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Chapter 221
Chapter 221: Shock!

In the sea, the Yonko are the peak existence.

Against one of them, even the entire Marine forces gather to attack them, they would be cautious. That’s how horrifying the Yonko are.

The commander are like Kaido’s three disasters, They had the power to fight against an Admiral for some time.

But, Roja’s strength surpassed that.

His fire was the best area attacking method, So for Roja, if he was surrounded by people who wanted to help him, he would be burdened instead as the fire won’t differentiate between ally and foe.

When Yamamoto used his Shikai, if not for Aizen’s calculations and plan, the outcome of that fight would be unknown.

Although Roja wasn’t as strong as Yamamoto, as the latter has lived for a thousand years, this wasn’t the world of Shinigami.

Ryujin Jakka was more than enough to deal with the commanders.

Even if the Aokiji, Akainu and Kisaru and the other Marines are here instead of the commander and Big mom’s pirates, The situation won’t change.

It does not just talk when Roja said he was as strong as Whitebeard at his peak, As the latter was reputed to have the power to destroy the world when he was at his peak.

Roja now was someone as

strong as Whitebeard, regardless of injuries and the like, there won’t be anyone who can defeat him.

Fighting against one of the Yonko wasn’t a joking matter.


Roja was in the flames, his sword swept at Smoothie, and although Katakuri warned her, she still was defeated and flew away.

Following that, Roja attacked Katakuri.

Flames poured down from the sword like sea waves, there is no way to hide, even if Katakuri could see the future, there was no way for him to retreat.

Just at this time, Out of the huge pit, An enraged voice came out with a faint of fury.


Charlotte Linlin Jumped out from the pit, despite her strong Busoshoku, there is a burn mark on her.

Every one of the Yonko had his own unique skill. However, in addition to that, they don’t have an absolute weakness or shortcoming, They were called the Yonko because they were the strongest on the sea.


Seeing that she can’t compete with Roja using flames, Charlotte Linlin Roared, the cloud in the sky generated thunder and came down toward Roja.

Suddenly, the entire world was shrouded by hundreds of thousands of thunder stroke!

This scene made everyone on the island, be it the leader or the cadres or the ordinary pirates, retreat to

to the edge of the island.

“The power of lightning…”

“Just by using the soul fruit to give life to that cloud, it has the same power as someone with the thunder fruit, Big mom is really a scary person.”

Many people were looking nervously at this scene, no one knew what will happen next.

At this moment, Numerous news already started spreading in the sea, the leader spread the words that Roja came to capture Big mom pirates alone.

After a short while, the entire world knew of this event and everyone was shocked by this.

these days, many were wondering what will Roja do after becoming an Admiral, everyone expected it to be something big as Roja always did unexpected things.

However, after a long period, they didn’t hear about anything new. Even before hearing that Roja left the headquarters, some people had some doubt in their hearts.

And now, Roja finally made his move, He attacked one of the Yonko, The Big mom pirates, alone and he even went to the main island that the Big mom governs.

Countless pirates who were expecting Roja’s to make his move were shocked, no one thought, that the newly appointed Admiral directly attacked one of the Yonko.

It’s crazy!

Not only the leaders of the underground

the underground forces, even the Marines themselves were shocked by the news.

When Sengoku heard this news, the tea he was drinking spurted out of his mouth.

“Roja that guy, Is he trying to make a joke!”

Sengoku voice was heard in the entire Headquarters as he roared, then he clutched his forehead due to a headache.

“Even one person can create such a big event in the world.”

Of course, Sengoku knew that Roja went out, but he was alone, he couldn’t imagine him going directly to one of the Yonko.

He thought that he is stronger than Kaido?

If Roja was to return in front of him, he would grab his collar and roar in his face.

“This guy doesn’t think about the consequences at all, he is exactly like Garp.”

Sengoku directly took his Den Den Mushi and contacted Kisaru, as Aokiji was out himself, he also called him to go and aid Roja.

Although the matter was aroused by Roja alone, Sengoku couldn’t sit back and watch Roja face Big mom alone.

Roja was indeed very strong, but a single man facing one of the Yonko pirates was simply a joke.

Aokiji and Kisaru were completely Shocked when they knew that Roja went alone to attack Big mom, Even Aokiji the most familiar person most familiar person in the headquarter with Roja didn’t expect him to do something this crazy.

Aokiji directly threw the things in his hand and directly went toward Cake island.

On the other hand, Kisaru had a sad face, He was working to get his salary, Roja going crazy and attacking Big mom wasn’t his problem, why do they have to drag him in too?!

However an order was an order, Kisaru could only suppress the depression in his heart and Directly head out to help.

Two Admirals are now on their way to help Roja, However, Sengoku couldn’t settle down his heart.

Kisaru’s ability allow him to teleport a few short distances, but he couldn’t go directly in the open sea, so he could only take a Ship and go.

As for Aokiji, he could run on the sea but even so it would most likely take a few days to get there.

Thinking of this, Sengoku couldn’t help but take a deep breath:” With Roja’s power, He could at least face the Yonko and last for a few days, there is still some hope.”

By this time, Sengoku has done everything he could do to help, now he could only pray and wait for the news in the Headquarters.

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