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Chapter 63 : Potential of an admiral!
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“Rankyaku, Soru, Tekkai, Shigan … it seem that you are proficient in all the six Powers.”

Roja stood in front of Lucci while holding his sword. He didn’t care about his attitude as he looked at Lucci with contempt.

Lucci used this exact same attitude when he looked at the elite camp members. So now Roja completely reversed the situation.

“You are very strong … But if you want me to take back my word you will need more then that!”

Lucci looked calmly at Roja after saying that. then suddenly his whole person blurred and once again he rushed to Roja. He launched a storm like attack at him.

On the basis of physical strength Lucci was stronger then Roja. Even his Soru is faster then Roja’s.

But now even if Lucci was faster not a single hit could hit Roja.

But for several times in a row, Roja’s sword strike hit Lucci and he couldn’t dodge even once. Roja Tobu zangeki attack hit him on the shoulder which left deep blood marks!

whiz! whiz! whiz!

Some people of the elite recruit couldn’t even see Roja and Lucci’s fight as they could only see Lucci’s shadow constantly flashing. He surrounded Roja which made Roja look like his been suppressed.

When blood spilled out everybody thought that It was Roja’s blood.

Until Lucci retreated to a distance to stop the attack, Which made the elite camp’s member find out that it wasn’t Roja’s blood but Lucci’s.

Roja didn’t have even a wound while he stood with his sword in hand.

Between the two, The winner was evident already.

“Now, do you still think that i can’t wind ?”

Roja didn’t continue. He stood quietly with his mouth slightly exposing a look of mockery. Even if your speed is fast, So what?

The elite recruit didn’t see a thing but Sengoku , Garp and the others saw it clearly.

Kenbunshoku Haki.

Under the Kenbunshoku Haki, Lucci’s every action was knwon to Roja. If that’s the case how can he compete with him ?

Lucci was profecient in the Marine six powers. He can use Tekkai which was somewhat similar to Haki but if we were to compare the two Tekkai isn’t enough to stop Haki.

“It turned out that he can already use Kenbushoku Haki … How terrifying, So his able to use the two type now ?” Kisaru looked at the scene the he showed an expression of exaggerated horror.

He learned Haki before the graduation ?

And It’s not just the Kenbunshoku!

When Roja swung his sword, there was clearly Busoshoku Haki mixed in. Even if he didn’t use hardening on purpose, But Kisaru and the other were the strongest, So they noticed this in the first glance.

“Garp’s nephew, Is so good ?”

Even Sengoku was showing how shocked he was.

Roja went easy on his opponent ? This has to be as the look on his face says it clearly “i didn’t you my full strength yet.”

With his strength now Roja wasn’t weaker than any Commodore but if he used his full strength would that make him as strong as a rear admiral ?

This idea made Sengoku’s mind and heart shake.

He Didn’t graduate but had the strength of rear admiral. It seem only the current three admirals could do this.

In other words Roja has the potential to become an admiral.

Thinking to here Sengoku looked t Roja’s eyes.

He become excited.

The only good recruits that appeared in the recent years are The three admirals. But if they don’t find good recruits in the next ten years, Then the Marine combat capability will drop.

If that was to happen then the Marine won’t have a choice. They would have to promote some strong people in order to supplement their powers.

In this kind of situation, Roja’s appearance in the elite recruits with an admiral potential made Sengoku heart excited.

The world government officials looked at this scene while surprise is apparent on their faces.

Apparently they didn’t expect Roja to be able to suppress Lucci. Not only that but it seem Roja is going easy on Lucci.

When did the Marine headquarter have such a strong recruit ?

If not for Roja’s young look the official would think that Roja was an officer from the Marine in disguise.

“Lucci, Go all out!”

The CP executive looked at this scene, his face sank as he said to Lucci in a low tone.

Lucci looked at his shoulder wound and then again at Roja. his eyes were exposing

a sharp glint. Suddenly his whole body changed. he used his devil fruit.

Zoan fruit , Leopard!!

“You finally used you fruit ?”

Roja looked at Lucci without any surprise but in his face there seemed to be some expectations.

Now it seem that he already ate the fruit.

“He even have a devil fruit ?”

Z, Aokiji and the other when looking at this scene, They frowned.

Originally Roja suppressed Lucci. But Lucci used his devil fruit ability which was the leopard Zoan fruit. This fruit will give him a huge increase in flexibility and strength.

On the other side The CP executive looked at Z then said with a smile “Didn’t i mention that Lucci have a devil fruit ?”


Lucci transformed into his Semi human form which made his strength and speed increase. Although it’s not as much as Drake but still it increased his power by a lot.

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz.

Two figure engaged in the fight again.

This time Roja didn’t hold the advantage as Lucci could dodge Roja’s counter attacks.

While Lucci is in this form, Roja seem to be suppressed.

“Since your worth Fighting …”

Watching that Lucci has become more and more aggressive. Roja held his Sword while slightly shaking his head. The his eyes flashed with light.


The next moment A flames emerged from the sword and wrapped around it. Then It directly swept in all direction around Roja with a radius of more then ten meters.

“Sword flow , Torch!”

The flame came too fast that Lucci didn’t have anytime to react. he was enveloped in flames.


the next moment Roja came out with burned clothes and started rolling on the ground. With that most of the flames were extinguished after that he stood up.

His body had a trace of burns.

“You still could Use fire ability ?”

Lucci looked at the field that was wrapped by flames and Roja in the middle looked like a flame general. Lucci was extremely shocked.

At the same time The officials were also surprised.

“The flames Devil fruit ?”

“No, No! this isn’t a devil fruit ability … The flames came out of the sword. is this a flame sword ?”

“That’s impossible. What a terrifying flames.”

Looking at the field the officials couldn’t help but reveal their shock.

in fact From beginning to now, Some suspected that Roja flames originated from his sword but can the flame sword burst out with such a terrifying flame ?

It’s almost as if he is using a devil fruit ?

“This is … Really frightening …”

Kisaru also looked with surprise at the field of flames. Although his tone still had that exaggeration but he still didn’t hide the shock in his heart.

If Roja was using a devil fruit he won’t be shocked but kisaru knew as he clearly saw that it’s not a devil fruit ability. He didn’t know from where this power originated.

He was a great admiral but he still didn’t find out.

This really shocked him.

Sengoku and Aokiji expression changed almost at the same time as Kisaru. They looked at the field in surprise.

The flames waves gradually began to extinguish as Roja didn’t won’t everything to burn.

Standing in the middle Roja didn’t care about Sengoku as well as Aokiji, Kisaru and the others surprised expressions.

Roja’s mind was clear.

Although his ability was mistaken as the power produced by his sword play but with the flames becoming more and more strong and when he use the Shikai then this thought will sooner or later be thrown.

But … So what ?

With his identity as Garp’s nephew why would he explain From where he got his powers ? If he told them he was reborn from another world they would just take him to the lab slice him then study him.

But When he evolve the sword to the Fifth stage he could use the Shikai. And he won’t be afraid of anyone.

In this world, he only need others to know that his strong and let them fear him. There is no need for them to know why his strong! 

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