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Chapter 227: World Conference
Akainu’s Idea isn’t groundless.

During this period of time, the revolutionary Army started executing their operation more frequently. There were several Countries that were attacked by the revolutionary army.

And a single spark can turn a forest into aches.

Although those actions were trivial to the world government, still Dragon was resisting the government ideologies, like Roger who started the era of piracy.

Even if a Yonko was taken down, another one would take his place, unless they destroy all pirates, there will always be new ones.

Aokiji and Kisaru were admirals, although they could kill these pirates, they won’t be able to kill all of them.

Even if they really did it, there will be more people who will become pirates.

With the new movement of the revolutionary army, the world government decided to hold a conference.

The number of countries that joined the world government is above three figures, and only 50 are eligible to attend the world conference. Also, the Celestial Dragons will attend.

Inside the courtyard, Roja closed his eyes.

After returning to the headquarters, His training progressed, although he didn’t grasp the way to see the future.

Before, he could only capture the movement of the living things, if he closes his eyes the world will turn completely dark with only those moving appearing in his vision.

And now, When Roja released his Kenbunshoku Haki, He couldn’t only perceive living things, but also the buildings and dead bodies. What appeared is a vague and gloomy world and couldn’t be clearly seen.

Roja estimated that Fujitora’s Kenbunshoku is at this level.

If Fujitora’s Haki reached the level of seeing the future than he wouldn’t need eyes to see clearly, and he wouldn’t say that he wanted to see Luffy’s face.

Fujitora was an Admiral, but he didn’t appear before becoming one, Roja inquired about him a bit still couldn’t find him.

Roja though that Fujitora should be recruited into the Marine soon, Fujitora’s personality was close to Aokiji’s, Roja had a very good impression of him.

Roja was still practicing his Kenbunshoku Haki, Suddenly a beautiful Marine came and put some documents on Roja’s table.

“You really don’t know how busy the world government is right now preparing for the conference, Admiral Roja.”

The beauty was Hina, she had already graduated and promoted to a Commodore, she was also under Roja’s command.

Hina’s voice was slightly depressed.

Every time she came to Roja’s room, She could only see Roja laying down, with his eyes closed, So she had to deal with the documents herself.

“I can relax because you are very capable.” Roja opened his eyes and laughed while looking at Hina.

Hina: “…”

Hearing Roja’s praised, Hina impatiently sighed and sent the documents to Roja and said: “This is an escort mission of 20 kings of nearly 20 countries.”

“This task must be done by you. Please be serious, I will be in trouble if you don’t go.”

Sending people on the warships toward Mariejois, They were attending the world government conference, which is naturally a major event in this world, so Only Admirals could do this kind of missions.

Roja looked at the files with a thoughtful expressions

During this period of time, Dragon movement was too frequent, Roja already heard of this and he also heard about the world conference.

Taking a paper, Roja started reading.

“Several countries are in the new world, For those in the first half we will send Rear-admirals to escort them.”

Roja then picked the names of the ones who will go to the new world and Hina immediately recorded them.

One by one, Roja assigned each one to a country until he saw a familiar name.

“Kingdom of Alabasta… King Nefeltari.”

Roja didn’t look at the information about the island or its location, he was already quite familiar with this island.

He even knew everything about the country and he also knew that the Poneglyph showing the location of Pluton is located there.

Nefeltari should be one of the noble names of the celestial dragons.

The world government was established by a total of 20 countries. But in addition to the de-named DonQuixote family, there were some families that didn’t move to Marijois to became a Celestial Dragons, and the Nefeltari family is one of them.

Regardless whether it’s the identity of Celestial Dragon or the Ancient weapon Pluton, made this country different from other countries.

“This country is very interesting.”

To his current level, Roja already stood at the peak of the world, Even the world’s strongest man can’t threaten him.

The only threat should be from one of the three ancient weapons, Plutona nd Uranus most likely, as for Poseidon, it isn’t a threat to Roja at all.

Communicating with sea kings and ordering them won’t threat Roja in the slightest, as there was no sea king that could threaten Roja with his current powers.

The next one is Pluton, which is said to be capable of destroying an island, but whether it is a small or a large island is unknown, but if it is a large one then this power is truly terrible.

“Pluton, and Uranus…”

The things that the world government can threaten him with are those two things.

Roja pondered for a moment, then threw those thoughts out of his mind, his eyes revealed a trace of arrogance.

I have Sen Maboroshi, Why should I care about ancient weapons?

The Ancient weapon in this world can’t be compared to the power of a Shinigami.

Today, He already has the power to stand at the peak of this world, And as long as Sen Maboroshi continue to strengthen, his power will go beyond this world.

If he was to open the Bankai of Yamamoto, he will make the water in this planet dry, he could even destroy the whole world.

Roja’s mind was clear on what to do, He needs to continue strengthening His Sword.

In the end, Even if pluton was in front of him, He could destroy it with his sword.


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