaggerated manner … unless he’s in the top even there.”

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