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Chapter 61 : Roja appeared
Roja thoroughly mastered The Busoshoku Haki and The kenbunshoku Haki. Before the Hardening has a probability of failure which led to his strength being unstable. but now his power was stable.

While he was training these two types of Haki he felt that there is a hidden power in his body Like a third Type. (Tl : But of course he got the Hoashoku.)

He tried to control it but he failed.

While remembering this third Type couldn’t help but feel doubt “What was that feeling ? Isn’t Haoshoku Haki ?”

 This third type is the one that can not be acquired from training it can only be born in you.

But Roja still wasn’t sure.

Because When the Haoshoku Haki start to awaken, whether him or other people they won’t be aware of it and he will be aware only after it fully awakens. And here Roja didn’t have experience of it being awakened.

“Whether it’s the Howshoku or not will know that when am in a tight spot.”

Roja shook his head with the emergence of this thought and no longer thought about it. Even if he wasn’t like normal people and could feel the Haoshoku before it awakens he still won’t be able to use it until it do.

This three month Roja didn’t just focus on haki, He trained the Tobu zangeki too. Since The last battle against Loa G, he got an insight in the way of the sword. So he improved by leaps and bounds.

Now Roja is able to compress The air eight times!

The more he advance in his practice the more difficult it will get. The compressing limit is fifteen times and after that It is no longer sword practice it’s your own comprehension of the way of the sword.

Roja return his sword into it’s scabbard and in front of his eyes the property bar appeared.

The third stage: smart sword of the soul +6

Attribute: Attack power +230, power +70, agile +70

Special attribute : All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack have additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)

Special attributes : Getsuga tensho – Can release a arc shaped red energy attack. 

Energy: 180/180

“It’s enough for one Upgrade ?”

Seeing that the energy is enough to upgrade his soul sword to +7. He directly chose to upgrade it without hesitation.

A burst of light flashed from his body while the soul sword turned to +7. Which made the fourth stage seem a little bit closer now.

Roja had learned everything for a while now but he continued to practice just to rise the energy needed for the upgrade.

Roja is mostly concerned about the Soul sword ability.

Once he upgraded it to the fifth stage he could use the Shikai which had the sun’s surface temperature. And even a strong Busoshoku Haki won’t be immune to that kind of heat.

And this is only the shikai not to mention the Bankai.

In Roja’s view if he used the Bankai with the temperature of the sun’s core the everything will evaporate in seconds. Even the Yonko won’t stand a chance.

Taking a deep Breath Roja gradually calmed down. All those thousand thoughts erased while his eyes flashed as he turned to leave the small room.

“What’s going on?”

Outside the room.

the officials of the world government as well as Z, Sengoku and the three admirals came here.

Lucci and the others were ready to leave but when Cp executive came they all stopped.

Elite camp side, although there wasn’t anyone dead but there are many injured people. mostly by Lucci’s hand as he didn’t hold back and many were seriously injured.

This made Z’s face really ugly.

The Cp executive deliberately came in front of Z and asked Lucci.

“how were the Marine recruits ?”

“Very weak.”

Although All of those big shots were standing there Lucci was sill very calm as he responded. he was neither overbearing nor humble.

“If this is the level of the Elite recruits of The Marine then in the future you better remove them as they are too weak.”

Those word revealed just how much Lucci looked down on the Marine and even after saying this He still remained calm.

this made everyone in the elite camp including Smoker to have an ugly face. The hatred took over their hearts but they still couldn’t do a thing to refute his words.

In fact Lucci’s words weren’t completely wrong.

The Marine was really in decline as they had to use direct promotion of the Marine admiral and other thing After the Marineford war but that’s still in the future.

(Tl : His talking about the original story there.)

Lucci sentence was like blade in the elite recruits hearts that continued to stab.

in the next moment a voice sounded.

“I can’t let you do that.”

Who ?

This voice passed over and suddenly The elite camp members regained their hope while their eyes shone and made way for him.

“Oh ?”

The officials as well as Lucci and the other looked at this scene then they turned around and looked and looked at the crowd making way while a person come to the front.

That figure that just appeared was Roja!

“Roja is here!”

Looking at Roja coming over all the elite camp members opened a way while they showed excitement on their faces.

Although there are some people that weren’t sure that Roja could win against Lucci, Most people had faith in him after the last battle with Loa G. All of them felt this kind of feeling if Roja was to face an enemy then he won’t lose.

“Finally came ?”

Smoker clenched his fist while looking at Roja and reminded his Kindly “Be careful, That guy is very strong.”

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