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Chapter 229: Wapol
After the Royal families of various countries arrived, The world conference was about to begin. The kings of about 50 countries gathered here along with some officials of the world government.

The Celestial Dragons had the right to participate in this conference, but only a handful of them are willing to participate. Compared to this boring conference, torturing their slaves is more interesting.

In addition, the five old men, Sengoku and the Admirals had the right to attend.

“Don’t you want to go and see?”

Outside of the building, Aokiji walked beside Roja through the entrance as he aked Casually.

Roja looked at him and said: “Should I go and hear them discuss how they will deal with Dragon?”

“Ararara, I forgot this.”

Aokiji laughed lightly and remembered that the relationship between Roja and Dragon is a taboo matter. After mention it, Aokiji directly closed the topic as he said:

“If you won’t go in, I will go and tell you later.”

“Go ahead.”

Roja responded indifferently, He looked at Aokiji as he entered the conference hall, Roja shook his head and used his Kenbunshoku to see inside the hall.

“There are some strong people there…”

There are some powerful people who were releasing their momentum, although not deliberately.

It’s very rare for Roja to care about it, but there are at least six people among them who paid attention to, They were Sengoku and the other Five old men.

“The five old men, can they compare to the Yonko?”

Roja shook his head again: “No, That’s exaggerated, The Yonko are already the pinnacles of the sea. Even though they were comparable to the Yonko when they were young, it’s impossible to have such a strength now.”

Unlike Bleach’s world, Roja wasn’t the same as a Shinigami, as he gets older his power will continue to go weaker, to maintain their peak is too difficult.

The World Conference started.

“The revolutionaries, Dragon… That man is really dangerous.”

A bearded king looked at Dargon’s picture and said: “In another five to six years, the revolutionary army will surely become a huge threat to the World Government. By that time his forces would be everywhere.”

The world government isn’t afraid of the Yonko Because the Yonko can’t overtake their rules. The Marine Along with all the forces in the world government can’t defeat the Yonko as they are barely keeping the balance.

Not to mention, the Yonko only have power.

Even if they destroy an island and kill it’s people or even enslaves them, the people will fear them that’s all.

Dragon was different.

He had the ability to destroy an island long ago, but he never done so, all he was doing is spreading his ideas, those ideas that were against the world government, Just like what Roger’s did.

This was the most dangerous behavior for the world government.


Most of the kings present were seriously pondering.

But at this moment, an arrogant voice sounded.

“It’s stupid, All those things have nothing to do with my country. My country won’t let the revolutionary army disrupt it. You should deal with him yourselves.”

The man talking was Wapol, King of the Drum Kingdom. He sits on his chair while digging his nose, he looked quite arrogant, it seems he didn’t take the conference seriously.

His action obviously made the other kings discouraged.

As if all of them were the same kind of kings.

But even if some of them were unhappy, they couldn’t say a thing about Wapol, as all of them were selfish, they didn’t want to create troubles.

But there are still some people who couldn’t stand it.


Cobra sitting in front of Wapol was unable to restrain himself and stood up to Wapol attitude while ignoring the conference.

“Wapol!! Don’t be so selfish!”

“Why are you here if you don’t have a conscious.”


Wapol suddenly fell from his chair as he was shocked by Cobra’s scolding, which made him really embarrassed, he looked at Cobra while gnashing his teeth.

“Cobra you bastard…”

The conflict between the two was easily suppressed by the rest, Cobra sits in his place as Wapol looked at him coldly.

When he is here, he could only suppress his anger in his heart.

Roja didn’t participate in the conference, So while he was strolling, the entire island seemed really peaceful even though many kings arrived, they were in the conference room now.

This island was different from any island Roja has been to, It can’t be compared to an island even the headquarters was lacking compared to here.

While walking he met Vivi who was playing with Igaram.

Compared to two days ago when they just arrived, Vivi was more agile and lively, she was having so much fun.

“Three years from now…”

Just at this time, Igaram noticed Roja, he was surprised and hurriedly greeted him.

“Mr. Roja, I didn’t expect to meet you again.”

The other day when Roja met Vivi and Cobra, Igaram was with them, that’s why the latter could recognize Roja just now, but compared to Cobra, Igaram was more vigilant.

Although Roja seems gentle, even just hearing his deeds may make anyone fear him.

“What a coincidence.”

Roja casually smiled, when Vivi saw Roja she showed a little princess greeting.

Roja laughed, but he gave her a military greeting.

Vivi saw Roja and smiled prettily, she was about to continue playing while Roja was also about to leave.

It was at this moment that a group of people came to this street, they were people from the drum kingdom, they were exactly Wapol’s people who had just clashed with Cobra.

“What a coincidence.”

Wapol was very angry and as he saw Vivi his eyes shined as he showed a sinister smile.


