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Chapter 233: Beheaded

On the warship, The elite recruits were wounded and some of them died, It’s good that Roja arrived in time, or else the same thing in the original story will be repeated.

Many were severely injured, only a few had minor injuries. These are the people that were watching Z fighting when they saw that Z couldn’t win and their hearts sunk.

But they didn’t expect a sword energy to come and directly sent the enemy away, Followed by Roja’s arrival wearing the Shinigami outfit.

Although they didn’t graduate yet, those newcomers recognized Roja.

“Ghost sword Admiral!”

“This… This is good! We’re saved!”

Seeing Roja’s arrival, Those people were relieved, and happiness was drawn all over their faces.

Under Z’s command, those recruits started to urgently treat those seriously wounded students.

On the other side, Weevil who was pushed away by Roja’s sword strike seemed a little bit sluggish. He didn’t think that there would be someone who could beat him in a head-on clash. This didn’t happen to him before.

“You… You… I must teach you a good lesson!”

Weevil held his weapon, his face showed an irritated look. Shooting strangely, he ruched toward Roja with his weapon.

“Teach me a lesson?”

Roja looked indifferent, he was lazy to talk nonsense with this idiot, he directly waved his sword at him.

In this world, other than Garp and Z, there was no one who could declare that they will teach Roja anything, even if it’s a Yonko, they won’t have the qualification to do so.

Who was the guy in front of him to do that?!


Weevil covered his weapon with Haki as he moved forward with full power.


The two collided and a thunder-like explosion sounded, the air was roaring giving those elites behind Roja a scare, the only one who was calm was Z.

The two attacks had the same power.

“You blocked my attack?”

Roja looked calmly: “It seems that claiming to be Whitebeard’s son isn’t just empty talk.”

Behind him, there was Z and the recruits, this prevented him from using his Ryujin Jakka directly, Unless he maintains the minimum temperature possible.

“What if Whitebeard was here?”

Roja revealed a look of arrogance, he held the sword with his hands and jumped toward Weevil.


As He attacked, Sen Maboroshi color changed into golden red, as if it will melt at any moment.

This wasn’t Ryujin Jakka, this was Bakuretsu Tensho, The move fusing the fire with Getsuga Tensho.

Weevil instantly felt the threat, He was stupid, because of this he depends more on his instinct.


In front of this attack, Weevil didn’t try to resist, he directly tried to avoid it with his fastest speed, but even though he dodged, the attack still brushed his body.


Just rubbing his shoulder made them turn completely black, his Haki couldn’t stop this power as his skin burned directly.

The Attack after rubbing on Weevil’s body continued forward felling directly into the sea.


There wasn’t any sound, but beside the warship, a huge pit suddenly formed.

The sea water seemed to directly evaporate!


The elite recruits couldn’t help swallow their saliva as their eyes were about to fall off from shock.

“What a terrifying force, the sea water directly evaporated!”

“This is Ghost Sword-sama’s power, the one known as the strongest Admiral in the entire history!”

“Woo ah!”

Weevil was also shocked by the power of this strike, especially when he smelled his own skin burning.

If he didn’t use Busoshoku, then his shoulder would’ve probably been completely turned to aches.

“Ok… Ok… So scary!!”

The sea finally started returning to normal, The entire warship began to shake because of that.

Roja held Sen Maboroshi in his hand as he stepped lightly on the warship, The warship suddenly seemed twice as heavy and stopped shaking completely.

“Did I overdo it?”

Roja casually looked at the waves, and then he looked toward Weevil and waved his sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The fight made the sea waves whistle without stop, Even the largest storms couldn’t be compared to this.

Although Roja couldn’t use Ryujin Jakka because Z and the others are behind him, He still suppressed Weevil.

Using Weevil’s strength one can speculate the strength of Whitebeard without him using His Gura Gura No Mi.

But Not having the fruit meant that He was too weak, Roja could completely suppress him without using Ryujin Jakka.


After Another Roar, Weevil stepped back a few steps.

His injuries became somewhat Heavy if his body wasn’t strong he would’ve fallen a long time ago.

In front of Weevil Roja stood intact.

“Carry on.”

Roja looked coldly as he attacked again, From start to beginning, Weevil couldn’t touch Roja and couldn’t hurt the recruits behind him.

Weevil was finally scared.

But wanting to run won’t be an easy thing!

Z along was left full of scars, Roja won’t let this guy go.


The sea waves Roared, a bright sword Energy pierced the sky and cut the sea.


Finally, a thunderous roar sounded, Weevil using Busoshoku all over his body failed to parry Roja’s attack, under this attack he was completely crashed.

Roars sounded as Weevil, the one coming to attack the warship was finally taken down by Roja.

Chapter 234: Goal: Whitebeard

“Hurry up! Give him bandages!”

“The bandage is coming!”

A large number of recruits were running around, they were focused on treating the seriously injured ones.

On the other side of the ship.

