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Chapter 3 : the blade of fire ( Part 1 ).

Soon the blinking of the various colors started to slow down .

Roja finally could see the word in those flashing properties. generally they all were green physical enhancement they were all midiocre so they didn’t attract him at all.

The slashing gradually become solwer and slower . Seeing that it will stop on a green attribute . Roja felt disappointed.

However Roja didn’t expect that what seemed to stop on a green attribute sudenly flashed again then it turned into …

a purple attribute.

Then before He could see what was it , this purple attribute turned into countless starts circled in the air then disappeared into the property bar.

He got a rare attribute.

Roja was really excited after seeing this scene.

He thought that in the end He will only get a normal green attribute but He ddin’t expect it to turn directly to purple which made his heart delighted.

at the next moment the property bar reapeared.

The second stage: the ancient sword of the soul +0

Attribute: Attack power +40, power +10

Special attribute : All Things of this World, Turn to Ashes (TL : japnese name is banshō issai kaijin to nase If you know what this means =D bleach Lovers) ( didn’t meet the conditon for evolution)

(TL : i will change the enhanced energy to just energy )

Energy : 0/20.

Roja’s eyes almost popped out when he saw that . He stared at the property bar for a while.

“Isn’t this …”

Looking at the sentance in the special attribute . Roja thought that he heard it somewhere before . Then he suddenly remembered .

at this time Roja still wasn’t sure ( Tl : i think he isn’t a hardcore fan of bleach :p ) if what he thought about was really it so He focused on the special attribute after more description popped up .

Special attribute : All Things of this World, Turn to Ashes

Initial stage : Sword attacks get additional damage .

The first stage : active skill – Shikai : Ryujin Jakka – ( not activated ).

The second stage : active skill – Bankai : zanka no tachi – ( not activated )

(Tl : looool this is just a rare attribute what the hell will he get in that golden one then ) .

Thi – This is …

almost directly after seeing this his mind stirred . No wonder he felt so familiar with those words .

All Things of this World, Turn to Ashes …

Isn’t this the soul society’s first captain ,the captain-commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto who has the strongest Zanpakutō .

The Shikai : Ryujin Jakka when used the temperature will rise to 6 000 degrees . It is as hot as the surface of the sun .

The Bankai : zanka no tachi when used the temperature will rise to 15 million degrees . This is the tempurature of the core of the sun this will dry all the water in the world and burn the world .

Such a power is worthy to be called the strongest in the wolrd and such a sword is worthy to be called the strongest Zanpakutō .

In contrast , This world’s admiral Akainu magma devil fruit ability is like child play against Yamamoto . How could magma compare to the core of the sun.

Just looking at those properties Roja’s mind was in fire he could imagine a sea of flame swallowing the whole world .

Roja couldn’t restrain his heart and wanted to look at how to activate the Shikai : Ryujin Jakka .

The first Stage : Shikai : Ryujin Jakka …

activation requirements: the fifth phase of the soul of the sword.

The second stage : Bankai : zanka no tachi …

activation requirements: Get the Shikai to see the actiation condition for the Bankai.

after seeing those two line Roja’s heart calmed down a little.

“Really not easy . I have to reach the fifth stage in order to use the Shikai”

“in Other world it’s need to quickly strengthen myself to the fifth level or even higher …”

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