Chapter 230: The Angry Celestial Dragon
“That guy is…”

The moment Wapol recognized Vivi, His eyes flashed with a sinister light, he evilly sneered and went directly toward her.

Vivi was standing beside a fountain enjoying the view, she didn’t notice Wapol that was already next to her, he sneered and raised his hand then dropped it at her.

At the same time, a face smile appeared on his face.

“Oh, I slipped.”


Vivi was hit with full force in the face.

But the people were shocked in the next second because the slap didn’t hit Vivi, but it hit a man with a bubble hood.

A Celestial Dragon!

The people watching couldn’t react, including the one who was hit, he looked at Wapol and said.

“You… Hit me?”

Wapol stood in his place stupified, he didn’t know what just happened, Was there an illusion that made him think that this Celestial Dragon was Vivi?

The Celestial Dragon was stunned for a bit when he reacted, his face was full of anger as he pulled Wapol’s collar.

“Bastard, what do you think you’re doing, how dare you hit me.”

The Celestial Dragon went crazy, he directly took his pistol and was about to pull the trigger.

Wapol couldn’t sit still and used his fruit and swallowed the pistol.

The Celestial Dragon’s guard and Wapol’s guard rushed over, the scene turned completely chaotic.

On the other side, Roja was holding Vivi single-handedly as he watched the chaos over there while he stood beside the fountain.

Vivi was dazed, but she still didn’t react, she is the smart Princess of Alabasta.

Wapol just arrived to trouble her, which resulted in Roja changing her position with a Celestial Dragon.

Wapol Hit a Celestial Dragon which was

really due to his bad luck.

After understanding what happened, Vivi said with a trembling tone.

“That… is that… really ok?”

“What’s wrong?”

Roja put Vivi down, he glanced at her and smiled carelessly: “Well, what just happened is… confidential.”

Roja smiled at Vivi.

Vivi pouted than nodded seriously.

Though she was young, she was very smart, and if not for Roja’s intervention she would’ve been hit by Wapol, even if that happened, she wouldn’t be able to do anything for the sake of her nation.

After looking at Roja gratefully, Vivi ran to the side while looking for Igaram.

“You highness, what just happened?”

Igaram saw Vivi intact and finally was relieved, his face was full of panic from her disappearance.

Looking at the chaos in the street, Igaram didn’t wait for Vivi to speak, he directly took her and retreated to the distance.

Vivi, of course, didn’t want to stay, she rapidly departed.

Although Wapol was a king of a country under the World government, he couldn’t afford to fight with a Celestial Dragon.

Anyone beating a Celestial Dragon won’t appear ever again, At this Celestial Dragon was stupid, he already now Wapol’s identity but he still won’t kill him.

Of course, The Celestial Dragon’s guard didn’t dare to disobey the orders, they could only capture Wapol, and even though Wapol knew that something strange happened, he still couldn’t know what it is.

Quickly, Officials of the world government arrived, at first sight, they were troubled. If Wapol was civilian, They would directly kill him and no one would say a thing.

But Wapol was a king attending the world conference, the world conference just began and it is far from ending. It isn’t a joking matter to kill a king.

Some people following the order were trying to Kill Wapol, and some officials were blocking their way, the scene was getting chaotic.

Wapol cried out instantly.

He wanted to take revenge on what Cobra just did, he wanted to vent his anger on Vivi, he didn’t think that he will provoke such trouble!

Hitting a Celestial Dragon, he wasn’t this stupid.

The Celestial Dragon was angry, he didn’t give Wapol an opportunity to explain.

No one noticed Roja holding Vivi and replacing her with a Celestial Dragon, no one could see him with his speed.

But how will he explain, will he say that he wanted to hit Princess Vivi but he found himself hitting this guy?

No one would believe this.

Maybe the situation will get even worse.

The only way is to try and convince the Celestial Dragon, but the latter was already anger to the point to not know anything else.

Everyone was confused.

Far away, this kind of chaos alarmed the entire Marijois, Aokiji and the others arrived too, they weren’t clear about the situation, Aokiji didn’t intervene.

“Arara… you didn’t do this right, Roja?”

Aokiji seems to have guessed what just happened, watching the lively look on Roja’s face, he couldn’t help but scratch his hair with a helpless look.


Roja nodded his head and seriously said: “I brought a Celestial Dragon so that Wapol’s slap would land on him.”


Hearing Roja’s word, Aokiji couldn’t help but freeze.

Roja’s words sounded like a bomb in Aokiji’s ears, he looked at how serious Roja was, but he dismissed his doubt on Roja, he showing a helpless expression, then he said with an apologetic face.

“… I just casually asked, don’t mind me.”

He thought that Roja was joking.

Roja glanced at Aokiji and lazily shook his head and turned away.

“I am not interested in this, you can deal with it yourself.”


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