Weevil’s body laid on the ground, he was almost split in half by Roja’s sword. There wasn’t any blood following out of his wound, The flames evaporated all of it.

Many recruits gathered around while wiping their sweat.

“This guy… He is scary.”

“Even Teacher Z wasn’t his opponent. It even took Admiral Roja a while to win.”

Although recruits from the elite camps are elites, they at the end were just recruits. They were far from being Weevil’s opponent.

Recalling what happened, their hearts couldn’t calm down at all.

“Maybe he is really Whitebeard’s son…”

Roja stood beside weevil’s body and looked at it coldly, he took a deep breath and turned toward Z.

Z had some bandages wrapped around here and there, he looked somehow depressed.

Roja walked toward him and said: “Teacher Z, How is your injury?”

Z looked at Roja and his depression lessened by a little as he showed a slight smile and said: “I am fine.”

But after that, the smile disappeared.

Seeing this Roja could only shake his head, Although he came somewhat in time, Some recruits died and some were heavily injured which made Z in a really bad mood.

“Did he this guy Impress You, Teacher Z?”

Roja felt useless to comfort Z, So he shifted the subject as he pointed at Weevil’s body.

Z looked at Weevil’s body as his eyes were gloomy, He examined it for a moment and shook his head.

“No, I wasn’t impressed… But such a strong  guy should not be unknown.”


Roja pondered for a moment, A lot of people weren’t known, such as Fujitora, and Ryokugyu, they were promoted to the position of Admiral directly.

Not only these two, even Koshiro was so strong yet he wasn’t known to the rest of the world.

After recalling those things, His eyes flashed as he said: “This guy, perhaps he has a relation with Whitebeard…”


Z’s eyes changed as he said: “How do you know? This guy shouldn’t be in the Whitebeard pirates.”

When it comes to Whitebeard, things would get serious.

“I am just guessing he isn’t one of his pirates, but he should have some connection with him and if I want to know what is this connection… I should find Whitebeard and have a talk with him.”

After saying this, Roja revealed a trace of arrogance.

Whitebeard, He had long wanted to go see him, The one is known as the strongest in the sea.


Z looked at Roja with a hint of surprise, hearing his tone, it looks like Roja will go find trouble with Whitebeard.

Although Roja defeated Big mom pirates alone, Whitebeard was sitting in the position of the strongest man for decades.

That entire time, Innumerable people challenged him, they were all suppressed by his power. To obtain that Title many lives were lost!

“This is just a suspicion, just for that Sengoku won’t let you go and find trouble for Whitebeard.”

Z shook his head as he said to Roja.

Roja chuckled then said: “This does not require Sengoku to Agree… Just like before.”

“You will go alone?!”

Z revealed his shock, last time Roja went to Big mom alone, and he wants to do the same and go alone to look for Whitebeard, that being the case, Roja wants to fight against all the Whitebeards pirates!

Whitebeard wasn’t Big mom!

“I won’t work, It’s too dangerous, you don’t know how scary Shirohige is, nor do you know his Pirates’ powers.”

Z also fought with Whitebeard, He knew how strong the latter was, even though that was a decade in the past, his power may have declined but not as much as him, he is still very dangerous.

Roja smiled at Z as he revealed an indifferent face and said: “Last time, I also didn’t know how Strong Big mom’s pirates were.”

“Don’t worry, If I want to escape, no one can stop me… The strongest Marine and the Strongest Pirate. My standing is just as high as his.”

Looking at Roja, Z knew that he won’t be able to convince him.

He also knew that what Roja said is correct, Even if he couldn’t defeat Whitebeard, he already defeated Big mom, so Whitebeard’s pirates won’t be able to stop him.

It’s extremely dangerous for others to go, but for Roja, it isn’t as Dangerous.

“If you have already decided, then you should be careful.”

Z no longer opposed Roja, But he reminded him with a serious tone, while his eyes flashed with emotions.

Time really passes quickly, His best disciple Roja, will one day stand on top of this world, this was a fantasy of his, he didn’t expect it to become a reality this quickly.

Only 24 years old, Roja had the strength to face Whitebeard.

Thinking about this, it felt like a dream.

“I don’t know when Roja will replace Whitebeard to become the strongest in the world, but it shouldn’t be that long.”

Z murmured in his heart.

After returning to the headquarters, Roja didn’t say anything, he once again left alone toward the new world, his goal this time was Whitebeard.

Among all the Yonko, Whitebeard’s pirates were the strongest, which was acknowledged by all, anyone wants to be the pirate king, he should pass him first.

And since the golden era, So far nearly 17 years passed, no one has been able to defeat him and go toward the end of the New World.

During the war in the original story, Whitebeard was attacked by his old age and trauma from past fights. also, the strength of his pirates was reduced by a large margin at that time.

Ace, Blackbeard, and Thatch (Tl: the last one is the guy Blackbeard killed.)

This was a drop of three Quasi-Admiral level, But even with this, The Marine suffered heavy losses. So how strong he was, is obvious.

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