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Chapter 66 : The Limit
On his room, the sun was shining in the middle of the blue sky, Roja sat directly on the ground beside the balcony in the second floor.

Roja was holding Honoo no Tsuki with one hand and the other hand was wiping it gently.

He rarely wipe his sword. Because under his flames the sword won’t have any blood sticking to it.

Roja looked at his hand and suddenly murmured.

“With the soul sword getting stronger, Even an O wazamono sword won’t be able to withstand the flames.”

If you look carefully at the sword you will notice a slight deformation. it’s no longer the same sword he used to have.

because it’s just deformed a little bit if you don’t look for it deliberately than you want be able to see it.

“The soul sword will let the flames and other attacks like Getsuga Tensho flow out from his Honoo no tsuki. So Honoo no Tsuki materials are unable to bear the strength of those attacks.”

“Although I am still able to use it but when the soul sword upgrade to the fourth stage Getsuga Tensho will get stronger and when it reach the fifth I will be able to use Ryujin jakka. And that would make Honoo no Tsuki unable to withstand that kind of power.”

Roja gently put down his sword.

Ordinary swordsmen will use their sword thousand and thousand of time and the sword will still be usable. But the ability of the soul sword is to make that sword hold the power of a shinigami’s sword which is completely different from the swords in this world.

“If i could have such a sword.” he said.

Such a thought emerged in his mind and after saying he couldn’t help but laugh and throw such ideas in the back of his head as he stood up.

If an o wazamono sword won’t be able to withstand his soul sword’s power then probably a Saijo o wazamono will withstand it. But that’s not for now as he still could use his Honoo no Tsuki.


Roja held his sword then jumped down from the second floor at the same time he used Tobu zangeki with full power directed at the courtyard.


On the courtyard, a deep crack appeared all over it.

Roja put back his sword into it’s scabbard while ignoring the damage he caused on the courtyard. He directly went into his room without having to think about tomorrow’s test. because if he can’t pass no one else in the elite camp will be able to.

In the Marine headquarter.

In a small square where variety of equipment were placed. Beside them stood ten Marine soldier.

In addition to the Marine soldier there was three high ranked Marine too. An adviser and two consultants.

The adviser will provide information for Sengoku and The Admirals. But even if they were under Sengoku and the admirals they didn’t have a very high position because if you don’t have the strength you won’t gain respect.

The square was divided into several areas.

The Marine headquarter as well as two consultants are standing in one region where the elite camp’s recruits are gathered for their the stage 1 test : physical test.

In addition to Roja, Other elite members applied for graduation. This made Roja’s surprised in his heart but soon he thought about it. Smoker and the others spent more than two years. So it’s normal for them to apply for graduation.

In front of Roja and the others there was a strange machine.


One of the elite member went in front of that machine and punched.

The machine flashed with a light then a number suddenly appeared.


The adviser nodded his head and recorded the number. After that he looked at the rest of the others and said.


Another recruit of the elite camp went forward and repeated the same action as the previous recruit.

This machine is obviously used for the physical test.

“Vegapunk is really worthy to be called the leading figure in the science and technology. He casually invented a thing which was so easy to use and can really save a lot of effort.”

One of the two consultant, Yamakaji, said while having a cigar dangling from his mouth.

On the one on the  other side of the adviser also smiled and said ” Yes, but unfortunately, This thing has a limit. If you exceed that limit it won’t be able to measure your power.”

“It is still very good to accurately test the power of those junior in the strength test.”

Yamakaji heard this and smiled.

From the elite camp one by one continued to test their strength. Finally it was the time for the last two, Roja and Smoker.

Smoker was first to take the test as a result the consultants exposed an amazed look while looking at Smoker in the eyes.

“His worthy to be someone that studied under Z. Even while being  a recruit he has the strength of a captain.”

After the consultant murmured. he directly turned to Roja and said.

“Next one , Roja.”

Now finally it’s Roja’s strength test. Most of the recruits were looking forward to this. They wanted to know Roja’s strength.

Roja went before the strange machine. At first Roja thought that this Machine will measure power. But later he found out that it’s measuring the strength but only comparing with previously measured data and do an overall combat effectiveness.

So it’s not as simple as attack power but it’s the overall strength of a person. For example the Marine gun if we were to use it on the machine it will score ten. And if the value is more than five hundred it belong to non-human strength.

Roja is not that clear about his overall strength. In fact he only didn’t know what value he will get. He could do a ten thousand  push-ups without feeling a little bit tired.

His physical strength is already out of the ordinary by many time.

“What is the maximum limit that this machine can measure ?”

Roja went in front of the Machine and asked the consultant while his eyes were showing how excited he was.

“You can use it just fine, don’t worry.”

Because Roja was the last one to take the test, The adviser seemed to be considering the next text. So when he heard Roja he was a little impatient as he said that.

In fact, The adviser and the consultants didn’t know the limit of this machine. They only knew that it can measure a captains strength. So they weren’t sure of the limit.

Smoker has just measured and got very close to the captains strength. So the adviser and the other two were still in shock. Despite knowing that he is from the elite camp but reaching the captain’s strength level while still a recruit is really incredible.

As for the limit of the machine … They didn’t consider that someone could reach it while still a recruit.


seeing the impatient attitude of the adviser, Roja was lazy to speak back. So he shrugged calmly and stood in front of the Machine.


Busoshoku Hardening!



Suddenly there was a bombing sound. The adviser watching the machine was surprised by Roja’s punch.

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